Iain Hunter asks: “Why can’t people take a joke? Why can’t people take Christy Clark” .. well, let me spell it out for you.

In todays Times Columnist, Iain Hunter waxes on about the bum rap given to the still unelected Christy Clark by the media, women… and everyone else in B.C.

Hunter bemoans the fact that when a politician is in trouble.. anything and everything they do works against them. Go on, read and weep. Wah Wah. Cry for me Argentina. Suck it up, buttercup and hang on for the ride, which isn’t pretty.

Here’s the deal Hunter – let me give you a little insight into why political chameleon Clark can’t even risk making a wee joke, nor do any of us care to tolerate her any longer.

She is as fake as the Gucci handbags sold for $29.95 at flea markets all over Metro Vancouver. And like those handbags, while they look really good at first, when you put them to the test they fall apart like an old sock.

Most of us know that while she is a provincial liberal, she is also a federal liberal. So sucking up to the big man Harper with a Timmys in hand watching hockey with a finger in her dimple.. well.. it doesn’t even ring remotely sincere, or real.

Taking a trip down memory lane.. she resigned from the legislature before the BC Rail debacle hit the proverbial fan, stating she wanted time to spend with Hamish, dear child, and her family… and then shortly afterwards ran for mayor of Vancouver, unsuccessfully.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the need to care for her child and family was the reason she left politics was false,she worked with her federal liberal wunderbar ex- hubbie  Mark at Burrard Communications until Kinsella allegedly bagged her a spot at CKNW.

Yes indeed, that kept her in the spotlight alright, until she set her sights back on larger fish… forget the people of BC, she had ambitions…Campbell went down in flames, she ran against the Falconater  for BC liberal leadership and won.. .and since then, the rest is an example of the worst political marketing strategy in history.

She’s a Filipina in her heart… ( I doubt she even knows what tocino or longaniza is, both staples to Filipino friends I love) … a south asian at Vaisakhi in traditional garb, a concerned citizen of BC, sweeping broken glass in a suit, low-cut top and high heels photo op following the Vancouver riots, ( does she know how a broom works? ) a conservative at the traditionally fed con fundraiser Beans and Jeans… and a wanna be pride participant when goaded.… dare I go on?

Honestly, if the Rover discovered aliens on Mars, I think at this point, Christy would be up there shaking hands and handing out cards with her name on them.

Oh yes. She does indeed make jokes about kicking all the men out at all female events, something many women find repugnant because it calls to sexism of a different sort. Go women, men suck has no place in 2011 and I am hardly the only one who thinks that.  Epic fail for Clark. Epic. More so than calling out her old colleagues and fans at CKNW at that same Beans and Jeans fundraiser… wow.. do you feel loved, appreciated? Get over it – you were nada but a stepping stone on the way to the premiers chair she has currently chained herself to like none before her.

Reality check Ms.Clark. Men aren’t all bad, but fakes – regardless of sex – are incredibly damaging to all politicians, indeed. And Clark is one of the biggest fakes, most obvious chameleons to grace B.C. in a very, very long time.

Please, I beg you Ms. Clark, give us an election on time. Give us a loyal conservative to hate, a dedicated socialist, an intrepid commie or even a weed smoking pot party candidate to examine.  At the very least, we can respect their honesty in their political leaning and presentation – unlike yourself.

As for Clark? She stands for anything and everything and is apparently loyal to nothing but her own blind ambition and power. The continued announcements of her caucus who won’t be running again support this statement. They don’t believe in her either.

I beg you, Iain Hunter, prove me wrong.


(photo from : https://lailayuile.com/2011/10/25/tuesday-morning-funny-photo/ )

39 thoughts on “Iain Hunter asks: “Why can’t people take a joke? Why can’t people take Christy Clark” .. well, let me spell it out for you.

  1. Well written article Laila. It represents what the majority of this provinces believes. She is a lameduck politician and it is only a matter of time she is booted out of government. What I don`t understand is the number of liberal politicians that still support her. Are they blind or are they just masochistic


  2. Nicely said! Now will she please, please leave & take Coleman, Bond, etc. with her before there isn’t anything left of this province. The woman just doesn’t get it. She’s everyones best friend for the second she might need them for a photo op.


  3. Gordon Campbell and his Liberals. Christy Clark and her Liberals, seemed to me they were working for Harper, rather than the Federal Liberals. Boessenkool works for Harper and lobbies for Enbridge. He was working for Christy and her Liberals. To me it was Campbell and Harper, who did their utmost to cripple BC. I see those two, using the dirtiest of tactics to kill this province, that I have ever seen. Christy is selling off, what is left of BC.

    There are times I actually feel sick to my stomach, at the evil going on in our, once good and decent country. When we could hold our heads high and say, I am proud to be a Canadian. I don’t feel that way anymore. I was born during WW11. When I started school, all of my class mates and I, had a fierce pride in our Canada. We honored our Canadian boys, who fought in WW11. We had great pride, in our RCMP back then too. That is what really makes me boil. All I do honor now is, our young Canadian boys, who fought to save us, from the dread I now feel today. I am still proud of our young military members and Veterans of today. I am not proud of the way Harper cheats them. Our boys from WW11. Our young soldiers and Veterans of today and all the lost loved ones. Quite frankly, Harper is not worth their dying for. Back in WW11, Harper could have been strung up by his heels, as Mussolini was. No-one wants to go into battle, for a monster such as Harper. I have told my young relatives, to stay the hell out of Harper’s military. If they are maimed for life, they will be thrown on Harper’s garbage heap. You would get an ear full, if you ask our WW11 Veterans, what they think of Harper?


    1. Wow. In case you missed it, this was a Christy bashing article, not a Harper one.
      You say you used to be proud to be Canadian, and blame Harper for your not feeling that way anymore. I’m just the opposite. I actually left the country and lived and worked in the States because I was so ashamed of what the federal Liberals did through the ’90s and early 2000’s.
      I am very proud of our country now, and very, very pleased her stewardship.


      1. I’m sorry it took a while to reply here, but I had to wipe my eyes and check my glasses to make sure I got this right… and yes, it’s still the same thing written! Let me get this straight.. you are proud of Harper ? Proud of how he has guided Canada? Please tell me I have this all wrong :O


  4. The only resemblance Christy Clark has in common with the Philippines is her likeness to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, someone who lived for photo-ops and could lie through her teeth better than better than Pac-Man could box. They both appeared to be targeting a new world record as the most hated female in politics.


  5. Laila
    Why are you so kind to Christy Crunch? hahahaha so much is left out about this traiterous Cambell clone and her backroom dealings… so sad and so bad for BC


  6. love the photos. bush and clark do have a lot in common. phony, caring only about their own power. i can tell your words come straight from your heart. well said.


    1. Nixon and Clark … This is a stunning comparison. My words do come from heart on posts like this.But the facts back them up completely. Thank you!!


  7. Viva Le Revolution – Good writing Laila – let’s face it she’s only there for the money and the million dollar pension – other then that Christie is just a poor lost little girl who doesn’t know any better Eh VIVA – VIVA – VIVA LE REVOLUTION!!! Believe me folks Christie is neither truthful or honest? She’s a HAG and makes me want to barf. Oops please excuse I think I’m gonna be sick. Aaak Auaak uuaak aaawuuck


  8. Iain Hunter is a classic, old school Liberal journo. He is equally critical of the NDP as he is of the Conservatives. He remains one of the best political writers in BC, though; I wonder what or who inspired him to pen such a pro-Christy piece? A couple of things he wrote stuck out bear closer scrutiny:

    “Voters who want to get rid of Clark pay little attention to the socialist who’s waiting, like an invasive American bullfrog, in the reeds.”

    “Clark can’t quit because quitting’s what girls are expected to do when things get tough. She has to remain, chirpy, to the end. B.C voters tend to choose jokers to be premier – even NDP ones.”


    1. I admit, I did chuckle at the vision of a little bullfrog in the reeds wearing ndp orange..lol.. in a good way. But yes it is definately interesting. The NDP is taking a lot of criticism right now for taking the firm stand on Enbridge and not on others.


        1. I doubt that very much, Robbie. Even the liberal friendly media have been pretty bang on Christy’s every falter for some time, in my opinion. There was an indecipherable moment when something changed and she could no longer be justified no matter who spun what. With the exception of this piece which could not go un-remarked on, the remarks and reports by some journo’s completely highlight her inability to speak in anything but circles.

          What stands out in this, is the acrimonious comments about the NDP and Dix, which in all honestly, whether one likes it or agrees, is how many people feel in BC right now. They hate the Liberals, but are very concerned over Dix and the NDP.


  9. If the Liberals were the last party on earth, I would still spoil my ballot. The only thing I am worried about is that the NDP ( Dix ) is not holding the Liberal feet to the flames ( like Carole James before him ). The Conservatives ( Herman Munster and his religious extremists ) aren’t even worth a mention ( support thee pipeline & the HST ). BC is in a very sad place , and needs severe political reforms where the people actually have a say ( and some way to mete out punishment if a polotician blatantly goes against our wishes ) in what happens to us, instead of electing a dictatorship every 4 years or so.


      1. Worry about Vancouver Fairview NDP nomination race. That will tell you where BCNDP are going to govern from. Left (Meggs) or centre (Heyman).


        1. Lets hope Heyman wins. He has experience, is reasonable & a nice guy. Most of all he has principals. Somethign which is sadly needed. He would make a great cabinet minister. Meggs, not the way to go. He comes with too much baggage. He if the bike lane gang, can not be trusted to do the right thing governing B.C. & making the hard/difficult decisions which have to be made. Heyman has the integrity to make the hard decisions & will ensure no wild ideas go off into the wilderness. He is pragmatic & that is what we need. He would be a great addition to Horgan & Farnsworth. In my opinion Meggs would just be a loose cannon & we have had enough of those from the leiberals. I do trust Dix exercises some leadership here.


    1. THIS: “BC is in a very sad place , and needs severe political reforms where the people actually have a say ( and some way to mete out punishment if a polotician blatantly goes against our wishes ) in what happens to us, instead of electing a dictatorship every 4 years or so.” WILL CERTAINLY NEVER HAPPEN WHEN PEOPLE SPOIL THEIR BALLOTS!!!

      To do so is irresponsible and an insult to the people that care enough about B.C. to exercise their right to vote.


  10. Personally I think the NDP need to go centre rather than far left, which will attract more people. But somehow I don’t see that happening.


    1. left, right, centre, its all relative. If we look back at WAC Bennett, he to us at the time, was right. He privatized B.C. Hydro, built dams at public expense, brought in B.C. Med, built road & bridges without P3s. By today’s standards he’d be considered a left wing socialist.

      What we need is a government which will ensure the hospitals are clean, we stop having the highest rate of child poverty in Canada, get rid of the HST, pay attention to the enviornment, bring government executives’ pay into line with what is being paid else where, & get B.C. Ferries back as a crown corp so we don’t have to pay 10% interest on those billions & get a 3% interest rate, look after the mentally & physically disabled.

      I don’t care who can do it, but that is what needs to be done. The lieberals haven’t done it in 11 yrs, the Conservatives don’t look like they will be able to do it; so that leaves the NDP & Green party & anyone who runs as an independant.

      spoiling your ballot, in my opinion, is crazy. Society spent hundreds of yrs getting everyone a vote, wars were fought & people died to keep the right to vote, so get out & vote because if you don’t we could wind up looking like we allready do, except it will be permanent.


      1. ” He privatized B.C. Hydro”

        Perhaps you mistyped the above, W.A.C. did the OPPOSITE of “privatising” BC Hydro, he pretty well nationalized (made into public owned corps) all the power companies in BC except for what was then West Kootenay (Cominco) and Nelson Power and Light forming BC Hydro. Then on a roll, he went ahead and socialized BC Ferries, BC Rail and built miles of highways. He was perhaps the most socialistic premier in BC History, even if his rhetoric suggested the opposite. The current crooks in Victoria have spent the last decade plus tearing asunder all that Wacky built.


  11. “Wacky” Bennett didn’t give us BC Med, Davy Barrett did, and it was a good idea until Bill Bennett and his Socreds (now BC Liberals) got through with it.

    Laila, I honestly believe that you should throw your hat in the ring as an independent in the next election. We really could do with another honest politician in Victoria.


  12. gini, your faith in me, as with all my readers, is heartwarming : ) ” Sometimes if you want to see a change you have to take things into your own hands. ” Applies to each of us, in our own way.


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