My crazy busy life ~ sometimes juggling it all tests my sanity!

I know, I know, you are all waiting for the many items I have committed to posting, but it has been one…… HELLUVABUSY……week. Seriously, researching depreciation reports, reserve funds and  commercial real estate appraisers make for hectic days from start to finish, when combined with everything else I have had to deal with… there has been little time to work on any stories, or even reply to your many emails, so if you are still waiting for a reply, rest assured one will be coming soon.

The followup to Playing with the Dragon and the new post on construction corruption in BC, will come soon. Not today, sorry to say… but soon. Be patient. I will also post the other info I have on the agreement signing away our environmental sovereignty on some types of projects shortly, possibly this morning.

Thank you, so much, for your patience.

4 Comments on “My crazy busy life ~ sometimes juggling it all tests my sanity!

  1. We can’t thank you enough Laila.
    BC citizens have it tough. With the BC Liberals working for Harper and then Harper to battle as well, we need eyes in the backs of our heads. However, there are more good people in BC, than the bad politicians and greedy CEO’s. They also have to lie, but we don’t. Their lies, deceit and cheating, are tripping them up.

    Even in the House of Commons. Harper and his Conservatives were blasted on so many items, got caught in some, dirty tactics and dirty politics. The Chair was furious because, at the second sitting for the costs of the F-35 jets, the Auditor still was not brought in to present his findings. One Conservative minister had the gall to say, that was not true. The Chair literally blew a gasket. I won’t go into the Bec Oda debacle. Later in the day, Mulcair, Dion and a host of others, all had a lot to say about Bev Oda’s taste for luxury. Everyone could retire by 65, if she had to pay back what she ripped the tax payers off for.

  2. You have nothing to apologize for Laila. You deserve to be rewarded for your non-paid time and thorough examination of the topics you present.