I nearly tripped over the elephant in the room.

I’ve got to say it. How can I not  say it?

I get home after a lovely time out and catch up on news, of course everyone’s talking about Dix promising a 1 week cure for what ails BC with regards to the Enbridge pipeline – he will serve the 30 notice and pull out of the federal review and give British Columbians their own environmental review, made in BC, for BC, all that whatever.  I say  whatever because I am reminded of an old quote that states you should never believe someone who is drunk, in love… or running for politics.

I agree BC needs a better, enhanced environmental review process – in general. I agree BC should have already done this with Enbridge. Clark didn’t do it.

But let’s say Dix rides to power as easily as most think he will next May… or next fall if Clark did somehow push that spring election off.

Let’s say Dix does give us that opt out, does call for our own environmental review.

And the Enbridge project actually passes Dix’s environmental review and is approved provincially.

Don’t laugh, I have seen reviews of projects that should never have been given approval, get that approval because of mitigation and monetary concessions that are given to make up for what is impacted adversely. That’s how it works many times.

If the Enbridge project passes BC environmental review, will Dix allow the project to proceed?


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  1. Uh huh…and pigs will fly. Talk about suicide, because the NDP only wants to be a one-term government.. C’mon Laila. At least give people a chance before the forecast, will ya?


    1. Cheryl, I didnt hear that question asked anywhere today that I have read yet??? I’m not a newbie at this. I’ve seen some pretty interesting projects get environmental approval, even with rare species at risk, displacement of habitat etc… the company usually has to create habitat somewhere else, make reparations, and if they do something wrong after the fact, they get and pay a fine as cost of doing business. Thats how it works.

      Thats my job. Asking questions and getting answers.


      1. That hasn’t happened in this case. I think there are enough other questions you could be asking and answering about things that are actually occurring right now; instead of creating cynicism when people are trying to stand up and do the right thing. Your investigative skills are unparalleled in this province. I just think this kind of speculating is beneath you.


        1. Cheryl, I am disappointed to see this.The questions need to be asked.Dix creates enough cynicism with his own contradictory stances and hedgy comments on a variety of related issues.

          When I apply this speculation that you say is beneath me, to the Liberals and the Conservatives… or anyone else for that matter, you heartily endorse and applaud and share. And now,you say this is beneath me when I ask a very good question. You know where my loyalties lie. You know I stand for the truth. Please do not insult me. Doing the right thing means doing it all the time. The NDP have laid low on many issues, I know you are aware of. Letting them slide even a little is not an option for the future of this province.


        2. I read your blog for going on 5 years now and no one is more loyal to bc here than you missy,so dont let someone shit on you for doing what needs to be done.They are gonna paint you now, the ndp,as not friendly.You just keeping asking questions and digging no matter who or whats behind it,because I trust you more than any of them.You ain’t never done us wrong out here and to hell with this woman here! Ndp started that first p3 thing your write about out her in Abby at the hospital and it was shit I tell you, shit.I don’t trust Dix, never did and handed in my card when Farnsworth didnt get it.Anyhow, you watch them all missy and you do us all right.


    1. Whats your twitter feed Paul ? Great minds think alike!! It was the first thing that stood out for and I looked around at several reports that didnt have any answers. I just got one from Bobby Deepak the candidate in Prince George who sent me this link http://www.bclocalnews.com/news/167067935.html?utm_source&utm_medium&utm_campaign

      “If that doesn’t result in rejection of the project, which the NDP opposes provincially and federally, Dix said the B.C. cabinet would have the final say. And if Prime Minister Stephen Harper tries to overrule the province, the battle would shift to individual provincial permits required for river crossings and wildlife corridors in B.C., he said.”

      “Dix emphasized that the B.C. cabinet can overrule its own environmental review, just as the federal cabinet can. A provincial review of technical issues would have to be carried out to justify refusing provincial permits, he said.

      Lawyer Murray Rankin was hired to advise the B.C. NDP. He said the joint review agreement with Ottawa allows B.C. to give 30 days notice and opt out, and the existence of the agreement shows that B.C. does have jurisdiction over whether the pipeline proceeds.”

      Frankly, this leaves me confused as to this strategy. If they oppose it, why bother with our review because both tend to be shams, in my opinion.


  2. your question is most interesting,
    the review is only as good as the standards that it must meet, so one is led to believe that the provincial standards would be higher then the fereral.

    mr dix is leaving an escape route or glimme ra of hope or a barganing chip for a better deal ?

    as i said most interesting question and the answer will be even more interesting.


    1. The answer is just above Harry, in the article I just posted in reply to Paul. If approved in the EA process in BC, it will go back to cabinet and can be over-ruled there. And then they will move to denying permits etc… like Christy Clark said they would do but Dix recently said that was a non-starter. Keep in mind BC has rarely NOT approved a project proposal in this province, even prosperity mine was given a permit before the feds quashed that one.

      For me, I still find it redundant to have a full bc review if he only intends to oppose it. Why bother if you are so firmly against it ? It’s an expensive process and a waste for a pipeline they are publically opposed to. This article states they need to do so to justify denying permits… which I have to point out Dix recently mocked Clark for saying she was going to do if she had to, calling it a “non-starter.”


  3. LOL.

    Ok, Ok, the point being. You praised Robyn Allan on your blog for requesting this and when it finally happens you slam it? I agree its good to keep the pressure up, but if you want to point out shenanigans of the highest order, Blacks ” I will fund the Environmenal Assessment with my own money” stuff is umm.. well lets just say a pretty big target!


  4. Hey I am not slamming the withdrawal. Yes, please do so. What I am saying is that the NDP are opposed, No pipeline happening in BC. The first nations are opposed. The people are vastly opposed. So why the hell cant Dix, if hes premier, just stand up and say NO. No, there will be no pipeline, we are withdrawing from the process, we will not approve permits we will not allow this to happen in our province? Seriously? If the federal government doesnt play by the rules, if they strip their own process down so much to get their way, if they say they are going to make this pipeline happen despite everything….. why can’t we?

    Revolutionary eh? Just say no.


    1. Dix has said no. Repeatedly. Obviously.

      I have written extensively about these issues and am aware of what is happening.

      Part of what I have written is that the BC Libs have done so much behind the scenes work that just saying “no” is not doable. Although Dix has, but he has also said that he appointed a legal team to look into how we can we stop it. As it stands, the Feds have jurisdiction, and the Libs gave away what little opportunity we had to influence and block what was clearly not in our best interest.

      Why demand he do more than he can? He has said no, and he is looking into how to stop it. Part of that is undoing what the liberals did, He is committing to that.

      Sometimes we have to credit where credit is due.

      What happens is the future is anyones guess. I have said all along the thing is very likely just a big smoke screen for other projects to move ahead under the radar. However given the money involved and our abilities to do anything about it stripped by the Libs, it is still worth blocking this with everything we can throw at it.

      A legitimate criticism is to ask Dix where he is at on the whole agenda, Kinder Morgan, the potential of the Black refinery, Tsawassasan as a destination etc etc, But imaginary stuff years in the future with not a shred evidence to make the claim on (besides the lead into that conclusion the corporate media has already alluded to) is not typically your style.

      I was surprised, frankly, given that there is so much more stuff happening that is appalling and deceptive, right now, that are easy targets,

      And I am no apologist for the NDP.


      1. Gee Kevin, you know, I’m really sorry that it’s been a very busy week, and that I was out buying school supplies this morning, getting blood tests done and handling my other commitments in life and didnt sit down and consult with you prior to posting this bit when I finished reading the news after lunch. You write with Commonsense Canadian, why not quit bitching at me and go do it yourself?

        If you aren’t happy with what I have done here, you can get a refund. Oh wait, I do this for free and you get it for free. There is only so much I can do in 24 hours and I have a family as you well know. I am surprised frankly, that you would bitch at all at my choice of topic when the question is very legitimate.


        1. Ouch!

          Alright, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and yes we are all busy.

          Its clear Dix is opposed to the pipeline. That much I think we agree on.

          So, cynically speaking, his move to revoke the EA is a plot to approve the pipeline?

          No, I don’t think so.

          I will say this though, moving from a “no pipeline” position to a ” Made in BC process” does give your musing some legitimacy.

          That said, I dont believe it is a move to approve as you suggest.

          At most, it is a move in response to the box he has recently been put in. Black’s proposal to “value add” the pipeline with a 13 billion project with thousands of jobs has been spun as a game changer. Dix finds himself in the position that his “no pipeline” stance is standing in the way of jobs and billions of investment.

          So, if we accept your analysis, at most he is positioning aganist being a job and investment killer in light of new developments. And by taking the stand he has he can say that if all this bullshit Black is floating has any legitimacy than a BC review will get down to the bottom of it all. And if FN, and people who live in the regions suddenly want the pipe because it now comes attached to a huge refinery his position is not standing in the way of that but rather facilitating a process that allows it to be properly reviewed.




  5. I think the pipeline is a done deal. I really do. Herr Harper has greased, and been greased by, a few wheels.

    We all throw everything we’ve got at trying by any means to get these corporate thugs to play by the rule of law….

    but the only laws that they are ruled by are the laws of GREED. And POWER.

    Obama inherited a horrific mess in the USA – and the Rethuglicans have done everything they can to thwart any initiatives that don’t favour the .001% billionaires, extracting more from everyone else – especially women. But Obama either drank the koolaid, or was threatened, or both, and missed all opportunities to turn the banking system around – and simply handed over hundreds of billions in bailouts.

    I don’t think it’s a matter of the NDP not knowing – I think they know a lot, but understand that there is little they can do to unscramble the egg.

    Dix will inherit a mess as well – and a tangle of secretly drafted contracts too, no doubt.

    Past Liberal projects, particularly P3’s, demonstrate that public disclosure is non-existent, public consultation is meaningless – and money talks.

    Dix’s problem is to try to make it appear that he is doing something meaningful – but he will have an out if/when the project is approved, saying…well – the EAO panel have reached their decision, and I did what I could.


  6. OK, suppose Dix completes a made-in-BC review, finds the Enbridge plan and it’s ability to fix damages not worth the risk. Does that mean the Feds/Harper must/will listen? It seems to me this is an inter-provincial transportation and international trade jurisdiction issue.

    Do you think Harper will stand for left-wing, lotus-eating, environmental nut-jobs to trump his oil-based “economic prudence”? It could be that Harper is negotiating with the Rothschilds/Rockefellers/Bilderbergers (as we write) to create a world economic crisis through Middle Eastern war, de-capitalization of EU banks in favour of buying Yuan. I’d wager dollars to Timbits that Canadians (even those in Vancouver) will demand a tar sands pipeline to Asian trade before they will give up being able to buy unnecessities from Walmart.


  7. It seems that Cassandra and I have arrived at the same place. Here I was, lolly-gagging my way through my post (and cooking dinner), while Cassandra was beating me to the finish line. Our courses were a little different, but we have arrived essentially at the same place. Koodos to Cassandra.

    I just spent a couple of weeks in a small Maritime (not even a village) community of fewer than 500 people. At last count, there were 47 men from that community commuting to Alberta to work in the oil industry. In the last years, Air Canada has put on direct flights from Halifax to Calgary to accommodate these men. On my return flight, there were 17 of these workers aboard. We were a bit rain delayed so the oil men were late in making a connecting flight to Ft. McMurray. When we landed, all other passengers were requested to remain in their seats so these fellows could run to their next plane. I don’t recall Air Canada ever holding a plane for me. The oil industry walks heavily AND carries a big stick. (Apologies to T. Roosevelt)


  8. Good point Laila, we can’t forget that the NDP will not commit itself to stopping fracking, or shipping our natural gas to China as well, nor will it commit to end fish farming, so is it such a leap to actually sell out to Enbridge if the price was right.

    After all, even if your pissed with the NDP, look at your options, the devil called Liberals, his twin called Conservatives.

    Respect and trust are earned and if history repeats itself so is getting burned. The NDP have a lot to prove, in particular why they should not have another genuine socialist party replacing them due to their history of serving corporations.

    We have seen lots of promises, be it from Harper, from Jack Layton, from Christy Clark, from damn near everyone who wants to get elected, but how many actually delivered even a mere 50% of what they promised. So pardon me if I join the skeptics, I want to see where the beef is, not here where it might be.


  9. Does not matter what an NDP leader says he or she gets nailed so mostly they watch the crap spewed and say nothing what do you or anyone expect Dix has on record stated hes against i did not see him change that only add that we need a BC based assessment lets wait and see what that results in before prejudging anyone .
    we need jobs form our resource bases but we also need environment protected im not in favor of the pipeline idea but what if there were other workable options ?


  10. True SB, but I find it funny that people like to attack me so quickly when I hold the NDP to the standard I hold the Liberals, like I should give them a break. Look at the LMAC committee. Look at, as Kevin so bitchily mentions, the refinery where Dix is meeting again???

    I’ve spent years doing this. Years. I think I know when somethings up and when my radar is going off. Hasnt failed me yet, has it? Rarely. Think of all the things you wouldnt know about if I hadnt been writing here, the NDP didnt know about them either… or did they? You have to go back to hansard to find out.


        1. I do not get time keep up with blogs never mind the hansards , i did read Dix stated he is against the pipeline and i was simply replying to that matter not up to date on the rest i do know NDP simply tries to stay out of MSMs way because they cant win any favor or points its all negative as they can spin if its NDP they are stuck with that and it does not serve us well we end up with farther polarized views and issues because of it.
          Im not an NDPer either but im ready to give them a chance as they cant be as bad as what the Liar libs have been for 10 yrs now.
          And id expect you and others to watch them and ask questions of them keep em honest i hope.


  11. Although I can see why China wants the tar sands in the raw, they have lots of new highways that they think they need to build; and, they can use the dirty product and the dirty product’s by-products in the production of highways. I say leave it in the ground for now.
    If they must take it out of the ground in the future, then it would be best to refine it where it sits using small scale fast reactors that haven’t been built yet but currently seem to present the safest way way of getting rid of the very dangerous and long-lasting plutonium we have stock-piled all over the world. Relegating nukes to Northern Alberta might be safer than placing them right next to large population centres – though I wish nuclear accidents on no-one, particularly the already tar sands industry contaminated people living along the Athabasca River



  12. I think the questions you raise are fair ones, Laila. Impartial scrutiny is a good thing – there’s been far too little of it in this province over the last decade or so. I should like to know the answers to these questions too and I am very glad that someone as balanced and articulate as you is raising them.


  13. Why doesn’t Dix just say No? If democracy is ruler, the people have spoken and ALL the pipelines need to stop construction and pack up and go home.
    If no is the answer as it has been said, then there is no need for further debate, or any need for reviews on the project(s) that has been or is nixed… unless it gets Dixed in the sham “BC Environmental Review” and then he finagles a deal in some back room corporate office which then allows the pipeline to pickup where it left off.

    Besides, Harper wants this and Dix ain’t tough enough to battle the harperites, so you know a deal’s gonna be cut somewhere allowing these pipelines through no matter who’s land it crosses or what habitat it threatens. So again, the “BC Review” is a smoke-show, a stall tactic to allow them to keep it going until it’s literally too late.. oops.. didn’t mean for that to break. o.0


    1. Dix has said no!

      However we ALL realize that due to all the “back room corporate office” deals the Liberals have already done, we have no leverage to stop anything.

      One thing we can do is undo the equivalency agreement and this is KEY. First off the agreement itself lends legitimacy to the fact that we have jurisdiction. As I have written in the past, there were already long standing agreements in place to avoid duplication in environmental reviews, however the libs did this dirty little backroom deal away from the limelight and even devolved ministerial powers to do it because all the stakeholders realized that there is jurisdiction despite TILMA, NWPA, the constitution and already existing agreements on avoiding duplication.s

      So this move not only claws back that jurisdiction but also shines the light on the underhanded shenanigans they pulled to erase our jurisdiction. This makes the politics of jamming this thing down our throats untenable for those may wish to do so.

      Frankly positioning BC in opposition with some jurisdiction to do so, forces Harper’s hand, and if he moves to jam it down out throats he toys with losing the next election.

      The most leverage we have is political at this point, as the legal capacity to stop it is near non existent.

      Dix’s move today covers his ass on the “game changing” stuff Black rolled out. It also shines the light on the crooked deals the liberals did to leave us twisting in the wind. Another leg up. And finally clawing back the ability to review it gives us even more leverage, cuz it is obvious that any real review would only underscore what we already know. Its a bad deal economically and environmentally and is not in Canadas best interest. All of which is a win, win, win.

      IF we move to stop in other ways like Clark has suggested in terms of permits and BC Hydro we open ourselves to huge fines and penalties. As, TILMA dictates and outlines fines up to 5 million. Moreover the libs racheted TILMA up with the New West Partnership Argreement which further erodes our ability to do anything to stop this stuff.

      Dix’s move today moves on all these fronts. had he just said NO and proposed pulling out of the EA with no replacement process we would have lost any gains, and gave up even more jurisdiction. It would have amounted to a toothless protest move.

      So Dix has said no and is moving on the few options we have to push back.

      All that being said, yes it is true that EA;s often approve projects, however this one is different and Dix is forshadowing that the made in BC EA he is talking about will not be your standard rubber stamp and probably just as politically driven as the current JRP but in the direction of not approving it versus the current gong show and its obvious mandate to approve.


      1. The point Kevin, is he’s “saying” no, but meaning hey, we may just find a way around all this environmental bullshit (cuz that’s what it is to them) and put this pipeline into place and reap some personal (not provincial) rewards.

        Otherwise, there would be NO need for ANY type of further review, provincial or what have you.
        Dix is just leaving it open so it can be put into play AFTER defusing everyone who will think he’s going to “stop” the unstoppable. We’ve heard the story, the characters, the deals. NONE of this is good for BC, or even Canada as Harper would have one believe.
        And the feds aren’t going to let this Enbridge cash-cow slip because a lot of upset people don’t like them, they’re politicians and cut-throat corporate suits, they don’t care if I eat today or have a roof over my head.

        It’s going to come down (and already has) to civil disobedience and the FN peoples are shaming us as they have already escorted pipeline construction clearing workers off of their land.
        Time to get real folks. This is going to require more than a few blogs, a few letters to obviously impotent (rather than important) MLA’s and MPs, and more than a few outspoken people. This is going to take the entire province, the real people, getting off their asses and standing in line to block any and all attempts to circumvent the rights of the people who are involved, including yours.
        I’ll be there.


        1. Its an odd thing Bud.

          We are on the same page here, but clearly there is no convincing you that there is more to this than simply saying no. I attempted, in some detail, to cast light on the legalities from doing so. I went on to suggest that the only way we can say no and mean it is by clawing back some jurisdiction in order to be able to something about it.

          This development has been the single best step forward we have seen on this issue.

          Bar none.

          The real questions at this point, at least the serious ones should be pointed at the government responsible, versus doing a hatchet job and speculating about what you believe Dix “really” means when he says no. I mean no is no isn’t it? Lets keep it in perspective. You are right, as is Laila to be skeptical of any EA processes, and I share the skepticism. But the real issue right now is calling out the Libs on the sell out and reversing it. Which he is doing in spades. He cant just pull out though because that leaves us with no leg to stand on, no leverage and no jurisdiction and defeats the point of pulling out. The Made in BC stuff is headline friendly and sends the right message at this time.

          I have written a quick follow up published at Common Sense Canadian today, on the issues that does precisely this and asks the right questions of the parties responsible for selling us out, in secret and behind the green screen provided by collaborationists in the “green” movement. Have a look.


          Its about priorities. Lets take to task those who sold us out for now. We can rake Dix over the coals when he actually deserves it, but for now this move, of revoking the EA is an awesome move and a step in the right direction. Many people have been demanding this, and trying to bring attention to it for a long time now.

          Moreover, First Nations are calling on Dix to spread the “Made in BC” assessment to the Kinder Morgan project. Now that is legitimate and a solid move. They recognize that the process is flawed as it stands and seem confident that the new one Dix is talking about has merit. So lets give it a little time eh? Before we trash him on speculation of events years down the road and what we think he is “really” saying. He even reiterated his opposition to the pipeline when he announced the Made in BC stuff;

          See here:



  14. Thank you Laila.

    Thank you for holding everyone’s feet to the same fire.

    There is so much going on behind the scenes……and behind the screens.

    We are in a global war for oil and gas reserves, being waged behind closed doors by a handful of ruling elites. It is extremely naive to think that a mere environmental study could divert the potential billions from flowing to these plunderers.

    Laila – you have courage and speak truth to power. You are independent and question all authority. Our province and country are the better for it. Thank you for all the time and effort it takes to do what you do.

    When the NDP joined with the Liberals and signed away our lands from protection under the ALR that they themselves brought into being – and allowed this precious land that could be growing local food to be paved over – my heart sank. Farm land for a container port at a time when Panama has opened a third shipping lane.

    I think we’re already passed a global warming tipping point – read anything from Bill McKibben.

    This plan is sinister to rip up our lands for a goop pipeline, to defile our waterways and hi-jack them with IPP’s. To risk our wilderness should simply be OUT OF THE QUESTION.

    Electric cars were available and inexpensive – until the oil and gas lobby had them all recalled and crushed. (see the movie Who Killed the Electric Car). Every one of these cars was destroyed!

    I believe the technology exisists to create energy from many alternate sources – but there is no will to throw their shoulders into it until oil is 300 bucks a barrel.

    What ‘mitigation’ could there possibly be for the inevitable environmental disaster this pipeline will enable?

    Nothing short of a global revolution will stop these speculators from extracting every last drop.


  15. Great discussion going here…. which needs to happen, in my opinion, regardless of how much flack I am getting for it. I am working on another post talking about all of this and why it’s so important to the future of the province. Cassandra has raised some very good points, so has Sharing is Good and Kevin, as annoying as he is sometimes..lol ( said with affection 😉


  16. The provincial EAO process is deeply flawed and is absolutely is in place solely to lull us into thinking our very valid concerns have weight and that “they” are listening. Their directors are paid (by us) to promote IPP’s in foreign countries. How are we to expect a neutral assessment? Ibn addition, the federal CEAA has been handicapped. In Narrows Inlet on the Sunshine Coast huge amounts of money are being spent as we speak on preparations to construct the proposed cluster of lake draining IPP’s. You think the EAO is going to rule against this project? If there was even a chance that would happen you can bet there would be no crewboats, helicopters and float planes swarming about. Deals are made behind closed doors with us regular citizens being counted on to enable profits for small groups of people. This is but one example. Politicians and appointed bureaucrats that have paved the way seem to move on to more rewarding positions….. without regard for the irreversible impact their decisions will have on future generations…..or even on the future of our own regular tax paying generation. The pride we have for our Province is being dismissed…..and that dismissal is not necessarily by any one political party….it appears ample rubber stamp ink gets left behind in the desk drawers as “they” come and go from office.


  17. I watched a program on the National Geographic channel last night, that was pretty grim. Global warming is becoming a death sentence. Food crops are failing around the globe. Meanwhile, the site-C-dam will flood the most valuable farmland in Canada….all in the name of fracking for gas. I too believe we have gone over the tipping point. Now, we must hurry, so we can pollute the High Arctic. We must thaw the ice and the tundra. We could use a few pipeline bursts and tanker spills, in the High Arctic. When they can finally get the perma-frost melted, that will be the end of the coastal cities on the planet. Greed trumps common sense every time.

    Canada is a huge abyss of corruption. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. Canadians and especially BC citizens, live in a vast field of, lies, deceit, and corruption. Cheating to win in Canada, is acceptable in Harper, and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals regime. I am sick to death of politicians lies. It doesn’t matter who it is, what is built on lies will fail.

    I am very happy to know, Laila has zero tolerance on b.s….no matter who it is.


  18. Laila,
    if this is cynisism, pour it on thick. We all know that this proposal was not made for any other reason than to appease the undecided voters and try to swing them over. I, for one, can’t trust any politician from any party. I refuse to refrain from voting or to spoil my ballot but I must confess that, more than once, I’ve had to hold my nose and pick the least evil. It’s starting to look like I’ll have to do it again. What a piss-poor way to run a province.


  19. the real elephant on the planet:
    Yep, China quits buying resources and the economy tanks necessitating selling more oil for less just so we can buy more fighters…Check out this NYT article:


  20. It shouldn’t be about what geographic region makes the decision. It should be about the kind of people who make the decision, how they approach it and what the rules are and how they are made.

    The situation could be easily reversed. Imagine: If, instead, Harper was our Premiere and a left-wing or environmentally aware party was the federal party. A provincial environmental panel would let it through. Now, we would be wanting a federal panel to make the decision. Maybe the federal government would have some power in stopping it. However, then it would become a campaign of “Look how the federals are trying to wreck the west, interfere with the province, etc”

    I felt similar when a lot of people were happy at the idea of saying goodbye to the RCMP, and making a new police force under provincial jurisdiction, because of the RCMP’s recent behaviour. They assumed that corruption and bad practices could never happen at a provincial level. Having seen the more thuggish attitude of city cops, this wasn’t exactly a glowing idea to me. Again, imagine a Harper-like person in charge of them on provincial level. We would be screaming for a federal police force.

    It is starting to sound like the United States with State rights supposedly being superior to a federal-level government. Different rights and regulations depending on what state you are in.

    Don’t get me wrong, if this helps DIx win the battle over the Enbridge pipeline, I will be happy. However, it doesn’t necessarily win the war in the long run.

    Again, the answer is to correct the methodology, philosophy and attitude of the decision-making process and the decision-makers and the spirit with how the country is run not the geographical region.


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