One year later, little has changed… time for a re-run to help you think about where you stand.

Written in  February 2011, We are all Egyptians is as timely today, as it was then. Even more so since discovering Robyn Allen’s letter to Christy Clark talking about the secret little agreement signed two years ago that impacts the future of British Columbia, and the fine people who call this province home. 

Read on. Read, and think about this province, this premier, and this agreement. Think about B.C. Rail, about Site C, about selling our forests and resources to the highest bidder without regard for long term planning or impact.

Think about your children, their children, and what your legacy will be. And then decide what must be done to ensure the best is there for them long after we are gone.

Here is a tease from this post:

Fighting the good fight

I believe that any individual who has spiritually awakened in our time, to the degree that he or she finds a higher and deeper motive for living, is going to be driven to fight the good fight in one way or another.

 Whether it is through engaging with the struggle to evolve *democracy or fighting to save *the environment or remove *corrupt governments, the spiritual impulse cannot be separated from the moral compulsion to make the world a better place. And in order to fight the good fight, we have to engage, we have to get into the ring, not just stand outside it and be philosophers.

It takes guts and integrity of motive to fight the good fight.

 It takes a passionate interest in life itself.

It’s easy to stand on the sidelines, shaking your head and commenting on how tragic things are. But if you really care, you are going to be in the ring, trying to make the world a better place. And only from that position will your words and your thoughts and your insights have weight.

 When you live an engaged life, your sense of self gains depth and power and authority, and your philosophy is no longer abstract. You become a person who can really make a difference, because you are actively participating, you are digging deep, and you are pushing up against the edge of your own potential.

Andrew Cohen

Now, go read the rest, scroll down, and think about what matters to you.


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