RCMP search SNC Lavalins headquarters in Montreal.

Just in this morning :

“The headquarters of Montreal-based engineering giant SNC Lavalin are being swarmed by police at this hour.

Sgt. Marc Menard of the RCMP confirmed that a search warrant is being executed at the firm’s downtown Montreal offices. Menard would provide no details on the basis for the warrant or make any further comment.

The company issued a statement confirming that police are searching the building and that the company is co-operating fully.”

 This comes after a series of issues plaguing the engineering giant who still has many  ongoing contracts with the B.C. government, including scandals overseas and a ban on bidding for one of their subsidiaries. 

You can read background and archived posts of mine detailing SNC’s involvement in BC contracts and their relationship with the government here: https://lailayuile.com/tag/snc-lavalin/

5 thoughts on “RCMP search SNC Lavalins headquarters in Montreal.

  1. Having had months of advance public notice of an RCMP investigation, company management would be terminally stupid to leave incriminating documents lying around. I suspect this police action is all for show, not for meaningful examination.


    1. You are damn right about that Norman. SNC is a highly oiled machine. I am sure the shredders off site have been working overtime and anything of investigative value is long gone or forever hidden. Unless,of course, they left behind only the documents that would finger those chosen to take the fall, and exonerate those who continue to reap the corporate rewards.


  2. I’ve made this same comment a few times about BC, but one could apply it to all of Canada…….If I was a regular everyday Colombian, sitting at a little round table in a streetside cafe in Bogota….having an expresso with my buddy and reading the local paper…I would be saying “Jeez, look at this place called British Columbia they are talking about here”…… “Not sure where that is, but it must be some kind of crazy place….national police raid the house of government, the government railway given to insiders, control of rivers handed to foreign corporations, irregular election voting issues, major drug busts and rampant gangland murders, fish farm critics labelled radicals, questionable department of defence purchases…..wow….and we think we have corruption!”.

    My buddy would say to me “Yeah, how can that be happening?…..don’t they read their own newspapers?”


  3. Lol.. love that motorcycleguy.. imagine a place like that… the most beautiful place on earth!

    I think there is more to come on the SNC front, much more.It is inevitable that deeper examination of other large deals will come into play.


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