18 thoughts on ““Remember this: We be many, and they be few. They need us more than we need them…” ~ Arundhati Roy

  1. Ah, nice comments.

    We have to get up and move. Without us moving it, it will not breath, it will not move. We have no choice but to implement direct democracy!

    Just think about it. All the laws that have been passed or are about to be passed will not change by electing a different political party or even a handful of independents. What we need is a party that is committed to implementing a people-power constitution with binding referendum and initiative, not the unworkable stuff we have now. The BC Refederation Party has been talking about this since 2001. Is anyone listening yet? Have we had enough?


    1. The straw …

      that broke the camel’s back.

      Who has spoken up about the most recent announcement slapping Canadians in the face?

      Stephen Harper has cut services to Canadians by cutting food inspectors, among many other services. Now he has billions to build a bridge to Michigan. There was no mention of jobs for Canadians, but the governor of Michigan thanked the prime minister (who is not paying for this bridge alone) for paying for the bridge which will provide ten thousand – that’s right, 10,000 – jobs for the people of Michigan.

      British Columbians, you better get prepared to stand on your own two feet. Direct democracy and our own taxes will win our day! Yay – BC Refed, you were so before your time!


      1. Well Nora, that is a good mention of something that slid by. This has everything to do with the other,equally heinous action taken by Harper little paid attention to, the North American Perimeter agreement. I blogged about this when it happened, that it was far more encompassing than merely border safety and ease of trade. Now we have US law enforcement who can come on over to do their jobs,and we can look forward to joint environmental assesments, streamlined, one joint guideline for food and drug safety. Considering on many fronts, the US has lower standards for meat and other products, with regards to additives hormones etc… that could mean we see an increasing laxness in our guidelines to allow for more American friendly trade regulations.

        Frankly, I am not sure what country this is anymore. We have sold out to foreign interests far and near.


    2. So, tell me, why is it no political leader currently out there inspires this in people? Who will be the one to lead? Hasnt happened yet that someone, or something has managed to create that feeling in BC.


      1. A little-known party in BC has been researching and talking about direct democracy since 2001 – the BC Refederation Party. These people had a sense of what was happening in and to BC. It is now a must that someone is elected if for no other reason but to spread the word. The people of this province cannot do a worse job than the mess that has been made by the politically experienced. And it is unlikely they would tell as many lies!

        We, the public, must gather courage and take a leap of faith if we want anything to change. Voting for any of the mainstream parties will guarantee more of the same no matter what they promise. The policies in place and the laws passed will remain in place. Nothing will change. More resources will be sold off the pay debt, more services will be cut, more jobs will be moved offshore. And we will still have no say in what they do.


  2. Thank you Laila, a very inspiring lady is Arundhati Roy, and thanks to rmaharg for the very insightful piece on Noam.
    I was going to be long winded, but instead I’ll link to my blog if it’s ok as I posted my “rant” there. lol
    I wish you all well, and we will succeed!!
    Have a great day!


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