“Fools beget their own kind.” ~ Cormac McCarthy

I am busy researching the followup story to Playing with the Dragon: Who is looking after Canadian interests while China outwits our governments?  

Clearly, Harry has been kind enough to provide you all with some entertainment while I do so…he’s looking rather pallid these days, don’t you think? Whatever could be bothering him?


14 thoughts on ““Fools beget their own kind.” ~ Cormac McCarthy

  1. Pictures usually say more than a thousand words… that’s the general consensus right?
    What makes me laugh, even though the situation isn’t really laughable, is the hand on the right side of the picture… looks like a puppeteer controlling (is she getting.. ahem.. fat?) our illegal premier Christy?


  2. Bloy is her boy! The only one that supported her bid for Premier. Her backroom boys with the help of the Indo community stole the show. So what do you expect from such a low life?


  3. ‘Christy – They aren’t treating you and I well – we’ve both got a few bucks from our slippery endeavours – and my family has funded my Dudley Moore’s an asshole efforts – so let’s go do what we do best – slop down some booze – and talk about better days.’


  4. We should not be surprised at Bloy’s actions as he did show early signs that he was subnormal when he was the only MLA to support christy


  5. Cluck Cluck’s latest squeeze…together they look really dumb. O well two heads are better than one they say! Could I please order up an 8 X 10 glossy?



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