Devastating tragedy in Prince George.

An absolutely devastating scene in Prince George, at Lakeland mills where a massive explosion and fire last night has taken the life of 1 person and horrifically burned many others. My heart jumped when I read the scan bc report sent by a friend, since I have family working at another mill in PG, but not this one. I was actually down by this mill while I was in PG, very busy place and a lot of wood going through. All I can say is my heart is with those men and families this morning and I know the people of P.G. will help each other get through this. My deepest condolences and thoughts are with all of you today. We can replace mills and buildings, we can’t replace a human life.

3 thoughts on “Devastating tragedy in Prince George.

  1. Oh Laila, such horrible news! I’m glad your Dad is okay. I must admit, I thought of you when I heard this news. Another blow for a struggling Northern community!

    1. Laila

      Very sad indeed and while I am grateful that my dad, brother and uncles are all ok, I feel so badly for the families and friends of the victims here. Doesn’t matter what the position is a person works in at a mill, it’s all dangerous when working around machinery and not many people realise how combustible the dust can be.While no one knows what the cause of the explosion was at this point,I can’t help but wonder if wood dust is a factor. They were very busy when I was there, so I hope the opportunity to rebuild or relocate is a real one.

  2. Julie

    I to was wondering about your family. This is a terrible tragedy for the mill people, and all people of Prince George. Mills are a huge part of Northern and central BC’s industry. There have been three explosions in mills. Babine, the Kootenay’s and now Prince George.

    I wonder if the mill will be rebuilt? They say the Caribou’s are running out of wood. There have been too many logs going to China. Hopefully the mill will be rebuilt. So many family’s depend on our mill industry’s. Christy wants to log the old growth forests. I fear those raw logs, will also go to China.

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