The only thing open in Christy’s government… is her mouth.

Watching the quarterly video update of unelected, interim premier Christy Clark, something bothered me… I was sure I had heard it all before…. but where ?

I looked, and looked,and BINGO.. I remembered. I had heard it all before…while watching Charlie Brown!

Nickel for your thoughts, Christy?

22 Comments on “The only thing open in Christy’s government… is her mouth.

  1. I think you’re giving her too much credit. We should be seeing cow dung coming out as well!

  2. This is absolutely hilarious!!!!! The commonality between the two films is a sure winner! If we heard it once, weve heard the same dialogue a million times! The only thing is, when its coming out of Christys mouth its called vebal diarhea. You know, gift of the gab and no follow through! So good of you to share, Laila! You, made my day!!!! Thanks

    • Hey, with all the serious items I write about, it’s good we have something to laugh about too! Actually, I just updated and added something sent to me by a treasured friend… another Peanuts gem..hehe.

  3. It’s the end of the road when the electorate start laughing at you…. you need to give it up.. Chrusty!

  4. Now if you can’t enjoy a good laugh about that you are dead,or worse, a member of the liberal party of BC. That was very special indeed!

  5. Charlie Brown come across, much more intelligent than Christy.
    Christy is freezing wages, while the cost of the price gouging in BC, goes way up. My house insurance went up $100 last year, and another $100 this year. Food costs out of control. Heat, hydro, MSPBC, gasoline, you name it, all costs have gone up, far too much, for Christy’s family’s first. The RCMP get a raise, while our teachers don’t? Campbell gave his useless self, a $60.000 per year salary hike. Campbell’s raise is far more than most BC family’s have to live on, for an entire year. Christy is certainly not worried, how much the BC people are suffering, she has plenty of our money to live on. We had Campbell and Harper thieving from us. Christy is waving Campbell’s flag, and the dirty tactics prevail. Christy too, refuses to tax the filthy rich corporations. Why does Christy have Harper’s henchman Boessenkool working for her? Why did Campbell a supposed BC Liberal, work for Harper? Van Dongen went to the BC Conservatives? It took him 12 years to realize, there was dirty work afloat, in Campbell’s theft and sale of the BCR? Van Dongen must be as brain dead, as Martyn Brown. Campbell thieved an entire rail road and the priceless Real Estate, that went with it. However, Van Dogen protests the $6 million to pay Basi/Virk’s legal fees? I’m not buying any of it.

    All of Christy’s job plans are for China’s benefit, the roads, the expansion of Prince Rupert, for the huge Chinese freighters. The expanded rail yards, to store China’s goods. China owns BC mines, they are bringing their own people to work the mines. Campbell shipped our mills to China, along with our raw logs. Freighter after freighter of logs go to China. Christy is doing no reforestation. Christy is doing, a huge 0 for the BC people, just as Campbell and Harper did.

    The entire ruddy lot of them, are Harper’s Reformers of Harper’s Northern Foundation Party from 1989.

    Canadian people on the whole, are good and decent people. It’s Harper and his Conservatives, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, that are the scum of the earth. I’m keeping a close eye on the BC Conservatives too…they favor the Enbridge pipeline.

    • Very well said—–now to rally up the troops to pay attention to politics–and get them to the Polls! Wait—will that even count———grrrrrrrrrrrr!

  6. LMAO, the similarities in the two videos is amazing, pretty much what I think most of us hear from her nowadays when she speaks.

  7. I had to stop the CC video about 1/4 of the way in. I could take no more! Then, I clicked on Peppermint Patty – LOL Yes, thanks.

  8. Hi Laila,
    If I hear one more time how Chrusty is protecting famlies……. Well I can’t say it here, but this is what she and her lying bunch just did. They took away the medical coverage and extended health bennefit (for spouses) for retlired Public Service members. How about that, it now costs us $112 more per month. Boy she sure is looking after the OAP’ers in this province. I guess us older people who helped build this province are not considered families anymore.
    We can affored it but I am sure there are a lot of others who will have to make hard choices or go begging for help from this bunch of a$$—–s.
    Thanks for hearing me.

    • Hi Walt, no thanks needed – I like to think of my site as a place everyone can share their voice, and I really like your comment. I think it is atrocious how the Liberals sliced and diced services and care for seniors – and as you state so well, the very seniors who helped make this province what it is. It saddens me, in my neighbourhood, to see seniors that HAVE TO collect bottles from the recycling bins to make ends meet. It’s just not right. They say you can judge a lot about a society by how they treat their most vulnerable, and I think that applies to politicians as well. Here in BC, we have the highest child poverty rate, severe cuts to disabled children and adults, seniors at risk…. I think the time has long since come we need to stand up and say no, and send a message to all politicians. They work for us, we do not work for them.

  9. AH -HA HA HA HA – the BC Liberals lost both seats to the BC NDP. Yahoo, now the next milestone is the provincial election, where hopefully, the BC Liberals will get soundly trounced.

    Thank you – I just could not resist.


    • We have to think past the NDP Provincially—–to—-FEDERAL NDP! Without taking the Federal Seats with the NDP, we the people are in big trouble. If Ive said it once, Ill say it again, the Liberals, and the Conservatives are BOTH RIGHT WING PARTIES. They represent the Corporations. The Liberals always talk to the middle, but they act to the RIGHT! eg: Christys speil on how shes there for families—–duh——-but she sold em all out to the Corporations. If the Federal Election is won by the NDP—we will have a chance of saving Canada, for all peoples—if not—-take a look at what the Liberals and Cons are doing now, representing the masses—I think not.

  10. BC Rail Christy posts every inconsequential thing she does on the BC government web site. Hospitals aren’t sanitary, doctors are in short supply, you can’t get an operation, forestry is a complete mess, corporations are undertaxed, transportation infrastructure is underfunded, social services are non-existent, poverty is rampant, but if she buys a cup of coffee in a community, she’ll be sure and advertise that as contributing to the local economy.

    • She would… remember her waitressing during her leadership run? How condescending it all looks now that we see her true self emerge in the many expressions caught on tape. It’s all about Christy, her blind ambition and it always has been. It frankly is an insult to those politicians who do serve their communities well.

  11. loved your headline. How true.

    It was nice to see last night’s results. The only problem is how much damage can the lieberals do between now & then & how fast can the shred all the documents?

    • Good questions eaf. I’ve been very very busy that last couple days, so I will reply to all later on, and I do apologise but I am onto a story that could be compared to a snowball rolling down a hill… a snowball that picks up politicians as it rolls. Between that and life commitments, there has been little time to spend on the site. I hope to have this new story for Monday, time permitting.

        • Thank you for sharing in this venture of mine, Irene, by believing in what I and others do, and sharing it with others. This has always been a group effort between myself and readers and that is never going to change! Tips, email circles, sharing on different social media forms… all of it multiplies the audience which is in the thousands. I think it speaks to the power we all have when we come together.