Welcome to a new day, a whole new way to read the news and… the stories by Laila Yuile

May I introduce you to the new Huffington Post British Columbia edition, breathing life for the first time this gorgeous morning and…

…may I also introduce you to a whole new way I’ll be sharing my stories with the people of B.C.  starting with this first new post:

“B.C. Politics in a Word: Fallacious.”

I hope you enjoy, as I continue to post on both sites, sharing breaking news and timely content,along with the pointed commentaries you’ve come to enjoy. You can share my Huffpost blogs right from the site, via twitter, facebook  etc, and comment right below the post to discuss!

10 Comments on “Welcome to a new day, a whole new way to read the news and… the stories by Laila Yuile

  1. This is great news Laila, it will be nice to see a balance to the increasingly right leaning Huff Post Canada. Your research, fact checking and writing is among the best I’ve read in a long time. Keep up the great work!

    • Very kind words waterboy! Thank you,very much. It will be nice to have a larger platform from which to share all of it! Gee, I even slipped in the 100 reason the BC liberals have to go into that piece!!

  2. Congratulations Laila. A straight-from-the-hip telling of what’s wrong with this province and who will be left standing at the O-K Corral in Victoria in 2013…….. the voters.

    • Thank you NVG!! Back at you though,for the really stellar work you do!! Where would BC be without you? In the dark on some points!

  3. Congrats Laila, so nice to see someone who’s worked so hard to expose the corruption being given a broader audience and a bigger platform. You go girl!!

  4. Thank you both, sorry for the delay, it’s been very busy and I nearly died of heat exhaustion yesterday afternoon… I appreciate all your support!!

  5. Well this is not really surprising, you are such a great writer plus you do the research. Congrats! You earned a larger audience – so happy for you.