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” The most open, accountable and democratic government in Canada.” ~ Promise #9 2001 BC Liberal Vision

Last year, Norman Farrell located a full copy of the 2001 BC Liberal campaign platform – at the library of the University of Laval, in Quebec.

Since Ms. Clark served as Deputy Premier from 2001 to 2005 – very much in awe of Gordon Campbell I have heard -I thought it might be very helpful to remind her of the promises that she was very much a part of then. Take a look at the vision she supported as one of the Gordon Campbell Liberals in 2001…. and where we are now.

Does anyone else see the irony in this?


  1. Is “responsible, accountable management of your public resources and tax dollars” referring to the plans to gift the BCR to corporate buddies and paying the erstwhile salesmen otherwise known as Bassi and Virk a mutlimillion dollar commission?


  2. BC Lyberals: ‘A New Error for BC”

    1. University priority placement given to foreign students – high tuition fees. Teachers without a contract for over a year, cuts to special ed programs, sports and the arts.
    2. Patients treated by Dr. Timbit
    3. Public/Pirate partnerships and corporate greed, aided and abetted by a complicit government absent of environmental, fiscal and social responsibility. Patrick Kinsella.
    4. Gang wars. Ultimate fighting. Missing women. Casinos.
    5. Highest child poverty rate in Canada. Absolute failure to protect aboriginal children in foster care.
    6. Fish farms. Photo-ops. Muzzled scientists.
    7. Logging Cortez Island, IPP’s, mill closures, pine beetles, exporting raw logs.
    8. Highest government salaries. Highest cost of living. David Hann. Gwyn Morgan.
    9. FOI process that’s a sick joke. No meaningful public consultation. Rich Coleman. Kevin Falcon. Special Prosecutors.
    10. BC Rail. BCIMC. TransLink. BC Ferries. BC Hydro. BC Place. Canada Line. Sea-to-Sky Highway. Convention Centre.
    and on and on and on……


    • Ivana, Ivana C Justice too…. This is worthy of it’s own post, great work, now on the front page!! This is definately a more realistic version of what they should have said back in 2001.


  3. “It’s not healthy to democracy for the party system to be so subject to the powerful and the rich. The appearance of improper influence is a significant source of cynicism about public life, and that too must be changed.” – Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, 2003, speaking in support of the federal ban on corporate and union donations to political parties.

    BC should have this same ban on corp/union donations. With your help, BC will have it. Sign IntegrityBC’s “Who Really Runs BC” electoral reform petition at


    • Thank you Brad and I added a link to the site on my blogroll too. I agree there should be a ban on both applying to provincial, federal AND municipal elections which often are just as bad for large corporate donations.

      Great quote!


  4. Bang on I. c. j. so much for BC Liberal electioneering and accounting. The vision (Liberal promises on paper) and the reality of what has been delivered to the people of this province sure don’t jibe. Sadly we have instead of the promised dream a stark ongoing nightmare.

    How could anyone defend such a sordid record of governance? Certainly not the “common” people that have worked hard to build this province for themselves, their families and communities. Only the Liberal family and their right wing sponsors have benefited from the above broken promises – at great cost to all the rest of us. Thankfully the people have finally had enough and positive change and leadership will be swept in very soon.


  5. I noticed you didn’t include the other 35 pages of the 2001 BC Liberal campaign platform where they remind us of the reasons why the Liberals were voted in. FastCat Bingogate. etc . Don’t get me wrong, I have no love for the liberal but I don’t trust the NDP any more either.


    • Hey James, head on over to Norm’s to see the rest, the link is there in his name. I’m not an NDP member, but when you look at what choices we have in BC. and what the real economic record of the last time the NDP were in power, all the crap Christy and Co babbles out turns out not to be true.

      I do agree,not one party is exempt from any kind of scandal or misuse/misdirection, that is the human nature. But I think we can keep the NDP in line far better than the Liberals, who have shown us a million times why they can’t be trusted. Not just Christy, but everyone who is a sitting liberal MLA now. None have the cajones to do the right thing.All are backing publicly this embaressment of a premier.

      As for the NDP, I still have great concerns over what their direction will be,in particular with regards to fracking after reading Horgans words on how safe it is… eek. We need sustainable, cautious resource management in this province after what the Liberals have done, without due care or regard. And I will certainly be holding the NDP to the wall like I have the liberals and more recently the fed cons,I’ve taken Dix and others to task many times here since he became leader.


      • Liberal party has no reason to do anything for the province any more. We have the “Faint hope” clause in law so those that have life, have a reason to behave. The Liberals know they have no hope so they have no reason to do anything that doesn’t benefit themselves and their friends

        Every time we cycle through the parties, after a short while we forget the sins of the former one. Liberals got in due to a resounding cry out against the NDP and now the we come full circle. Different name, same crooks, JMO


        • And a good one!! One party in term for two long, no matter the leaning, with the same leader, same people, is never a good thing.


        • “…The Liberals know they have no hope so they have no reason to do anything that doesn’t benefit themselves and their friends…”

          James, with a comment like that you must be a BC Liberal. Trying to defend nearly 12 years of misdeeds is a total cop out. The Liberals have been benefiting themselves and friends ever since they were first elected. They have proven time and again that they have neither morals or ethics, and John Q Public has not benefited one iota from their administration.


  6. BC has been robbed of everything of value by, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Nor do I forget Harper’s part in the destruction of BC. The BC Conservatives approve of the Enbridge pipeline. I most certainly will support Dix. I actually feel sorry for the party that has to take over this province’s mess. Christy and her Liberals, have only added to the strife of the BC family’s first. Hydro up in cost, heat too, gasoline, food costs through the roof, increase of insurance. She has left the BC people, to still struggle with the HST scam. Far too many BC family’s are left without enough money to live on. People who never thought they would have to depend on the Food Banks, now find they have to.

    What Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have done to the BC citizens, will cause us to be for more diligent, of the next party in BC. No matter which party it is


  7. The best thing the next party does is open the books and let the public see the mess that has been created since 2001. The debts, the special deals, the payoffs/outs of “friends”. The sells offs/sign offs. The contracts.


  8. It will be a difficult for the next government. They will be busy cleaning up the mess and possibily holding corruption investigations into the lieberal actions of the past 11 yrs. For any party to come in after the lieberals & have to deal with all the problems in B.C. Hydro, health care, community living, 3P partnerships, B.C. rail, is going to take time & money. Money will be in very short supply because the lieberals have given away the “family inheritance” & mortgaged the rest to the hilt. There will be no money left in the bank accounts & nothing to make money with.

    One of the few assets, being the liquor branch. I can’t figure out why a government, which is out of money would sell the last thing which is making money. It makes almost a billion a yr. To sell that & the land for $30 pieces of silver just doesn’t make sense. Well, of course unless someone is paying some one back or being paid.

    Every time we need a hospital there has to be a “business plan”. I can’t figure out why. Health care is not a business. It is a service provided to the citizens, by the government, in exchange for taxes & health care premiums. Yes, it ought to be run in a business like manner but it is not a profit making entity. so if all these hospitals need to spend two or more yrs on “their business plan”, where is the government’s “business” plan for selling off the liquor board.

    Good government isn’t about just today & tomorrow. It is about where the province is going in 20 to 100 yrs from now. If the sale of the liquor distribution & land is for $30 million & it makes almost a billion a yr. in profits, why mess with that? The land alone will be worth more than $30M in a few more yrs.


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