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“This party is going down.”


  1. wow!!!! Kevin Krueger ‘((((((((shiver)))))))) When I lived in Kamloops and worked on homelessness issues, he once referred to the lot of us as `poverty pimps`….a class act for sure!


  2. POWERFUL!!!! This clip says it all. This party is so dispicable. It seems they have no shame, or regards to the peoples of BC at all. Bought and paid for jerks. If this is what money can buy, who needs it!!!! They cant get them out fast enough for me, and, they can take stephen and pals, with them. In almost 70 years, I have NEVER seen such corruption and greed.


  3. @Sheldon
    I’ve heard him use similar words to describe the poor.
    Personally, I think Poverty Pimp better describes his role in govt rather than the role of the populace.
    What a list of “mug shots”. Can’t wait til these CRIMINALS are behind bars and no longer a threat to reality and society.


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