Two thumbs up to the PG Freepress.

 While we breathlessly await Harpers announcement on the next step in  ” deeper trade integration” with China  down at the G20 leaders summit in Mexico, these chuckles and giggles from my hometown of Prince George could not be more…brilliant!! 

Enjoy. The corruption in construction and government post will be up before noon.

5 thoughts on “Two thumbs up to the PG Freepress.

  1. Awesome Laila 🙂

    Harper starts to look more and more like Chinese Panda bears etc. he already got the belly and the black spots 🙂
    What a Corrupt Country we live in.
    Where is Canada? Please give us the right “Wegweiser” (Road sign) so we will find our way back home….

    CanChina, Canada, We need a Revolution, lets pull together Canadians, we don’t need another Ruler that will de-gut us all, it is bad enough it is happening right under our nose here in the Lower Mainland, Watts is selling us the same way.

    No more Democracy, No Honesty, No Transparency, no Accountability, it is all about the profit and the Cash they can make, it is steered towards the big Corporations that will plunder all our last savings. This Country has become a Heaven for the Corrupt, the super greedy rich and the all the other Criminals.

    There is no room for us poor people to grow or to even survive, we cannot sustain it has been made impossible. The poor, the ill, the disabled, we are all but forgotten, forgotten on purpose as the government has no use for us, we are a disgrace to their rich friends and we are never priority.

    Harper had all and every opportunity to make OUR Country the Country we all should feel at Home, now we are lost in transition.
    He has abandoned us, the very people that made/make this Country unique.
    Shame on you Harper, and no he will not get the Mr. from me, he does not deserve the Title.



  2. So much for Harper knocking Communist China’s Human Rights. He is no different that Hu Jinto.
    Communist China is hacking into other country’s secret files. They are worried about their country’s security. They bought electronic components from Communist China. U.S. missiles and other weapons, have infected components in them. No wonder the U.S. is pulling their company’s out of Canada. Perhaps our high dollar, isn’t the only reason.

    Europe told Harper and his big mouth where to go, and the shortest route to get there. Harper is trying to take the credit for, Canada’s standing during this recession. It was another P.M. who saved Canada. We can thank our lucky stars for that. Harper even started out with $13 billion dollar surplus.

    Go to the, Wise Law blog. The skinheads are cheering Harper’s Human Rights bill. They speak of Harper’s Human Rights, not being pretty. Bill 304 I believe. Seems this is a private bill.


    1. My beef is not with the chinese people, but only with the government,who has subjected horrific penalties and punishments against its own citizens. My beef is with Harper overlooking the many human rights issues of China in his sudden zeal to do business with their government. My many friends of Chinese descent agree and speak openly of issues facing those who wish for a true democracy in their motherland.

      I believe this is what you are referring to Julie?

      Sick,sick stuff to see this crew cheering at the passing of this bill.


  3. A great post by the PG FreePress!
    I’m more “visual” a reader (pictures please,lol) and that cartoon just so hits the nail on the head.

    And that is pretty sickening, the cheering of the passing of the destructive bill-38. This country needs a good cleansing, and our “leaders” to give their collective heads a good shake.


  4. Yes, that’s it. An extremely sick sight to see, especially in Canada.

    I too have good friends that are Chinese. They too are very sad about their country. However, they left China for those very reasons. What Harper is pulling on Canadians, is familiar to them.

    In China, people who go for work in an apple factory, are required to sign a document, they will not commit suicide. Children who labor in China, only earn pennies a day.

    I see Harper very little different than, Hu Jinto. Harper is not governing a democratic Canada. He is taking Democracy, Freedom, and our Civil Rights and Liberties, away from us.

    I was really taken aback, there are statues of Lenin and Mao in Vancouver. That a person was arrested, for reading a book on a subway in Quebec. That China hacked into other country’s secret files. That Chinese electronic components are dirty. The U.S. have infected components in their missiles and other weapons.

    I am just amazed that…normal sane people with ethics and morals, would ever support Harper.


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