Cariboo poetry

Writing is everything to me, in all forms, in many presentations. I love words, they way they communicate feelings, emotions and stories. I love the way they feel when you read them out loud, patterns in prose, impact in truth.

While most of you know the investigative side of my work, along with cutting commentary few of you might know I am a poet as well, my work having been featured in several books over the years.  As you might have guessed, I am taking some downtime with the onset of summer, and thought you might like to see what comes creatively when I reconnect with the forests,lakes and backwoods of this beautiful land I was so lucky to have been born and raised in.

I hope you enjoy.


forest muse
bare toes sunk in forest moss

tip of tongue flicks to taste

sudden moisture

on sunburnt lips

tender drops tease scorched cheeks

dripped from birthright birch

I raise my hands to the dark summer sky

violetgreyblack …







Coyote Kill

1:44 am

eyes instant wide

howls of triumph

fading shrieks

coyote kill

death by symphony.





Spirit Bear

Ancient forest

modern woman

forest ferns

waterfall beckons

inner sprite

i find myself …

under clothes

left on rocks


beside the watching bear.

copyright Laila Yuile 2012

10 thoughts on “Cariboo poetry

  1. Ok, so I am a manly man and I love your poems.Really visual and not so hard to imagine myself in the bush with this. Thanks for sharing Laila


    1. Having some bugs with the site, on a recent changeover to how things operate behind the scenes Gary. And a bit more I will be posting at some point.


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