Worthy of it’s own post : “The BC Lyberals: A New Error for B.C.”

Ivana C. Justice, a long time reader, occasional commenter, devout British Columbian, left her own 10 point version of a more realistic BC Liberals Platform, in the comments below the post below –  definitely worthy of its own post! Thank you Ivana !!

“The B.C. Lyberals: A New Error For B.C.”

1. University priority placement given to foreign students – high tuition fees. Teachers without a contract for over a year, cuts to special ed programs, sports and the arts.
2. Patients treated by Dr. Timbit
3. Public/Pirate partnerships and corporate greed, aided and abetted by a complicit government absent of environmental, fiscal and social responsibility. Patrick Kinsella.
4. Gang wars. Ultimate fighting. Missing women. Casinos.

5. Highest child poverty rate in Canada. Absolute failure to protect aboriginal children in foster care.
6. Fish farms. Photo-ops. Muzzled scientists.
7. Logging Cortez Island, IPP’s, mill closures, pine beetles, exporting raw logs.
8. Highest government salaries. Highest cost of living. David Hann. Gwyn Morgan.

9. FOI process that’s a sick joke. No meaningful public consultation. Rich Coleman. Kevin Falcon. Special Prosecutors.
10. BC Rail. BCIMC. TransLink. BC Ferries. BC Hydro. BC Place. Canada Line. Sea-to-Sky Highway. Convention Centre…and on and on and on……

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