Christy Palin strikes (out) again.

I’ve  previously made the comparison between Clark and Palin here on, and I’m afraid Miz Clark has once again drawn my attention with her horrific grammar.  Ouch. This was painful to read it’s just so wrong!

Christy Clark:  “Me and my team and our party are going to be working very, very hard over the next 389 days to talk to British Columbians about those risks and reaching out and finding out what it is they want from their government and how they think that their government could better reflect them. And I’m going to be leading that effort.”  ~ from CBC

23 thoughts on “Christy Palin strikes (out) again.

    1. Well, I am just waiting until Saturday Night Live starts making spoofs of Christy… ; )
      I think we need a Canadian version…any female comedians out there willing to try a Christy Palin spoof?


  1. too funny… or maybe too sad.. i’m confused.
    what catches my eye is ” ..reaching out and finding out what it is they want from their government and how they think that their government could better reflect them.”

    uhmm, what the hell you been doing the last 2 years christy cuz that’s the very same rhetoric you’ve personally spouted from the beginning.
    when we told you what we want, which was an election and govt transparency, you dodged it and took vacations to China to sell us out.

    all those promises for election purposes are the same platforms the LIEberals have used since the glory-hole days of campbell, none of which i have to remind people that were never fulfilled, if anything, the issues have been exacerbated.. more of what they said they weren’t going to do got done than what they promised to do.


  2. Well Christy, me and my team and my friends have been working very, very hard for the LAST 389 days to talk to your government and we’ve been reaching out and trying to find out answers from your government but we’ve been stonewalled on issues like the BC Rail deal, the Basi/Virk payout, the Boss mine uranium payout, IPPs, the Atwall invite, your election as party leader, etc. etc. But YOU have been leading that stonewalling and cover-up effort. You didn’t listen then, and we don’t believe your empty promises now.

    Resign, or call an election.


  3. 389 days????? You mean no days off like Saturday or Sunday (Double time)? No Stat holiday off (Triple time). I think its time that you mandated a staggered four day work week otherwise you’ll be burned out, BC Treasury too.


  4. “Me and my team”? Is that why funding is being cut back to public education? She cannot stand the thought of people being educated enough to speak better than her? At any rate, regardless of their education people of BC have grown wise enough to see that Christie isn’t that intelligent…or scrupulous…


    1. LOL!! Never thought of that, but yes, perhaps! I think the people of BC are very smart and very hopeful inside, but weary of the same old, same old. Christy is just another example of how the more things change, the more they stay the same…

      Oh wait, it’s actually worse since she arrived. I take that back. She is different. She is THE ONE who will forever – no matter what happens – be remembered as the one who absolutely killed the Liberal brand.

      Doesn’t matter if they rename the party, stupid move if you ask me, and will only come across as facetious to the public.Like calling cow dung… manure… same look, same smell, only sounds better when you say it.


      1. Ummmm, not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m sure RickinBC meant to say “educated [b]well[/b] enough to speak better than [b]she[/b]. There’s also a subordinating conjunction missing in that second sentence too, because the main verb is missing, but lots of people speak that way these days….

        What’s regrettable is that Christy still speaks in this fashion even after several years of higher education – including her much-vaunted year at the Sorbonne. I imagine her French isn’t any better.


  5. From a dear friend via email:

    “Just in case there is a suitable place here is a lovely quote from Bruce Kane;

    “two raisins short of a Danish” from his play “Ruby of Elsinore”.”


  6. Where do you find these pics, Laila? This one and the Harry Bloy one are priceless! Further to the quote from her interview on CBC, I seem to recall her saying something like, “I’m listening.”
    Well, listen to this, Christy: Just shut your pie-hole and call an election already!

    BTW, I think that gal on ’22 Minutes’ could probably do a petty good imitation of Ms. Photo Op. Should I contact her and ask?


  7. christy, “you and my team”. have you not been hearing anything the people of bc have been saying. in order to hear, you must first listen and obviously you have not been listening. we do not want another year of broken liberal promises and lies. if you have any integrity left, i would suggest you retire and call another election asap.


  8. IF she has any integity left? When, if ever, has Christy acted with integrity?

    The “me and my team” thing, though not gramatically correct, is the most honest thing ever uttered by Clark — It’s all about Christy first — all the time.


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