” We pray God will give you judgement and the leadership you require…”

I sat down this morning to write a followup post on the mess in the leg,checked my Facebook and stumbled right onto the latest bunch of bafflegab from the premier… on 100 Huntley Street of all places!

Well giddyup folks and hold your hats, because I’m asking you to give up five minutes of your life to watch the best gosh darn performance I’ve ever seen.

Warning, the last two minutes of the poor me being a mom with a tough job routine will have you gagging, so please put your toast down before you hit play, but you will be rewarded with the last words the host leaves Christy with.. used as the headline above.

Personally, I pray she just shuts up for 24 hours.

Enjoy. I need to get another cup of coffee, get down to work, and come back for a followup post on the results of the Legislative Committee meeting later this morning!

Christy Clark on 100 Huntley Street ( my apologies, video embedding is experiencing technical difficulties this morning- this takes you to the Youtube video)

31 Comments on “” We pray God will give you judgement and the leadership you require…”

  1. Christie must be getting really desperate to get her message out. What a smarmy, plastic looking couple. I’m surprised they didnt offer (For a prayerful donation of course.)to send out the tape of the interview.

  2. Good Morning, Laila! Wow, I too need another cup of coffee after watching that bizarre performance. I feel like we are now entering the Twilight Zone.

  3. Ugh!
    More grandstanding for the Christian (Conservative Party) vote?
    Everytime this buffoon opens her mouth she confirms what an uninspired, shameless photo op fraud she truely is. Lord only knows how much she expensed for her hair, makeup and clothes for this 6 minutes to TV because an auditor doesnt………
    Which makes this 100 Huntley St television appearance reek of desperation.
    Canned questions fed to Christie for canned answers.
    The election cant come soon enough.
    2 years of an unelected ‘Premier” is a mockery of the Democratic process.
    And our choices are a Socialist NDP that will chase business away or a Ultra Right wing Conservative govt that will roll back the clock to the 1950’s…..

    Lord, save us from ourselves

    • Exactly! What the hell is a Province to do? Our political culturehas is missing accountability, honesty, integrity, ethics and common sense from all sides of the spectrum.

  4. What a waste of skin and air time. “Almost inexhaustable supply of natural gas”?? She has THAT alright. And “…the courage to do the right thing…”? That would be to turn in her resignation!

  5. Holy Shite! Literally! I paused and restarted this to count the number of times CC used “I think” and “you know” in her answers – 16 and 6, respectively. The thing is, she doesn’t think and we know it! She can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. As I once commented elsewhere, sociopath and vaccuous, and she excels at both.
    Maybe this little display of christianity is because she finally got her kid into the private school she wanted all along…?

  6. My gag reflex kicked in harshly this morning, don’t know whether to thank you or ask you NOT to do that again.. at least before we’ve had breakfast. lol
    My first thought as the video opened up was that 100 Huntley Street has not changed much, they still look at you through these weird kinda googly-eyes and their smiles still remind me of sharks and their words the chum in the water. Dunno why…

    With Christy’s response to the first question about the railroad, I was sure she’d be defending (or deflecting from BC Rail) her governments actions, but when Christy started drawing breath to answer the question that hadn’t yet been asked, well, I knew this was (obviously) scripted and we wouldn’t be hearing anything about BC Rail.

    I do support the use of Skype (or other software) that allows the stand-in bobble-head to video-talk with people across the country or world without having to dip into the taxpayer purse for entourage expenses and travel costs and gratuitous gifting.
    Or maybe she just did that after, off camera, so we wouldn’t see that. I would like to see the “cost” of this little “ad”.
    As an aside, I wouldn’t put it past her or the LIE-CONS to try buying off old JC, I see they’re working on the “religious” aspect to try and whip people into those fervor’s like the Crusades. Let’s hope God’s opened peoples eyes enough to show what a shyte world this would be if Christy “in the sky with diamonds” Clark and Imabadlad Harper get to run it like they want to. It wouldn’t be the garden of Eden, it would be a huge “grounds” with a few rich folk telling the population what to do… oh.. right, that’s what’s happening now!

  7. Priceless.
    What is it they say about “empty vessels make the most noise” – CC down to a “T” 🙂

  8. I haven’t watched the video yet, I’ve taken the advise of other readers & will wait until after breakfast/lunch. What is she doing on 100 Huntley st.? Perhaps praying for salvation but she won’t find it there. They like her, are just looking for money. I am sure they didn’t ask her how her “christain faith” helped her in ensuring B.C. children had the highest poverty rate in Canada for 8 consecutive yrs or how her “christian faith” allowed her to just let the C. L. staff give themselves large increases while removing services to the disabiled.

    Maybe they should have asked her why churchs like First United are doing the work the government won’t do. Why the Union Gospel mission continues to have to feed more & more people; why food banks are continuing to grow faster than the economy. yes those good old christians. Give me an atheist, with a conscious every time. its better for more people.

  9. Excellent posts you now have another follower. As for 100 densely street and the clown show.
    The way dummy is alienating MSM this is most likely one of the few venues she has left that will let her talk ,for a price.I was thinking of becoming an atheist but think I will have more fun as a conservative.Found your link thanks to AGT. He saidhe liked the way you wrote.

  10. Yep, this is the “Charlatans United Club”, doing their level best to milk the sheep.

    As for Clark’s excessive expenses being higher than the dis-Honorable Campbell, I would not be surprised if Campbell dumped some of his expenses onto other ministries so they did not show up in his own accounts. That would be the case if he followed the “Mantra of Dobell”, who believed records should not be kept.

  11. Anytime there is a politician and religion on the same screen, runaway and don’t look back.
    A root canal is less painful than watching this airhead.

  12. Ok, you brought back the gag-reflex Kevin, little warning next time eh!
    The change in pitch in Chrusties “it’s our GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION” and “ALMOST inexhaustible supply of natural gas”, really speaks tomes (to use a “biblical expression”) to anyone really listening and who knows our province and the world in reality. There is no “almost inexhaustible supply” of anything, that’s the misleading part, perpetuating that is almost criminal.

  13. You know, I saw the pic of Christy with the “real” look on her face but did not know it was in video.
    Anyone seen this or am I just gapping and missed it?

    Ok, my gag reflex is really really bad now. I shouldn’t have watched for the spilled (sprayed) coffee on my poor beat-up keyboard.
    Is she really thinking she’s making valid statement? Does she really believe this tripe she’s feeding us about the “over 1 million jobs will be created” (but not in this country.. oops).
    Sigh.. shoulda stopped at Kevin and Ncv’s statement with the laugh.

      • Wow!
        A very interesting video clip for several reasons;
        a) Christie actually managed to string several “big words” together in a coherent sentence.
        b) Christie actually stared directly at the camera instead of a teleprompter indicating excellent editing skills. How many “takes” before she “nailed” it?
        c) 1,000,000 jobs over the next 10 years in BC ? Who is she kidding?
        d) She thanks the Vancouver Sun for the “opportunity” to speak? ITS AN ADVERTISMENT!!!!!!!
        e) This is a perfect example as to why the MSM never investigates the govt in power. The govt spends millions of dollars in advertising revenue in these same MSM outlets. No conflict of interest there……………

        Excuse me while I go “purge” my breakfast,
        3 minutes of Christie on video is better than a month of Jenny Craig dieting

        • Don’t get me started… I am still reeling from the ” its tough being a mom flying all over with a tough job” portion. Tough job? Wait for my followup this morning.

        • LOL, she don’t know what it means to be a mom as she’s too busy trying to be impotent, intentionally misspelled.
          Looking forward to the follow-up Laila!

  14. I guess someone should send Christy a copy of, the Ten Commandment’s. Harper could use a copy too.

    We all know, Harper and Campbell signed a sneak, underhanded deal behind our backs. This was before Campbell got the boot. Their deal is, Harper can force the Enbridge pipeline on the BC citizens, at his will. Christy damned well knows that too.

    Waiting impatiently Laila. I can tell, this is going to be a good follow-up.

  15. Kind of reminds me of when you hear convicts/criminals saying after being caught “I’ve seen the light”.
    Have to see something I guess because you’re not seeing how blatantly wrong you are abusing taxpayer’s money.
    Laila, keep up the good work. All and I mean “ALL” politicians need to be held accountable.

    • Thank you Curt, I will and you know everyone gets the same treatment here. And soon, it will be on a far larger platform ; )

  16. 100 Huntley has a viral video hit on their hands. 2659 hits! More than all their other videos combined!

  17. Hmmm..after today’s 15000 job loss announcement I’m guessing her job and family strategy isn’t working so well for CC.