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First, thank you for being so patient with the lack of posts in the last couple of months – I have been incredibly busy dealing with a variety of commitments, some time sensitive, that have taken my attention elsewhere. However, I am happy to report that a couple of new developments are in the works, that I am involved with, both highly important to British Columbians, but neither can be revealed yet… ; )

Coming up this week and next here on the blog, I will have the long-awaited post on corruption in B.C. that many have been looking forward to. I will have more on the China-Harper agenda, where there are serious ramifications for those of us in British Columbia,as well as all Canadians.

In addition, I travelled to Vancouver Island last weekend and met with renowned lawyer, Clive Ansley, who has extensive experience in China and you can look forward to a couple of stories as a result in weeks to come.

Until then, I leave you with this gem, from Bloomberg:

“Data on Canadian Officials Stolen in Attack on Stratfor

By Andrew Mayeda – Jun 11, 2012 1:49 PM PT

1,000 Canadian government officials was stolen in the hacking of a Texas-based intelligence firm in December, according to internal government documents.

Almost 900 federal government workers and 109 provincial government officials were affected when computers owned by Strategic Forecasting Inc. were hacked, according to a memo by the federal Public Safety department obtained by Bloomberg News under Canada’s freedom-of-information law.

The hackers obtained the client list of the company also known as Stratfor, and released personal information such as emails, passwords, home and office addresses and credit-card data, according to the Jan. 9 memo.

Canada is trying to bolster its defenses as countries deploy increasingly advanced technology to disrupt their enemies’ networks and gain access to trade secrets. Some of Canada’s biggest companies, such as Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. and Nortel Networks Corp., have been targeted.

Canadian officials have warned in internal documents that cyber attacks pose a greater risk to Canada’s economic prosperity than previously believed, and the country lacks the tools to fight hackers. “

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  1. Which makes it all the more suspicious that we are allowing our resources to be wholesaled to China, while at the same time we are literally inviting them to completely hack our grid. Somebody is playing an endgame and it won’t work out well for humanity…IMO


    1. Indeed. The fact that Harper and Co. are literally laughing at the US concerns over fake parts, some of which have come from Canadian suppliers using Chinese parts… it boggles the mind. US is really pissed with Harper right now… a lot to do with this China issue. Not good when Harper and co laugh and scoff at the US concern over the fake military parts and Canada allowing Chinese telecom giant Huwei into partnerships with Telus,supplier to the Canadian military.

      Someone is taking a hard look at this, and rightfully so. see my new comment under the playing with the dragon post on our new visitor today.


  2. Harper’s interest in keeping China happy is beyond me. I don’t know what they have on him or what they are paying him or why he would “just want” to do this. I do know what he is doing is not good for Canada now or in the future.

    Anyone can see the oil spill in Alberta & its damage. They should be able to take that picture & extrapolate to having a tanker spill its contents on the water off of B.C. They can look at pictures of what happened off of the American coast with the BP drilling platform. So why go ahead & built the pipeline when railroads could move the bitamen much more easily & safely to the U.S.A.? Why is Harper so intent on selling this bitamen to China? What has China ever done for Canada? China has a very poor history of dealing with dissenters, their enviornment, any one who opposes them.

    Now we see on the news they are bringing foreign workers into the tar sands saying they can’t find enough “qualified” Canadians. I don’t buy that for a minute. There is nothing monitoring this. What we do know is they can now pay these workers 15% less than Canadians.

    We have a huge untapped source of workers in the First Nations youth. They are Canada’s fastest growing group of young people. Yet they continued to be ignored. We should demand Canadians be trained & hired before any foreign workers are brought into this country.


    1. Harper has made several trips to China. It is clear that he represents the best interests of the One Percenters, wherever they live, over the interests of ordinary Canadians. In China, he probably sees the perfect system for unriened capitalism – A totalitarian government to keep the regular people suppressed and complete enablement of Big Business – no annoying environmental regulations, no worker protections, no opposition to the totalitarian regiems polices. Harper would like to see the same thing here and is actively working on it. He obviously likes what he sees in China and would like to emulate it here.


    2. eaf, read the dragon posts again. There is a very powerful and monied circle of influence. Thats it. In particular in the first series where we explored Harpers FlipFlop on China, we follow up in post II with the photo Harper didnt want anyone to see, with Desmarais of Power Corp. I think Power Corps presence in the Canada China Business lobby group, linked to in that second post, explains everything. BMO, Barrick, its a powerful group of elite business in conjunction with the Chinese state owned investment company, which lobbies the government to direct and influence foreign trade policy. Seems like a conflict of interest to me, but they’ve been very close to several PM’s, and I believe have made gains with the current.

      I absolutely agree with all your other comments. In fact, recall the post ” If you build them, they will come( workers from China)”

      All youth is being vastly ignored, regardless, with the exception of foreign students who pay well to our local universities.


  3. Could it be as simple as they are business buddies? Harper and China?
    Ed Deak has always said for years that capitalists and communists are brothers in arms. The facts seem to support his claim.


  4. Didn’t Communist China hack into many other country’s secret files? Country’s now know they made a drastic mistake, buying electronic components from Communist China? All those country’s are worried about their security.

    I can see, the U.S. pulling all of their company’s out of Canada….not only because of our high Canadian dollar. Harper is certainly merging Canada in with Communist China.

    Communist China has bought up huge chunks of the tar sands. They are bringing hordes of their own workers, to work the tar sands. Even their own Chinese cooks. Swarms of Chinese are, also building the Enbridge pipeline.

    Campbell also gave BC, to Communist China. Our mill industry, along with our raw logs. Why BC’s natural gas, I don’t know. China also has vast gas fields of their own. Our mines owned by China, which will be worked by their own people. Everything of value in BC has been thieved and sold. Harper is doing every evil he can think of, to totally destroy BC. They don’t call Harper, spiteful Stevie for nothing. His Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Boessenkool, are selling off what Real Estate that is owned by the province and the people. As Campbell betrayed the BC citizens, by working for Harper….so do the, Christy Clark BC Liberals. BC is just to be used as a pass through, to benefit Communist China.

    Fadden did warn us, China was making huge inroads into Canada. BC, was specifically mentioned. Fadden is exactly right. Communist China, has been buying up Canada’s natural resources.

    I firmly believe, Harper is behind the robo-call election cheat. He is certainly trying to quash the investigation. However, Communist China controls Harper and Canada.

    No wonder the U.N. security council, refused Harper a seat. The New Trans Pacific Trade Group, also voted to keep Harper out.

    In BC, we all know Christy is in favor of the Enbridge pipeline. Boessenkool, was placed into BC for a reason.


  5. I read the Following the Dragon & I understand the information clearly. What I have difficulty with is why Canadian elected politicians who are there to protect Canadian’s interests would sucome to “lobbying”. I understand there are powerful & monied people involved, but where did the politicians’ back bones go. MPs don’t have to listen to these lobbyiest, they don’t have to entertain them or be entertained by them. I guess it goes back to the old saying power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely. I can think of no other reason people would do things which go against the interests of their own country.

    come the next election I would suggest we elect candidates who can stay on point and not be swayed.


    1. I guess loyalty is a rare thing now in most politicians, who in the end, are in it for the prestige, pension and perks…. hey, that makes it a P3 position. There was actually hope for Harpe in the beginning among many who know the history of Power corp,because of the lack of personal history and association with the Desmarais family and Power Corporation, but clearly something changed along the way. Finding out exactly what specifically turned him around on China is another matter.

      What I do not understand is why national security isnt doing something to investigate the relationship between these entities. In my mind, there should be no way a foreign country like China, with China’s records on human rights,espionage etc, should be allowed to have a state owned investment company involved in any manner of influencing policy making, nor should Power Corporation.

      Oh wait, Harper has gutted funding and oversight for many agencies… and Canada as a whole takes a lackadaisical view on white collar crime and influence….


  6. From Harpers performance to date, there is nothing he won’t do for money – or so it seems.
    I am afraid that “big money” has bought out Harper – much to the dismay of many voters who thought that Harper has priciples – ha!

    Between ego, money and an extremist religious believe, Canada is being sold to the highest bidder regardless of who has the money. This really counters any claims to the contrary, that Canada is prioncipled and has good intentions.

    Just look back at what Harper is trying to do since getting a majority – create a dictatorship, a real live Orwellian way of life for the people that were duped into believing that this man had any principles, backbone .

    It is still early days yet for Harper and he has Ottawa in an uproar over the so called budget bill – we ain’t seen nothing yet. Darker days ahead for this once proud country of Canada.

    Time for the people to let harper know that lying, deceiving and deception does not make for a good relationship with the citizens.



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