Canada, we stand on guard for thee…

Tonight, I have two special items for you, at least special to me because of where they came from, and why.

They both concern Canada. Our country – for some like myself, a birthright, for others a choice to find a better life. There was a time, not that long ago, that I outright admit I took our liberties and freedoms here in this great, amazing land for granted. And why not? This is Canada, after all, where as Pierre Burton once said, you know you are one when you can make love in a canoe…without tipping. Beavers chomping, moose munching and kids playing hockey on frozen ponds… the clichés abound when it comes to Canadians and our country.

I love them all, I really do. But to me, what really makes us Canadian is our endless strength and our convictions. Right now, both are being tested, and sadly, by our own government – a government who many say, and I agree, is selling our country out, putting it at grave risk and forgetting the wonderful people who made this country what it is.

 Our arts are being killed, our scientists muzzled and silenced, our environment mismanaged or sold to foreign interests, our personal rights and freedoms are being eroded every day. Our government seems to have forgotten what country this is, and I think I have become a nationalist(eek) – someone who advocates political independence for our country. I love, and will defend my country, and will do so using my pen and paper… or computer as modern times dictate. 

 We aren’t politically independent in Canada, nor are we in B.C. When you have corporate friends who have great influence over political leaders, when you have foreign governments who are paying for educational supplements here, actively lobbying and shaping policy and impacting government affairs,when you have a prime minister who openly tells his country he will overrule due process to make something wrong, right…. I am telling you we do not have political independence.

The wonderful thing is, there are thousands of others just like me, and we are finding each other, and talking and informing everyone we can.

 One person at a time if need be,and you know something special is happening when a reader,( whom I also consider a new friend), stops on her road trip across Canada to send you a photo, from the Gordie Howe campground in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan because she knows exactly what I will think of it. ( doesn’t get more Canadian than driving across the country in a camper..)

Here is her email from today:

 “Hi Laila,

I just thought I would send these not so great photos to you… the one with Harper quoted re: Dief! What a total joke for Harper to even be quoted for one thing and to call himself a Tory! I grew up thinking the Conservatives knew what they were about due to Diefenbaker but those days are long past and only a few good old boys are trying to call Harper into line…

Anyway…how one man can change a nation so quickly…for the worse!

Keep writing…my husband and I are doing our first trip in a small camper across Canada …and reminiscing about Canada along the way…and hope to be in Ottawa for July 1st and I will be wearing my anti Enbridge T-shirt with my save our salmon hoodie! ”

Best, Barb

Well, the photos were all great, and here is one photo that I think speaks volumes!!The irony is clear and I am sure old Dief would be turning in his grave if he saw this.

 Clearly Harper didn’t learn a hell of a lot from Diefenbaker, now did he? That’s all I am going to say about that. ( I will be featuring more photos from Barb and her hubby’s trip across Canada, since I asked her to continue to send photos to me of things that really stood out for her along the way,things she felt were really Canadian)

The second special item for you comes from Priscilla Judd, whom I met while covering the No Prison for Lumby story. Her heart is good and spirit strong and talent…immense.

Priscilla writes:

 “Life is very much better in Lumby without the fight over a prison but this Federal Government (supported by BC Liberals)  is tearing apart our country – fast. I’ve been busy working lately and writing songs. Anyway, my husband made a video to help me share one of them.I’m sending you my song URL in hopes that first: you like it and second, I’m hoping you will share it.

It’s easy to sing… I have performed it at two protests and it seems to unite people. I hope it goes around in your head and you can remember it if you feel like giving up – I know I do – times are bleak… So let me know how the song works for you – many thanks

in peace


I opened the link, listened to the song and cried. Yes, it really struck me, the beauty, the truth of that song, and if I had my way this would be our new anthem because it speak to all we hold strong , true and free in Canada.  Yes Priscilla, this works for me just fine!!

 Listen. Reflect. Enjoy. Will you stand beside me, and stand up for British Columbia, for Canada when they need us most? To remain, the true north, strong and FREE.

“O Canada we’ve all agreed to
stand for the true north strong and free
with glowing hearts from sea to sea
we stand on guard for thee

O Canada on Native land
we wash the oil from tar and sand
from pipe to power this darkest hour
from sea to shining sea

But who stands watch for the earth below?
stands for the ice and the melting snow?
who for the land to call our home?
Oh Canada I don’t know

O Canada with fossil soil
we frack the gas and mine the coal
for carbon power this darkest hour
from sea to shining sea

but Who looks out for the prairie sky?
stands for the air so none of us die?
who for wind and the birds that fly?
where the planet goes there go I

O Canada from forest green
we ship the logs and cut the trees
and there for the river that meets the sea
with mud and logging debris

O Canada O Canada
who stands watch from sea to sea?
who for a lost democracy?
who for the true north strong and free?

if not you then let it be me”

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  1. Looking back at Diefenbaker’s “accomplishments: I can not say I am a fan of his but he at least acted from a perspective of honour. A picture with Harper in it and Diefenbaker in the background is insulting to Diefenbaker. Harper can pass as many laws as he likes – he will never be able to pass a ;law that will engender respect from the people

  2. We are on the same page Glenn. Completely. I can disagree with someone but respect where they come from, or their convictions if they are true of heart… Harper, not so much.

  3. Oh Gawd! Priscilla’s video penetrates my limited soul. Why do other Canadians not recognize and appreciate what is happening to their country. My father was a WWII war hero and a recipient of the British Empire Medal (BEM). As a Canadian in the British Merchant Navy he tried to save Russian refugees from Achangel. Was this all in vain?

    • Not if you keep on sharing and informing, and from what I have seen your soul is very deep. Clearly you are a person who cares immensely. Thank you.

  4. Thank You so much… I too cried as I sang it and again when Gord made the video – so many pictures by so many people who braved the storm to capture a moment in Canada. To every person who made the visuals – thank you.

    I posted a source page here: and the words are on my blog:

    In the few days that the video’s been on the Internet, I’ve heard several people say they plan on singing it at their Canada Day event. It’s my hope that everyone could sing it on Canada Day. If singing brings us the Canada we know and love, that’s the best thing ever.

  5. You sure have your head on straight and your heart in the right place.. your friend Priscilla too. That’s one charming song.. and an eloquent video too.. The Dief painting is likely in storage .. .. in the end, it was just a prop for a posing & posturing PM that has no idea what a prairie or a plough is.. or what a wheat-field or granary is either. Or a farmer….

    What keeps coming at so many of us is that un-Canadian behavior from Toronto boy Harper on down through the ranks. Downtown Joe Oliver ranting hysterically from Bay Street at radical & foreign funded Haida elders and shrill chic barking from the sidelines a la university educated folk such as ethical cheerleader Kathryn Marshall. The incredible reversing waterfall John Baird pronouncing on Great Bear Rainforest then recanting (WoW !). Kenney’s startling RXVP regarding dinner invites/declines for complete n utter conservative A-wholes… Done like dinner blusterbus Dean Del Mastro, left to twist and shout on the Elections Canada BBQ and churlish thugs such as Clement of gazebo fame, Peter Mackay who has no idea what walking dead or the truth means, and maritimer Keith Ashfield who can’t stand live fish apparently.

    The list goes on.. poisonous Poiliviere, the slick and snipy lad and wanna-be PM, Peter Kent (OK, the less said the better re this frightful, scary sellout carp that aliens abducted) Toews (my lips n fingertips r sealed) and finally, the fabulous Fantino.. Senate bound by fast flying F-35, no doubt.. where he and the hoary scotsman Doug Finley can discuss haggis, conspiracies, pasta, and buried bodies and blackmail till the cows come home

    Keep up the brilliant and incisive work in the western regions of Canada.. keep promoting Canadian conversation and community. 17 million conversations means 34 million Canadians are talking.. Harper has what … about a thousand or so louts under his thumb ? Their best before date has long expired … They’re clearly shallow windbags & not to be trusted so let’s just start taking them down.. one at a time or en masse. I want to see a note from their mommy that its OK for them to be out in public … and that they’ve had their rabies shot.. when they froth at the mouth about the economy I feel very concerned.. When they start mutilating Canadian Law, trashing our Environment, insulting our elders.. and hiring American service bureaus to help shape, suppress or groom our votes I get way far beyond concerned.. I get ACTIVE …

    • Beautiful and fiery words Diamond, thank you for your kindness. I like the way you think. This song does amazing things for me too.

  6. EXCELLENT post, pic, video and song, Laila – Thanks so much! How very fitting with Canada Day just ’round the corner.

    If harper had been in power back when my partner and I began the immigration process, I can sincerely say we would not have pursued it. He has done so much damage in such a short period of time it is deplorable.

    It continues to amaze me that the Canadian electorate supports his destructive policies by casting their ballots in his party’s favour . . . .

    • Thank my fantastic readers! I was so impressed for Barb to send those pics and she sent a few more as well for a future post. I think I will do an update on her trip once a week, maybe a great Friday feature to end the week.

      Sure am glad you and your partner did come before he started his Harpercrap!! I dont know why Canadians have trusted him this long… and will be doing everything I can to make sure I do my part to ensure he doesnt make it again…

  7. What a beautiful song. What a beautiful voice.

    Harper hates everything Canadian, including the people. Even another Commonwealth country’s media said, how badly Harper is eroding Democracy in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken away from us.

    Distrust of Harper is huge. William Corbett of Elections Canada has suddenly resigned. Harper installed one of his good old boys, Yves Corte in his place. Harper has been desperately trying to quash the robo-call cheat election fraud investigation. What does this tell Canadians?

    Harper has appointed two new Conservative judges. The Etioboke Center election was declared null and void. What are the odds, one of Harper’s new judges will hear Moritz’ appeal? Harper is also trying to prevent, investigations in the disputed riding results.

    How can any sane, decent person with morals and ethics support Harper? Harper has no morals or ethics, what-so-ever.

  8. Beautiful song, one that truly represents the Canada will and want. Now if we could only get the politicians to remember that they are from Canada and not China….

  9. Lovely song and video, Priscilla. Thank you so much! My wish for Canada Day is that all Canadians stand up for democracy and denounce the hateful Harper government. With each law passed, with each illegal and immoral thing they do (much too numerous to list here), I feel as though I’ve received a huge punch in my mid-section, or at least a slap in my face.

    I was never a huge fan of Diefenbaker. The Avro Arrow debacle was one of his worst decisions, IMO, but anything stupid he did pales in comparison to what Harper has done, and is continuing to do to our beautiful country. And what Christy Clark, Rich Coleman et al are doing to B.C., well……..don’t get me started!

  10. Love the song! Great job Priscilla! I especially like Canadianbud’s comment that our politicians need to remember they are from Canada and not China!

  11. Thank you Laila and everyone for your great comments and support. You have sent this song on it’s way – given it a life of it’s own… There are several events now, where people will be se singing to Mr.Harper (and Ms Clark) Bernadette’s occupy the freeway and now Saskatchewan, PEI and Ontario…. people are really upset – Canada Day will be something else this year: HarperDay? Yikes

  12. Wow~!! That’s just fantastic Priscilla! I did see it circulate quickly and the number of views on the Youtube upload is significantly more than where it was, so that makes me so happy. I will be singing it too this year, in a special location, and hopefully have an audio file for you too. Sorry to take so long to reply, it has been a crazy busy day and I only have a few moments before I am on the go again, but had to check and see whats been going on here.

    This is an amazing thing, that this song is being sung across Canada!! I would very much like to see photos of the people singing your song, or even videos if possible, with signs showing where it was done.

    No, not Harperday. Canada day. This is an amazing country, with even more amazing people and I am really honoured to have so many great readers across the country, even more who have become friends.

    Talk soon Priscilla!!

  13. Hi again,
    I have asked Gord to find, start or make a website where we can put up videos and photos of the events. We are holding one in Cherryville on Saturday 1:30 @ Franks General Store. Protesting pesticide application (by helicopter) in the Shuswap headwaters. The spray is to benefit the logging Corporations and what they do after that, destroys the land as well as water. The logging site in the song video is an example of what happens when steep slopes are clearcut to the mountain top. Trees hold water so when it rains (and this is a temperate rainforest here) if there are no trees to hold the water, it floods and takes the ground with it. It’s flooding in the Shuswap as I write this. Much sorrow for people losing their home and property. So we will be singing OCanada again on Saturday. For in-depth information on the pesticide spraying: check out

    Thanks again Laila

    • Hi Laila, I couldn’t wait to tell you the news from our great day of protest: We arrived in Cherryville for one hour of sun with signs and rain gear, a mike and portable amp. We cheered for the forest and listened as Don Elzer spoke about newly discovered lichen species in BC’s only inland rainforest. Our Monashee mountains where the endangered Caribou have been abandoned to the extinct category opening the way to clear cut logging, heli-skiing and recent pesticide contracts… I sang my song after Huguette and Carla from Bee Safe Monashees and the Waterstewards, did a great mike check “we take back our forest” echo “take back our forest”. It was great – we formed a long line down the highway and people tooted support until the rain came down full force.

      Tonight, Gord was putting together a video of the protest when we heard the news. Pesticide application has been canceled! Yes it’s true, the Government listened. Thank you, Laila for posting the link to Don’s great research on the newly discovered lichen, the pros and cons of spraying and now the news – it’s over. and thank you Premier Clark for listening “we are the people who live with the trees and the water that travels downstream”.

      • How exciting Priscilla!!! I sang your song loud in the forests north, alone with family and the wood spirits… this is great news!!! We must not take the rarities we are gifted and this is one of them. I am proud to have such wonderful and talented friends…. and so happy to live in BC!

        • Yes the ancient forests have wood spirits and I just learned that ours in only the edge of the Inland rainforest that extends up to the trees where you sang. Imagine spraying 20,000 litres of BT around an ancient forest like that. And today I learned that BT is not safe for people to consume. It can kill people so I’m posting the link because we need to stop this GMO practice of putting it in our food. Here’s the link. BEWARE don’t eat GMO corn or any other BT roundup resistant product.

  14. I’ve read alot of Mr. Deak’s writings/comments. I wanted to pass this one on:

    All disasters, colonizations, ethnic cleansing, the mass murder of millions etc. in history have always been licenced by priesthoods and prophets, who claimed that God gave them contradictory orders to enslave, destroy and kill the “infidel”.

    There’s no point in attacking politicians when all they do is listen for permission to commit their crimes, licenced by the priesthood of so called “economists”, passing on the orders of the Almighty Money God who hath no physical presence, but giveth His orders in computer figures.

    That imaginary, non existing money, used by the biggest criminal sector in human history to licence and commit the worst crimes against humanity and the environment,is “created” from the air for the purpose and as long people permit their “creators” to use it as weapon of colonization and enslavement, there’s no hope.

    Now come the good “conservatives” with their usual, brainwash cry “We must have money etc.”

    Yes, we must have money for legitimate trade and use, but under strict public control and not the present fraudulent system “created” by and under the control of an international, criminal sector to enslave and destroy.

    As far the cartoon at the top is concerned, Mr.Harper may not be Chinese, but the leaderships of capitalism and communism are the same slave driver crooks. As shown in their ass kissing love affair in China, planning and ready to conquer the world.

    If humanity is stupid enough to let them do it????????????

    Ed Deak.

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  16. When the U.S. sent the oil supertanker Manhattan through the Northwest Passage in 1969, environmentalists and others were outraged by the implications. Canada responded by bringing in the Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act, in which Canada asserted the right to control navigation in waters extending 161 kilometres offshore. The government was clearly alarmed by the prospect of an environmental disaster should a tanker spill its contents in the sensitive area.