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Laila Yuile with Ben Meisner, Opinion 250, this Thursday

Join me this Thursday, March 22nd, at 9 am, with Ben Meisner at, listen live in Prince George, or via net, at this link.


  1. Well done, Laila! I also enjoyed the interview that preceded yours. I learned a lot about the Enbridge pipeline/tanker project, and Prince George in general. Haven’t been up that way for several years. I guess that ‘sea of red’ (dead pine trees) that I saw back then has now turned black or grey, eh?


    • Thanks Gini, I also had an incredible breakfast meeting with a really passionate fellow in Prince George, Sarbjit ( Bobby) Deepak, met with a few other dedicated Prince Georgians who were right on board with finding out what what all these committees and politicians are up to, so I think you can look forward to a feature on PG when I return. The new mayor here, Shari Green, has spent years involved in activities with downtown revitalization here, and homelessness, which appear to have all failed, and now since being elected, she has laid people off at city hall, and not filled other vacant positions, claiming it will save the city 2 million, yet she went and hired an executive assistant whose wages are as of yet, unknown. She has also ordered a core review at the potential cost of $350,000, which is completely ridiculous for a city of this size, considering Toronto conducted a core review for less than that cost….. the roads are a nightmare here,the budget line for roads is about 4 million less than it needs to be, and yet there’s talk about wanting to build a performing arts centre…

      Let me be clear. I know much of what I speak about and this town needs to get back to basics before they start borrowing money for projects that are questionable at best. And she has already broken a campaign promise by laying off workers when she campaigned she would not do that for savings…

      And in a funny move today.. the mayors PR person contacted Ben at Opinion 250 and passed on the message the mayor will not talk to him, ever… lol…


  2. I was busy today and unable to get to listen to the show. Is it archived at all, so us latecomers can have a listen too ?



  3. Laila I really enjoyed hearing your voice on Ben Meisner this morning what a “reality check” from NW!!. Hope you are enjoying your time back home and you will come back to us stronger than ever.


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