12 thoughts on “But can she see China from her porch?

  1. From the Province Newspaper:

    “At the end of the interview, Eminata president Randy Cox boldly held up a printout of an email Olivier had sent earlier to the Ministry of Advanced Education.” Snip

    Laila, Do you think Randy Cox job is toast too?

    For some reason this is so much like the $6 million ending to the BC Rail trial. The guy that admitted bribing the two BC Liberal Government, walked away free and is now a lawyer in Upper Canada.

    Now we have a Minister admitting he passed the email to Eminata; the Premier saying it was poor judgment on Bloy’s part; yet the Premier hasn’t a word to say about Randy Cox being in possession of an email that wasn’t his to have in the first place. Typically all emails, especially between the news media and the Government, contain a statement as to who’s eyes are to see the document. Where’s the RCMP in all of this?


  2. HI Laila,

    I’ve been snooping around the blogs on this latest episode, but this sums it up. I’m rolling on the floor. I wonder what papers cristy reads.?


  3. Christy doesn’t read newspapers. She only watches Manswers on TV. That’s the extent of her education.

    BTW, is it just me, or does Christy look a tad haggard of late? At least Sarah Palin managed to LOOK good in public.


  4. Dunno if Ms. Clark can see China from her porch but, thanks to the digging of North Van’s Grumps we do know just how much it cost us so that she could see it from her hotel rooms, luncheons and receptions.

    The number, which will astound you, is here.



  5. Christy can see China from where-ever she is, even when New Brunswick. She just has to look at the unemployment rate, the shuttered small business doors and the many many Asian businesses who now have more invested interest in Canada, especially our minerals, food-producing lands, our water, our forests, than we apparently do.

    To NVG;
    Imho, The RCMP are under the LIEberals “employ”. There is no justice in the higher echelons anymore, the ones that were good have been fired, smear campaigned, or gave up in disgust because of the hand-tying and usurping of power by the LIEberals to give their (LIEBs) friends a hand up, all at the taxpayers expense of course. And, to top that, you must be aware of the paid off judges and courts.
    I’m thinking the RCMP has just become a “for hire” private army that the LIEbs and CONs are using to help deflect (and protect them) from the masses of anger that they’ve caused amongst the main Canadian population.
    FEMA camp anyone?


  6. Christie might be able to see China from her front porch & just in case she hasn’t how much of our province is she selling to China so they don’t have to look so far to see her.

    Lynn Collier, was on the news this morning with an announcment that a company from China has purchased a huge chunk of land around Britiania Beach for $35Million. I think her comment was they must have thought they won the lottery. Right on Lynn.

    I recall the “budget” speach said something about selling B.C. land, I guess I missed the part about selling it to China. By the time Christie & her lieberals have left office there won’t be anything for any one to work with.


    1. I’ve been really busy, but I didn’t hear if that land was public land, or privately held? There are a lot of private landowners who own land above the Makin lands….soem who might have just profited handsomely..


  7. It would be interesting Laila, to know which properties were sold, as you stated someone was sure to make a healthy profit. There was a mention of energy giant BP having purchased the mining area, and apparently is still (as of 2007) tied in.

    In Wikipedia, they state; “A Vancouver-based accounting firm bought the entire town, making Britannia still a “company town”. The living conditions were less than ideal and the accounting firm did not attempt to clean up the polluted land either. All residents were tenants of the company.”
    Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/business/Chinese+developer+Taicheng+buys+Britannia+lands+build+unit+community/6319636/story.html#ixzz1pfi3ZJX2

    Another note from Wikipedia says “the acid mine drainage is expected to continue for hundreds of years and hence the water treatment plant is expected to be required for hundreds of years. The approximate cost for the first 20 years of the reclamation program including all initial capital and operation costs is approximately $100 million, which will be primarily paid for by the Province.

    I think we all know who the “paid for by the province” people are, lengthy wording for BC Residents.
    So, basically taxpayers paid for a water treatment plant for a couple hundred people, yet we still haven’t built anything here in Victoria as has been debated for what, a decade now?
    Was this “future” purchase “on the radar” with the LIEbs when they effected this treatment plant?
    I’m a bit addled-brained today, my apologies. Damn flu bug bit me again.
    For some reason, this really intrigues me. I’m curious why the Asians would purchase something so “tainted”?


  8. Palin and Christy, both take direction from the Republican Party. The Koch Bro. ideologue, seems to be parroted through the mouths of both of these politicians. They have no respect for themselves, let alone the ninety-nine per cent. If this is what BIG MONEY does for ones character and ideals, its obvious, its about the money, not what they can do for the people.. They both set themselves up as one percent puppets, and whine when the ninety nine per cent dont buy it—-well, what the hell are we thinking!!!!!!


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