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” It’s a beautiful day “

Some well produced videos for you this morning while I work, work, work to get you those stories… enjoy.


  1. The credits are the best part, no the singing is the best part, no the background posters…. what the H!, it is all very kewl!


  2. Scary that we’ve allowed it to go this long.
    Seriously, as soon as Gordon Scambell was forced to resign as premier (THE WORST IN OUR HISTORY) there should have been a snap election and we should not have allowed the LIEbs to just volunteer another of their own ilk to fill his position.
    This cronyism (and nepotism) we find so proliferate in our government and “esteemed” public office positions is NOT democratic and needs to be addressed.
    If you own your own company, then you should be able to say who you want working for you, but in a public SERVANT office, you are suppose to work with meritorious peers, not giving your grandma or brother or aunt a job because they are family, but because they actually have the qualifications to do the job.

    When they do those cabinet “shuffles” and put members from one job into another (when it’s obvious that the individual HAS NO BACKGROUND in related field) I get so mad. Where’s the tendering for position, where’s the proper vetting of personnel?
    Of course we’re going to end up with the same old losers just doing a lousy job in another field. I never understood why this was tolerated or allowed.


  3. Hi Laila,
    I absolutely love these videos, at least something good came about because of the BC Liars. I play It’s A Beautiful Day whenever I go by my computer, every day all day!


  4. Christy Clark…….what a bimbo! I just watched the interview on Power and Politics. I’m afraid I simply cannot watch another right now. Maybe tomorrow, when my stomach has settled down somewhat.


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