Christy Clark is a poser…in a no-win situation.


noun /ˈpōzər/  posers, plural

  • A person who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others
  •  a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not
  • (Posers) People that try to pretend to be someone or part of some media ideal in order to fit in
  • is “someone who tries to fit into a profile they aren’t”. People who “TRY” to give off the impression that they are one thing when they are “REALLY” another.The Poser will exaggerate their skill level and boast to gain acceptance and access to the desired social/political groups

I’ll admit, there was a time I actually felt sorry for Christy Clark. There is no denying that women do face challenges in politics that men don’t, and I often wondered how long it would take her to find her sea legs in her place as premier.

I don’t waste any time wondering now, because her continual manipulation of persona’s, press opportunities and political posturing has shown me clearly what her true position is.

Christy Clark is a poser. It’s so bloody clear that it’s ironic no one has used the term when referring to her yet, and so fitting. Someone called her dumb? Oh, let’s get some glasses! Someone remarked on her breasts? Get a scarf! Wait, my flock of Libs are becoming Conservative? Quick, have a Timmy’s with Harper with my finger in my cheek dimple looking cute while he laughs!

And that’s why Clark and the remaining Liberals are in a no win situation with this “new” official ‘crude oil pipeline position’.

After waffling for her entire term as premier thus far; after making gratuitous appearances with Grand Poobah Harper and other fed con’s that fall short of her physically bending over and kissing his pasty white ass; and recently sneaking around in Alberta where she has become the butt of scorn and jokes from all Albertans – including their Premier – it doesn’t matter what Terry Lake says today.

It really doesn’t.

Even saying an outright and resounding “No!” to Enbridge and the Northern Gateway project can’t save them. And they have not done that. They outlined many things the company would have to do anyways. They just raised their price to sell off B.C.’s coastline, and no amount of money can compensate for the horrendous record Enbridge has with maintenance, spills and cleanup.

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have officially become the most embarrassing political party in history -besides the Harper-cons – both of whom have few moves left in their endgame.

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    • Hi Koot, I did just get Robins post, but it wouldnt open, so I havent read it yet – I will head over to your house to read! Are you well, and safe, with everything that has been going on with the weather and rain?

  1. It is appalling the way our Premier’s have taken to sulking around, avoiding the press and the public, secret backroom meetings complete with farcical sidedoor entrances and decoys. They behave alot like criminals.

    Off to read kootcoot and Mathews…Welcome back!

    • Soooo celebrity.. and she is clearly not, which makes it quite funny.. and more than a little odd. Yet another sing of a poser – they will go to no ends to avoid being exposed for what they are!

      Glad to be back, but as you know, on an health dictated basis. Today is better than previous days.

    • Koot and Robin hit it out of tha ballpark on that one!! Glad to be back too Kim!!!

  2. You are so right Laila. Had Christy been offered a substantial sum, she wouldn’t have said a peep about the environment and forced the pipeline onto us anyway, objections or not. That’s all she is after, is more money….and to hell with the eco systems destruction, and to hell with the BC people. The HST is a damned good example, of Christy’s family’s first b.s. I haven’t had one penny trickle down to me, from big business because of the HST. In fact, big business has jacked up their prices even higher.

    Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have done enough serious damage to this province. They have thieved BC right down to the bare bones. I believe Christy’s sale of the LBC, is now a done deal? Is that the last of BC’s assets and resources, to be thieved and sold?

  3. Julie, they can still sell B.C. Ferries, ICBC, & B.C. Hydro. They have been selling off provincial lands here & there for future use by developers. Never underestimate the selling power of the lieberals. If its there, they can sell it or give it away.

    How true, she is a poser. I never thought of it in those terms but you are quite correct. She is now posing as someone who cares about B.C.’s environment. I would suggest she is just looking for a huge infusion of money so they can go into the election saying they don’t have the debts we do. She may also be doing this to ensure she & some of her fellow travellers can find jobs after they are thrown out of office.

    I did like Harvey O’s suggestion, that the lieberals are not performing their fiduciary duties to the province. That could be a very lovely court case.

    Glad you are back.

    • Harvey O is on the mark… have not caught up yet on his posts, but yet, knowing what is known, they are failing us.

      Glad to be back too e.a.f.

  4. Glad to see you’re feeling a bit better Laila, and you’re so bang on with the “poser” term. Should have Christy’s face next to the word in wikipedia.
    I thought I was done being surprised at the LIEberal’s antics, but lo and behold they just keep it coming like a bad nasal-drip.

    • ” Bad nasal drip “… lol.. love that!!! Feeling a bit better, I hear the first flare is the worst…. it can only get better from here Bud. Looking forward to remission!

  5. Yay, you’re back! Poser is such a good word for her and isn’t it funny how suddenly Terry Lake and mouldy Mary Polak are front and centre? Also getting a kick out of the Harpercons insisting Northern Gateway is a matter of national interest, while the Alberta government is insisting more money for BC isn’t on the table because nobody shares resource income with other provinces and it might create a constitutional headache to start now AND Enbridge is running hither and dither offering to spend more money if we just let them build their pipeline! Ha! They are all on the ropes and they know it!

    • Indeed I am back, as health allows, and my doc is right on board with keeping me as healthy as possible! You must have meant Martini Polak.. right?

      The Northern Gateway is of national interest… Harper long ago was procured by the Power Corporation…. see and so he must deliver! He must, at all costs, provide unfettered access to our resources … a la Nexen…see comments below…

      I have said it so many times I think I must have a header created for this. Harper has been bought and sold by the Chinese government, via state affiliated and controlled entitites involved in Power corporation…. read the above link… absorb it’s entirety…. and share… this is key to Enbridge. It will not happen without Chinese gov interest, which is sanctioned overseas, and has little to do with oil, bitumen or otherwise. It is, when you look at China’s current holdings, acquisitions and contracts on oil ( and LNG for that matter) nothing but strategic posturing against the US. Where else could a world superpower position itself against another superpower( U.S), than in its flank position of Canada… uninhibited by our own government, Harper.

  6. Hi Laila – a perfect term to describe our NOT Premier. Just when it looked like things were looking gloomier for the Northern Gateway, along comes the China Offshore Oil Comapny with a $15.1 Billion cash offer to buy Nexen Inc, one of the larger producers in the Oil Sands. The sale is subject to the “loose” controls of the Industry Minister and, of course, his highness Stephen Harper, chief sales manager of Canada Inc. If this sale is allowed to go through, China will double its ownerhsip & control of Oil production in Canada from 16% to 32% (and thats just China). If they pull that off, imagine the extra pressure to get the Northern Gateway approved and, of course, China’s main concern will be to keep BCs landscape and west coast pristine (toungue firmly in cheek). Everyone who cares about this Country needs to stand up now – write to Harper and Paradis and tell them we don’t want China buying any more of our resourses or resourse extraction companies.

    • On it Colin, as the legal counsel for creeps both my site and facebook profile… hmmm how could this group of ( Chinese affiliated) companies stand to gain from the Enbridge(bitumen) pipeline? …. geee all their $$$ have been sunk into getting the most money from those sands possible…. but why would their lawyer be so concerned with my writing….

  7. You guys area all delerious you should stop smoking BC Bud you will think a lot clearer.