United States Of Can-ah-duhhhh, celebratin’ July 4th with pride!


OTTAWA – As Canadians across the country mark Canada Day with pride, the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C., is doing nothing to mark our country’s 145th birthday.  And yet, on July 4, guests have been invited to our embassy to enjoy a fireworks display in honour of the founding of the United States of America.

“I was astounded when I came across this information,” said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands. 

“While the Harper Conservatives support a bill to protect the right to fly our flag, they are systematically ruining our reputation internationally.  And why are they spending $28 million to celebrate the fact that the British Empire, the Iroquois Confederacy, and other First Nations won the War of 1812, making Canada possible, when the Prime Minister seems to think we lost?” said May.  “I hope Canadians take note of this on July 1 and are more determined than ever to protect Canada — our traditions, our values and our natural environment from Stephen Harper’s radical agenda.”

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  1. I don’t understand Laila and Elizabeth’s concern. of course it is appropriate that as the 51st state or more correctly a protectorate of the US we should celebrate the independence of our overlords.
    The War of 1812 did not end many years ago as most history books say it did with a Canadian victory but we can say it is ending now with the continued gifting of Canada to the US by Harper (yes he did have the way shown for him by Mulroney )


    1. A Sad Sad Canada Day weekend indeed,
      who would have thought this day would come?
      Mr. Panda Harper is seriously ill or just plain Evil, I rather go for the latter, as not 2 many patients have that much hate in them for their own Country, he sounds just like Bush & Romney, what on earth happened?

      Is it Canada Oil Day? Canada Panda Day?
      Where am I?
      Lost in my Country


  2. Harper hates everything Canadian, including the people. Harper is working very hard, to kill our Canadian Democracy, our Civil Rights and Liberties, and our Human Rights.

    Harper has no ethics or morals, what-so-ever. He is found guilty in the, torture of the Detainee’s question. He was complicit, he participated willingly. He withheld evidence, refusing to turn the evidence over. Hopefully, they can now summons Harper for, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. Dictators all have the same type personalities. All of them are obsessed with control. The media is the absolute first thing dictators must control. They then grab control of everything they get their hands on. None of them minded, cheating to win.


  3. ““While the Harper Conservatives support a bill to protect the right to fly our flag”

    You do mean the one with a maple leaf, the state flag of the largest and 51st state?

    Only an arrogant sociopath like Harper would want to celebrate the start of a war. What’s next, the ten year anniversary of “Shock and Awe” over Baghdad, that the Spiteful One is still peeved about not getting to be a part of? War’s shouldn’t be celebrated at all, other than their end like V-Europe or V-J day, Armistice Day or even D-Day as it was the beginning of the end of WWII.

    If we want to celebrate the war of 1812, it should be in 1814, the year they fought the famous “Battle of New Orleans,” because neither the Brits nor Old Hickory realized the war was already over.

    I didn’t realize Spiteful Stevie thought we lost that war, but if Lizzie May says it, I believe her, as she is that rare species, a politician who speaks the truth. You wouldn’t believe how the War of 1812 is taught to American students, it was all about those nasty Brits and their impressment of American sailors. We weren’t taught much about the motive of grabbing more land in what was thny the “northwest,” and getting more pesky Injuns out the way of American Empire (kind of like Benny Nutty-Yahoo’s ongoing “settlements” on Palestinian land. I never really heard about the burning of the former White House in DeeCee, until coming to Canada where most Canadians take great pride in accomplishment. If the Brits hadn’t been so busy on the other side of the pond with Napolean, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota and that hellhole presided over by the Koch brothers pet Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin might be part of Canada today.


  4. I no longer have enthusiasm for Canada Day. This country is no longer Canada. My pride of being a Canadian at this day and time, is gone. I am not even going down to watch the parade this year.

    I refuse to comply with Harper’s evil treachery to the people and this country.. Harper has no honor, morals nor ethics. I refuse to believe Harper won his so called majority, on the up and up. I am firmly convinced, Harper used the robo-call cheat election fraud to win. Over 2/3 and counting Canadians, also believe the same. Harper is desperate to quash, the robo-call cheat election fraud investigation. He is also trying to stop, the disputes of ridings in question. I am convinced Harper used, dirty tactics, dirty politics, lies, deceit, corruption and cheated to win. I see Harper as the most evil, revolting excuse of a P.M. in this Nations history.

    I loathe Harper for taking away, my pride of country. I had six members of my family, that served in WW11. Our young Canadian boys were proud to fight for their country. They blown to bits so we wouldn’t have evil, such as Harper leading our country. Quite frankly, Harper is not worth their dying for. Ask our WW11 Veterans, what they think of Harper? Would they ever fight for Harper? Absolutely not, he isn’t worth it.


  5. Someone just suggested to me that Harper might think we lost the War of 1812, because in his mind if the US had won, and annexed what is now Canada, Harper could have been born an American, cuz he hates Canada and Canadians (you know a third rate Europeeing Social Welfare loser and all). Since he can’t be an American, he has to settle for changing Canada into a facsimile of the failing nation to our south. As an immigrant from the American Empire, who has live here twice as long now as I lived there, I REALLY, REALLY hate seeing the Canada I love changing into a copy of all the crap I came here to get away from.

    At least Herr Harper was honest about the fact we wouldn’t recognize Canada when he got done with it!


  6. This reminds me of reading. Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept 25/2007.

    Harper fully encourages Canadians to shop in the U.S. This is adding up to, billions lost in revenue for Canada.

    I did think the U.S. was angry at Harper, over Communist China’s infected electronic components. Harper redistributed China’s infected electronics. The U.S. missiles and other weapons, had infected components from Communist China in them. China has also, hacked into other country’s secret files. The U.S. is also in a stand-off with China, in the Philippines.


  7. I think we can celebrate Canada Day & be proud of our achievements. The fact Harper doesn’t want to celebrate it at our embassy in Washington, well he is a confused man, o.k. the guy is a sicko. Won’t celebrate Canada Day but will celebrate 4 July. Maybe he will be celebrating China’s anniversary also.

    The Conservatives have never liked Canada. Just rember Mulroney. it is a sad day for Canadians when they elected stevie slime & his slimers. Try to remember this the next time you vote.

    I am going to remember all the good Canada & its citizens have done & forget about stevie slime for a day.


  8. Gonna follow e.a.f.’s idea and just celebrate the Canada I knew and loved, and still love. Not gonna let a sick, slick, d*ck like harper ruin it for me.

    Have a great Canada Day everyone! Enjoy what you can while you can, and make sure you smile at someone and say something nice.


  9. Hmmmm…we all know that Harper is not really for Canadians, he is for corporations and wealthy investors that exploit Canada. Supporting US Corps for monetary gain and control of Canada is what Harper is for. Nothing new here. Supporting conservatives in the past has brought us to this ultra-right government on steroids of today. E May should know, as voting for Mulroney as one of the greenest prime ministers ever and working for him for seven years show. As an American born Canadian citizen her outrage is puzzling to me.


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