The calm before the storm.

First of all, I would like to say bonne journée à visiter les nombreux de SNC Lavalin! J’espère que vous trouverez mon travail convaincant …

Forgive me for using a bit of theatrics, but once might compare my relative quiet absence from this blog, to the eery calm sometime experienced immediately prior to a large storm. And I am only partially kidding when I say that.

 I have been very busy with both further research and developments relating to the followup to Playing with the dragon: Who is looking after Canadian interests?  This story spawned a fury of phishing and intrusion attacks on my computer and site, all unsuccessful. One dedicated entity even hacked into two contacts email addresses, and used them to send emails with viral attachments  in my direction, again unsuccessfully since I have very knowledgable tech friends who have taken care of these things well. Apparently the subject matter touched a nerve somewhere.

I will also have finally a compelling report on corruption in BC… and why we are helpless to stop it with our current provincial and federal governments. Think Quebec is corrupt? British Columbia has been flying under the radar for a long time…


6 thoughts on “The calm before the storm.

  1. I’ve said for a long time somone should write an expose on crime in BC. Betcha we could beat the pants off Quebec! I suggested Stevie Cameron, but AGT said she’s a piece of shit. That’s not very helpul – I’d have appreciated some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism


  2. I know I’m being picky, but it is wrong to say Quebec or BC for that matter is corrupt. It is proper to say that there are elements in the business and political communities that are corrupt — and as evidence shows that corruption is centred in the right wing. That is not to say every business person and politician of certain stripes is less than ethical (or that every person in leadership roles in other organisations is not), but the old adage tends to apply —- follow the money.


  3. If there are persons in Government and RCMP openly committing treason and other crimes in the case of Government and murder and other violent crimes as in the case of the RCMP and the other persons in those groups sit idly by and let it all go unpunished they are as guilty as those perpetrating those acts of treason and murder.


    1. Indeed, Harper welcomes with open arms a government that has repeatedly shown it’s ruthlessness in several sectors and human rights issues. Allowing them telecom access here is like giving them the key to exfiltrate national security information and technological secrets with ease. Scary.


  4. I’m sure the USA is watching what our governments are doing. Harper and Co., Chistie and Co., what a disgrace they are.


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