And the Oscar goes to… Wally Oppal, for “Worst Performance in a Public Inquiry” …


Please, if anyone knows Wally ( I’m a movie star) Oppal, please tell him I think there is something so sick, so wrong, about his choice to take a role, as a gunshot victim in a movie about a serial killer – period. His personal choice makes a mockery of his current public standing overseeing the inquiry,and his lack of concern for public perception is astounding, appalling and highly offensive on many levels.


10 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to… Wally Oppal, for “Worst Performance in a Public Inquiry” …

  1. That’s not a very flattering photo. Reminds me of Mr. Ed, the talking horse.
    Wally, bless his soul, is a master of time management. He also manages to squeeze in his duties as Chancellor at Twin Rivers University in Kamloops.
    He’d better start looking after himself if he intends to be around to spend all that money that’s pouring in!


  2. Your surprised? You are talking about Wally the former Attorney General? I long ago stopped being surprised by the dumb and inappropriate things he does. I understand that people that have know him for a long time gave up being surprised many years before I did


  3. I’m sure you mean ‘You’re suprised’, a contraction of ‘you are suprised’. Sorry, but that really pisses me off.
    Nevertheless, I share your opinion of Wally. But what about all those ‘whateveryoucallthem’ that advocate him for Chancellor of TRU, (I don’t think he’s ever been here) and Chief Whatever at the Womens Investigation?
    How does he attract these accolades? What are his redeeming qualifications?
    Is this at all a political appointment? Oh well, I guess I’ll be happy with my $10.25/hour and be happy I’m not a ‘liquour server’.


  4. To reply to Mr. Opal question… don’t I deserve a life? the answer is ‘no’ not while you are milking the taxpayers to the tune of $1200 a day! You should be breathing and living around the missing womens tribunal 24/7.
    This after costing the taxpayers millions on the bungled Bountiful trial! Only in this province could he then get this gig and then have the arrogance to question anything!
    The man simply reeks B.C. Liberal attitude.


  5. This is beyond disgraceful. An insult to the Mothers, Fathers and relatives, still looking for their loved ones. Hopefully, the film includes the bungling.

    Perhaps, Wally can get some bit parts, for all of the BC Liberals, Including Campbell.


  6. I think it’s a highly disrespectful thing Oppal does.. and I quote him saying “I don’t see anything inappropriate about it,” on Thursday before appearing at a policy forum on vulnerable and intimidated witnesses.
    What a joke, and I’m thinking that’s how he views his role in the missing women investigation. The women are dead already so they’re not going anywhere and the families will just have to wait until those ever-so important wannabe film stars go about cementing (boots?) themselves into slasher movies.

    Funny too, the only reason he got the part is because the producer “is a friend of mine” says Oppal.
    Hrmm, isn’t that how they staffed the LIEberals?

    Man.. this shouldn’t be surprising given the lengthy and dismal history the LIEberals and their ilk have left us, and with the eventual “transparency” that will come we’ll see that ALL our current “leaders” were nothing more than white-collar gangsters, stealing from the poor to give to themselves (and their rich financiers) claiming all the while it’s for BC’s good.

    Oh yeah, I see Christy Clark is making her cameo too.
    Love Dan Murphy’s little clip, it shows Christy’s charming side so well.

    Have a great Saturday all, and hope the clouds give us some breaks so we can see that SUPER FULL-MOON tonight.

    Thankfully, there are some things the LIEbs and CONs can’t wreck.. at least atm.


  7. “What are his redeeming qualifications?”
    Didn’t know there were any, and I would assume his lines in the movie musta been – “No Comment, it’s before the courts. Any movie StoneWally could be in might go straight to DVD, and then straight to the garbage.

    Oops, maybe we shouldn’t be talking about the Great Stone Wall, because he is the chief justice of the Court of Stupidity and is thus hisself, before the courts…………

    Before the courts never stopped him from commenting on any trial, like the Pickton one, as long as he felt like it…….but the BC Rail Trial………See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, it’s before the courts. He is a joke, and only looks intelligent enough to breath when compared to his colleague Kash and Karry Heed.

    to the commenter above, quit your lying, I can’t believe that Christy the Clueless has a “charming” side!

    I wonder if StoneWally would have a comment about Christy’s buddy Atwal?


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