Some thoughts to ponder.

I’ve been spending some time this weekend doing some housecleaning on the site here, with the intention of making it easer for you, the reader, to find what you are looking for in the vast volumes of material posted. Since the birth of, I’ve written 1,140 posts, on a wide range of issues and subjects… and that means it can be really hard for new readers to find items if, lets say, I missed a crucial tag on it. For example, what if I missed a Kiewit tag on a vital story? Gasp… you would have to search for it via other terms… leaving you frustrated and possibly coming up blank – and that’s just not ok with me.

In a few days, you can look forward to a new set of categories and sub-categories, which will catalogue all important and newsworthy posts about government, government projects – both federal and provincial – in an easy to find format designed to make reading my site a more enjoyable experience.

This leads me to a clarification for some readers who were left with the impression that blogging with the Huffington Post BC, means that I will no longer be blogging here – wrong! Not at all, in fact based on a complaint from a valued reader, I firmly decided on posting my HuffPost blogs here as well, but likely a day behind the release there – this is something I had been back and forth on, but there it is. I get that some people don’t like the busy site with all the add-ons and requirements and the need to sign in via another account to comment, and I value each of you, so it’s the right thing to do.

Look forward to a new post on the Huff, and here, early next week, and enjoy your weekend. Think about this quote… are you on the list? Or should you be?

11 thoughts on “Some thoughts to ponder.

    1. Thank you David, phew.. reorganizing is a huge effort!! To be honest I never really thought about this when I started but new readers have sent emails asking how to find things, so it’s clear it has to be done. Finding truth shouldnt be hard… I like to do the digging, but the readers shouldnt!


  1. Looking forward to see you on HP though I have a few complaints with that outfit. Their moderators/censors seem to be leaning rightwing conservative “free enterprisers” and censor a lot of comments for no apparent vulgarity or name calling. Maybe they have a stake in keeping conservative commenter’s engaged because they’re usually ripped to shreds by intelligent, often comedic and very well read commenter’s. I use to head over to the “ greatest blogger” for a dose of righteous bigoted comment but no longer am I in need of that, HP has lots. The big difference at HP is you usually can give them “ the what for”.
    At any rate it will be good to see you over at HP too and I wish you all the best with that adventure.


    1. Thank you Ken. I have heard similar comments from others about the main HuffPost site, I havent seen or experienced that here yet and I hope it doesnt happen. That being said, there is a lot that people write in comments that really cant be published… I think you have to admit that on a mainstream site its quite different than a blogsite. I think my readers keep things pretty clean here and rarely… rarely have I had to edit or remove content.Plus, we don’t seem to have a lot of name calling and vulgar language here so I don’t forsee a problem with people commenting on my Huffpost blog portion.

      At any rate,it will be wonderful to have a new audience for the same work I do her, since there are so many more stories to be told!


  2. The more posts you can deliver on the net Laila, the better to get your messages out, to all of we citizens of BC and Canada.

    I know you will succeed in your venture…you do very good work Laila, that’s why I know you will succeed. It could matter less to you, what party or politician is at fault…it’s the truth that counts with you.

    Congratulations Laila


    1. Very kind Julie, many thanks and you are right, doesnt matter to me what party or politician is at fault… or sidestepping with weasel words… it’s the truth that counts. Very appreciative of you and all my readers!


  3. Thankyou 1,140 times for your posts and 1,000’s of times for your comments…..and thankyou for re-organizing your site and posting your Huffington blogs here too, for all the reasons you mentioned.
    Being such a computer illiterate I have tried many times to bring up your past blogs, trying different wording but usually to no avail. This new set-up will also be much appreciated.
    Hopefully between your blog and Huffingtons you will get enough exposure to…….run for mayor against her nibs and/or provincially. What a team it would be municipally – you and Ross as mayor and a new position of ‘deputy mayor’ or ‘No. 1 councillor’! 2013/2014 would be the greatest.
    HP has a lot to be desired but any exposure will help I’m sure.
    Hugs & kisses,


    1. You are a thousand times welcome and look forward to a thousand more!! I wish you would have told me before it was hard.. I spend so much time with writing and life and other commitments that I don’t think about things like this and unfortunately I have missed the mark there. Sorry to tell you sitting in the mayors chair is not on my agenda!!

      The future is bright. Enjoy it. And if anyone has any other suggestions to make things easier for you here, or what you would like to see, please let me know!!


  4. Laila
    Just a good old genuine thanks for the work that you do. Need some thought into your fiscal rewards for the effort


  5. As always Jack, your words ring through with a warm tone I feel here at home. You are a good man.It is a pleasure, this blog, a passion actually. For this site, there is no fiscal reward, only the knowledge that I … ” did it my way….” … : )

    hehe… sorry, couldn’t resist! Cross your fingers that I win the lotto 6/49… if that ever happens whooa nelly! Watch out BC.


  6. Allright… you might have noticed some changes already to the site, and many more are in progress. The most obvious is the stunning new photo montage header above, which was created by the lovely and talented Diane Babcock at ( Cool Tech Writing & Design Nanaimo: 250-754-2777 )

    IDiane was able to take several photos I’ve taken around BC on my travels, and incorporate them into this fabulous header which totally captures what I do, and what I love about BC. Thank you Diane!!

    You will also notice my twitter feed at the top, not that I tweet a lot but if you are into that, hey that’s where I am!

    I’ve also reduced the archive and begun cataloguing old posts into a new categories directory along the right hand side. This is something I will be doing in my spare time and will clearly take a while to complete, so I have also added a tag cloud further down which might help you find popular items in the interim.

    I hope you enjoy the new changes and look forward to hearing what you think, and as always, any new suggestions you have to help make connecting all that easier!


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