Sara MacIntyre chewed through her job faster than she expected‏

Courtesy of Ivana C. Justice….

“No doubt along with Chris not-on-our-side Olson’s severance, Sara will probably get some settlin’ in cash from her g-droppin’ boss.

 I guess thrivin’ Christy needs some PR ‘folks’ who are more experienced at truthiness and paper shreddin’ and avoidin’ the press and stuff.”

Christy Clark hires Gordon Campbell’s former press secretary

( Or… maybe Christy figured out Pit Bulls are on the dangerous breeds list… or discovered gum trees in Brazil are endangered… or … fill in the blank)

 Check out  this link for some history of where Chomp Chomp came from…

16 thoughts on “Sara MacIntyre chewed through her job faster than she expected‏

  1. One should feel a bit sorry for anyone foolish enough to take the Christy Clark PR job on. One of the key requirements in any marketing is one must have marketable product.


    1. Yes,I agree.. Christy is right up there with GMO vegetables,hormone injected beef products,preservatives and bacon fat… not easy to market any of them, including Christy.


    1. That is so true, poor Pit Bull owners, I love it,
      we got so many in BC, we need a special kennel area 4 these crazy owners :))


  2. So now we get a retired member of Campbell’s government getting a sweet government salary while he collects his pension. How is it that governments have all kinds of money for hiring PR people to spin their lies and cover up their gaffs, yet there’s never any money for the real programs that people need.
    Is Director of Communications sort of like the bafflegab that tried to convince the public that canceling bonuses and then giving raises instead wasn’t a lie.
    Oh, and whatever happened to Christie’s good friend Pamela?
    I have a feeling that Campbell is still pulling the strings from London. After all, its all the good old boys at the helm of the BC government. What a terrible situation.
    We can’t have an election soon enough.


  3. Well Pammy & Sara can apply for jobs on the next go round of the real vancouver housewives. I think it might work.

    Of course they brought Morton back. They are desperate. Can he save them? I doubt it. His job will be to handle the media but he won’t be there to set government policy & run the cabinet. The lieberals have done all the damage they can do & there is nothing which can repair it. The truth about most things are out there. What Morton was good at was actually keeping Campbell out of view. We would go weeks without seeing or hearing about him on the news. it was a good strategy. Ms. phot op thinks the more she smilies the more people will like her but people already know the truth about her. Nothing is going to change for CC. What Morton maybe able to do is prevent the ship from hitting bottom so there will be something to resurrect once the next political party forms government. I think that is really why he is there.

    This is not Alberta where the ruling party was able to make a last second come back. Redford was able to be re-elected because the other party had some loud mouths which truly frightened the population. Of course the lieberals maybe hoping Morton can change things so people will become as frightened as Albertans became.


    1. OMG… that is too funny!! That show is pure trash( I shake my head when I see updates on the front page of the online edition of the Province) however, Pammy and Christy would likely give it an interesting twist. Fashion, cosmetics, botox…
      No on can save this party, because its way deeper than Christy. Shes really an embaressment, but dont ever forget all those behind her still sitting quietly hoping shes going to go away so they can continue their corrupt relationships with all the corporate leeches who’ve been sucking the public teat since Christy was in the Leg the first time around. No, it’s not just Christy that needs to go, it’s everyone else too.


  4. Yes the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals all have to go. They are contagious, if one BC Liberal is left, their terrible disease will rear it’s head again.

    Instead of striking out on her own. Christy stuck to Campbell’s corruption road. Nor do we forget, Christy works for Harper as Campbell did.


  5. Yes I think we got that, just wishful thinking…lol.. The way Christy operates these days, one would think there is a money tree outside her office.


  6. “one would think there is a money tree outside her office.”
    There’s three or four million of ’em, they’re called abused taxpayers, or to paraphrase Stompin’ Tom, The Taxpayers they call us, cause all we do is give.
    We give and give and give some more,
    So Pammy, Pattie, Sara and Christy and all the other whores can live (real good that is)

    *my apology to actual workers in the sex trade, who actually provide a product that satisfies their customers. I didn’t mean to smear hard working hookers by comparing them to slime like the BC liaRs and their cronies. Please forgive me………………………………


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