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  1. Hi Laila

    Thanks for the link, not really a surprise. When looking after their family the BC Liberals are all too predictable and transparent.

    Re “add another to the 100 reasons” we could easily add an additional 100 plus reasons given their deceptions, spin, bullying, back room manipulations, front bench mis-speak, FOI stonewalling, etc and that would just be the new running total for the not yet done month of April. They are so done and it could not happen to a more deserving bunch. The sooner gone the better.


    1. Yah, but absolutely NO staying power……

      “Said Lake: “They’ve told us — and I believe this to be true — that they [the five] are not boots on the ground, not the people who respond to an actual oil spill. That was a relief to know.”

      I don’t need to tell you how shortsighted this kind of thinking is. Partly-stupid is still stupid.


      1. Indeed, I agree wholeheartedly.. but it was still a nice surprise to see the neurons firing after all…lol.. however brief the transient episode was. Perhaps in his next career he might be a subject for neurological study at UBC…


  2. Harper is a Reformer, of his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. However, in over two years….it was impossible to get anyone to see Harper, for what he really is. Even Fadden, of CSIS, warned about China’s encroachment into Canada!!! He SPECIFICALLY named BC!!! Campbell shipped our BC mills to China. Freighter after freighter goes to China, loaded with our raw logs. Christy has done no reforestation. Therefore, there will be up to 2800 more, BC mill people laid off in the Caribou’s. The mines in BC owned by China….they are bringing their own people, to work our mines as well. I don’t know who will own the seven mines, going into Northern BC. If they are China and the U.S. They will bring their own people to work those mines too.

    Unfortunately, Harper has spread his tyrannical Fascism into BC. We know Campbell works for Harper. We know Harper’s henchman Boessenkool, also lobbied Enbridge. He now is contaminating BC, with Harper’s scum. Christy and her BC Liberals, have joined Harper’s Reformers. We know, the BC Conservatives supports Harper and his Enbridge pipeline, with his dirty tar tankers from China. Harper has permitted China to buy up the tar sands too. China refuses to pay Canadians wages. Harper is allowing China, to bring their own people to work their tar sands holdings. China is bringing their cheap labor people, to build the Enbridge pipeline.

    I don’t doubt for a moment, Harper is behind the election fraud and the robo-calls. Over half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M…he knew it, and he cheated to win. The records posted, regarding the robo-calls, all led right to Harper and his so called Conservatives. Harper and MacKay, damned well lied about the F-35 jet costs too. This is far from the first time, Harper has used, dirty tactics, dirty politics. Welcome to Fascist Canada.


  3. Okay, Laila, then I guess it’s entirely up to us, the people of British Columbia to stop Oliver, Harper, Enbridge and Kinder Morgan from destroying our province. Gordo the drunk sold us out, and Christy the clown refuses to call an election, even though her staff and caucus know that the BC Liberals are finished in this province. If they can’t even win a by-election in Chilliwack/Hope, how in hell are they going to win any other riding?

    After re-reading those links, I am extremely concerned for our sovereignty. As I understand it, our Premier has 30 days from April 17, 2012 to terminate the arrangement. We know from experience that Christy will never do anything contrary to what Harper wants, so what are we going to do? Is there any chance that we can take this matter to the Supreme Court of Canada? Maybe file a lawsuit against Campbell and Harper, or whoever signed that agreement in June 2010?


  4. yes they have to go but who will replace the?

    the game has been studied by me for decades and until there is a critical mass of the electorate actualy knowning wtf is going on and them casting their ballots in responce to that the same old same old will happen for several more decades


  5. Posting the entire damn letter and each of you must, must share. I have not been able to locate any BC or federal press release for this agreement.Thank you to Robyn for this information.


  6. The b.c. liebeals never disappoint. The reason there will be no election before the absolute last day is because of agreements clown campbell signed. If it hadn’t been for Robyn Allen we would never have known.

    I sent out your blog & the Straight Goods to my friends. I do hope people find out what is going on. Harper & Campbell/Clark have sold Canada down the whats left of the river to China. They weren’t even smart enough to get a good price for any one but themselves.


  7. How I’d love to challenge G Campbell to a few rounds in the ring as this is his left-over legacy being carried out by brainless twits named Christy and her fellow teats on the boar. But, to be fair, the CONs Harperites are also the enemy, pushing and manipulating our stupid LIEberals into doing what they want which is, of course, not the people’s wishes or in their best interest present or future tense.

    The NDP aren’t standing up for us, no one takes the Green party seriously… so what choice(s) are left???
    Enough bantering and politicking as, through attrition, it’s killing the very people and environment this/these government’s are suppose to protect (meanwhile it goes ahead with the disputed projects anyways). It’s time to start doing as this govt will NOT LISTEN, but… what do we do?
    People are dying, our land’s being polluted past sustainability and our very rights ignored and sold to COMMUNIST countries. RoboCalls, government hackers exploiting environmentalist sites, how do we trust these people anymore. WHO do we trust?

    We have been sold out by our governments and these are the very same entities we are suppose to “appeal to” to change their greedy, profit- for themselves -driven motives?
    Come on, who’s fooling who?

    There’s a saying that goes something like; “Tenacity is a good thing, but even then, hanging in there long enough will just make you look like an even bigger loser.”


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