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Dan Murphy rocked it out again, this time, on Enbridge – until the video was removed, that is.

Who doesn’t love Dan Murphy’s animations and cartoons? What’s that, you say? No one? Right on, everyone does. That’s why we were all applauding the latest animation that targeted the sickly sweet, feel good, bitumen pipelines are good for families animation Dan cooked up. That is,  we were applauding and cheering until the video link was removed from The Province and the video was removed from Youtube.

I don’t know why the video was removed, but I intend to leave this black screen up as a tombstone where the epitaph reads “Here lies freedom of speech, freedom of expression and democracy.” Enbridge is a big,corporate bully, and so is our government.

This is what you would have seen, had the video not been removed.


    • No Maggie, but thank you for trying. The page with this video, which was todays, is now not found… cant find a cached version either? Pulled perhaps, I dont know.

  1. I’ve looked around and can’t find any other copies or caches other than on Youtube
    so they must be pulling it off…

    Love the job Dan did on the “slick” new Enbridge vid.. wonder if there’s someway to make it so anytime Enbridge tries to use their new vid, Dan’s would replace it?

  2. Well I’m leaving this black screen up because it’s a commentary on how things work in this bloody country all on it’s own. There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of expression, and Enbridge is a bloody big corporate bully.

  3. Wimpy govt have their knickers in a knot. shame on facebook. You can see John Bolenbaugh’s videos re Enbridge’s coverup on facebook on Anthony Marr’s site. He asks what is worst, to commit a crime or to cover it up or do both?

  4. On the article you posted up, “Dan Murphy rocked it out..” now looks like they have put a “picture” up instead (appeasement to the masses??) or for “Friday” without explaining what happened to the video.
    One can only surmise that the Corporate Boys were whining like crazy when they saw themselves depicted so “honestly” and complained and cajoled the ones who allowed this horrific travesty of honesty (lol) to happen to them, to take down the video.

    Dan’s got another good one up though, Too bad it’s just a Picture.
    Still conveys the same message in my opinion though, good job Dan.

  5. enjoyed that one , enbridge has its website set up so you can only join as a supporter or cheerleader they dont allow questions just seem to add pro comments its a joke.

  6. That’s not surprising-they signed me up as a subscriber a couple of years ago when I first started writing about Enbridge and I get all their press releases, like the very interesting speech given to the Toronto Board of Trade by Enbridge prez, Al Monaco… in which he mentions not once, but a couple of times, that Northern Gateway is in Canada’s national interest, will protect national interest in these economic times… but fails to mention the vast resources that are being sold, or have been sold to Chinese state connected companies and other foreign interests.

  7. Dan Murphy Rocks! I am just sick of Enbridge ads on tv, they kind of remind of those flaky tampon commercials that are supposed to make you feel so good about feminine hygiene products. A big boo to The Province for removing this, especially when I seem to recall seeing Enbridge ads in a paper edition.

  8. I was on the fence about the pipelines because of the staggering debt this province has accumulated, but censoring this video has put me in the “no” column. Too bad Enbridge, but bullying does not work for most of us.

  9. I saw this on FB a few days ago. There is no way that it will be completely erased from the internet…. Keep sharing!