” How the Conservatives stole environmental protection.”

It is not often -well never, actually -you have found me quoting Elizabeth May. I guess there is a first for everything. This piece is a must read for all. And it gives some extra heft to the very reason why Robyn Allans request for Clark to repeal the agreement signed with Ottawa… scroll down  for details… is so damn vital to every British Columbian.

“The single biggest assault on environmental law was tabled last Thursday morning in the House – to nary a whimper. No front page headlines. No media interviews for Opposition parties for the major networks. True, we will likely hear more outrage as people wade through the 428 page Budget Implementation Bill, C-38. But, for now, the Harper Conservatives have stolen environmental protection in plain sight.”


“It had never been mentioned that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act was to be repealed; and that an entirely new act of 67 pages would be tucked in to the Budget Act. No longer will there be predictable “triggers” for federal reviews. And if there ever is another federal review, it will only examine “environmental effects” of a very limited nature… Nor were the restriction of requirements… for authorization to destroy habitat for those commercial, recreational and Aboriginal fisheries. It had not been mentioned that the Species at Risk Act would be amended to give the National Energy Board (NEB) power to approve the destruction of the habitat of endangered species – or killing rare species through the building of pipelines.”

Now go, read and keep a bucket handy for when the bile rises in your throat.


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  1. The Conservative government of Canada sure seems intent on making the people of this country very angry in the near future. There appears to be a very strong message that the environment and species don’t matter – along with the people of Canada. Nary a thought about the consequences – just profit for the very large corporations. I expect this will anger people like Vic Toews comments and Joe Olivers comments did.

    It doesn’t matter that the Conservative government has a majority in parliament – you piss enough people off and you will have real problems. It won’t take too much to start a movement growing – possibly into an Egyptian Spring. If anger continues to grow, the government is going to have its hands full trying to protect pipelines etc., using the Canadian army to do so ! Doesn’t that look an awful lot like Hitlers Germany of the 1930’s – probably why Harper had to raise Hitler in the house last week, thinking that the people of Canada would still not do anything – WRONG!. I am not so sure, but time will tell.



  2. The Cons are following the same plan as Campbell and Christy- sell off public wealth to private interests- lower wages- kill union membership- and screw the environment. Who knows-the Chinese may end up owning most of Canada, including our hotsprings.


  3. http://news.sympatico.ctv.ca/home/conservatives_pass_motion_to_limit_debate_on_budget_bill/eed3ba86

    People in this province, country, you should be very worried of what is going on in this country/province. Democracy eroded, rights eroded (personal and property) and being sold off to the highest bidders.

    And they’re determined to shut it down no matter what. IMO nothing but a bunch of corrupt, arrogant, dictators.

    Disgusted and very worried for the current citizens and their children and grandchildren.


  4. Elizabeth May’s article was very interesting. thank you for refering us to it.

    herr haprer is simply trying to make as much money for foreign corporations as possible. It strengthens the Canadian $ because we are considered a oil producing country. However, how many of these $s are in the pockets of Canadians. Non of this has improved the living standards of Canadians nor has it lowered Canada’s deficiet. It has only destroyed 500,000 jobs in Ontario. In case herr harper hasn’t noticed the “trickle down effect” doesn’t work.

    I don’t know why someone would want to destroy the Canadian enviornment, who was actually a Canadian citizen & lived here. What will happened to future generations of Canadians? Of course if you believe in “end of days” I guess the future isn’t something you care much about.

    The “toads” who stand up in Parliament to defend the neo cons policies are simply not in touch with reality. Many of them simply appear to be on a power trip.

    I know the neo cons like to travel but lets try a new type of travel, going to some of the spots in the world where the multi national corporations have destroyed the enviornment with no thought to the future or the people living there now.

    For some of us, having been aware of what happened in other countries, fighting to prevent the same type of thing happening here is worth it. If the harperits & lieberals continue with their plans we won’t have a B.C. to live in anymore. It will be covered in bitamen & it isn’t something you can wash out. thousands of animals will die, people will die and/or become very ill.


  5. Thanks for the link Laila, plus I just read the recent Legisinfo sitting for may 02/12 Here
    Nothing but excuses, rhetoric and side-stepping at it’s worst (mostly the CONs).

    And at 400+ pages BILL C-38 has literally 1/3 of it donated to ripping out the environmental protection laws, restructuring Canada to be another Saudi Arabia regarding pipelines and bitumen, and limiting environmental protection to just birds and fish (no other mammals/ecosystems, etc are no longer included in any environment studies), and anther portion removing personal rights and freedoms with government stepping in as the harsh nanny and we citizens touted as the spoiled, ignorant children who need to be told what to do (in the CONs words, more or less).

    We can’t let this keep going on, because as long as we keep waiting (hoping the right person/party will step in/up) and not taking any action.. we won’t anything left to act with. Or, (like they do already) claim it’s “too expensive” to do/undo.

    I’m not that bright with regards to legislation and government, but I hope to learn fast.
    Please, someone tell me that there is some way to stop both the Provincial LIEbs from acting (especially with a non-elected Premier spending her way to glory buying up friends from the oil companies) on the pipeline proposals and disregarding environment protection and impact reports from specialists, right up to bringing the Federal CONs to justice for trying to gut our rights and freedoms with impunity (the c-38 omnibus bill) while they literally carry two sets of (one, the real amounts, second doctored one for public) federal finance books.
    Can we not call the government(s) (both fed and prov seeings how they’re working in tandem) on it’s competency, like a lack of confidence vote?


  6. What a bunch of whiners we are! Is the Enbridge pipeline going to be the straw that broke the camels proverbial back? Or, is it going to end up having been us people making a lot of noise then backing down and letting it go ahead? If I was a betting man I’d lay odds that us sheeple slaves will bow out and it will be business as usual for the slavemasters. The only way we can beat the slavemasters is to turn off their life blood by non participation. Who of you are willing to quit? And I mean quit paying mortgages, loans, all taxes, licences, etc.. Not too many of you, I would wager with odds if I was a betting man. So exactly how else are we going to make the slavemasters obey our wishes, do enlighten me please. And don’t say we can elect the NDP as that is just changing CEO’s, it does not change the slavemasters control. Corporations run the government and the proof of that is evident everyday if you got eyes to see. It is past time for us and our children and grand children to put up or shut up. Me, I have put up. I do not consent to the destruction of our environment or the environment of others in our name. Arrest the criminals.


  7. It’s very easy for this government to ruin individuals, the idea is to NOT B individual, but to be community.
    So, how do we make communities come together for a common purpose/goal?
    Lectures at town halls? Speeches at hotel conference centres?
    Those seem to be happening already and have been for a while without much result other than to pass information on that others may not know of.
    Demonstrations? Civil Unrest?
    Well, tried that too.. they just don’t listen or they bring in the cops (or hired goons) to protect their interests and not the public’s.

    So, what do we do?
    Realistically, we stop money. Period. Making it, using it, everything. NO MONEY.
    Take $$ out of the equation (this is actually factual, trying to find the links again that show through simulation) , and we have more than enough goods already made to house, clothe, feed, every man, woman and child IN THE WORLD. It’s only profit that drives humanity at this point.
    Go figure. A good video to demonstrate my opinion is THIS ONE HERE

    So many agencies setup to help the poor around the world and here we are a 1st (now slipping into 3rd) world country with more poor per capita than other countries.

    Too many say “they don’t care” or they’re “willing to let government do what it thinks best because what do I as an individual know”.
    They give up the very rights they whine about losing later when they find there is now $$pricey caps on internet speed/downloads (than any other country in the world) and gas $$prices through the roof .
    Superman (or Superwoman, I don’t want to be accused of being sexist,lol) where are you!!


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