***UPDATED w/ new photo *** WARNING: Extremely dangerous sexual predator released from custody… but RCMP refuse to show you his face.


***RCMP have now released a photo of Shalendra Kumar Sharma, after first refusing to in their initial warning to the public this morning, a move I applaud. While I understand completely the need to exercise diligence in investigations, law enforcement must always consider the potential threat to the public at large when making such decisions. In this case, my opinion is the potential to compromise an investigation into previous victims did not justify the far greater threat to women in the community who have a right to know about a dangerous sexual predator at large. I thank the RCMP on behalf of all women in the community for reversing this decision, and urge my readers to share this photo with everyone you know. ***

A big fail to the RCMP this morning, as they take the step of warning women about an extremely dangerous sexual predator from Surrey, who has been released on bail while for trial for a series of sexual assaults and forcible confinement over a number of years.

The catch is, RCMP  refuse to release his photo -despite saying they are worried and need to warn the public –  which they say could compromise ongoing investigations into finding other victims – thereby putting all women at risk because we have no idea what this predator looks like.

However, RCMP have released a photo of one of his vehicles and a licence plate # …. click on the link for that photo.

There is so much that could be said about this situation, which mirrors others I have written about in the past. Releasing men they know are dangerous because the law allows them to… only to have them re-offend again, while on bail, as the offender did in the link preceding this sentence.  Something has to change.

From NW this morning:

Burnaby Mounties have issued a rare warning, as a man accused of sexual and violent crimes against women is released from custody.

43-year-old Shalendra Kumar Sharma was released two days ago as he awaits trial.

That has police worried, because they say the Surrey man is extremely dangerous.

Sharma was the subject of a news conference in February, after he was charged with four counts of sexual assault against four different women between 1994 and 2011.

He is also charged with four counts of confining women, two counts of assault and one count each of kidnapping and uttering threats.

While Mounties are not releasing Sharma’s photo, saying it could compromise their investigation as they look for other victims, they are releasing vehicle information.

Sharma is  currently driving a red 2007 Ford Escape with BC license plate 008 RWG.

In the past he has driven a 2003 blue Ford Explorer, a 1997 red for Explorer and a 1991 red Pontiac Sunbird.

8 Comments on “***UPDATED w/ new photo *** WARNING: Extremely dangerous sexual predator released from custody… but RCMP refuse to show you his face.

  1. All you women be careful out there and be completely aware of what’s around you at all times!

  2. Laila, this works better in the fear drenched post 9-11 tactic of keeping the populace afraid, very afraid. Why not have all the women in Surrey frightened about every body (or at least every body who looks like he may have a South Asian name and drive a red or blue vehicle). Why limit the fear, fear is so handy for social control and bigger better armed para-military police gangs.

  3. The RCMP have changed their minds and have now released a photo of Sharma. Please share.

  4. I really do not know why sexual predators are let out on bail. I suspect it is because they are targeting women & child usually & not men. In this case the man is a danger to society. I know he hasn’t been convicted but there has to be some sort of safety net. It isn’t as if he has been arrested on one charge, its 4. What is the judge going to tell the next victim if he re-offends while out on bail, so sorry, we’ll increase his bail & let him out again?

    I guess when the conservatives were doing their “get tough on crime” bill they decided sexual predators weren’t much of a problem. Oh, that’s right, the “crime bill” sends grow op operators to jail for longer periods of time than child sexual predators.

    • I agree. The link I added in is a prime example of what can and will often go wrong in a legal release. Some criminals never change and even peace bonds or restraining orders are only paper.

      Harper? Gee the man who has lumped environmentalists in with terrorists? Ha! Here is a first step. No conditional sentences in certain crimes, many count on that for a clean chance at a re-offence.No bail for those deemed at high risk of reoffence on a sex crime or other personal assault.

  5. I thought, what if the predator wasn’t in his vehicle? How does a license plate number help you? His vehicle isn’t walking behind you, he is. A photo certainly helps to identify him. I would be very afraid, for teen-age girls. Hopefully they have been warned, to stay in groups.

    I don’t think Harper’s new prisons are, totally for criminals. The crime rate is way down. I bet some of are for Harper’s political enemies. He knows eventually, the Canadian citizens will turn on him. Harper’s security bill is a whopping $47 million. He is certainly afraid of something.

    • Good grief.There is something terribly wrong with this. Terribly terribly wrong.