“And if you call right now, you can get two BC jobs plan for the price of one!” ~ Christy Clark and the ten worst infomercials of all time

God help us.

Not only does she not know that she hasn’t been elected yet ( for those who don’t yet know, in a recent news clip she actually said ” British Columbians elected me.. ” ) but she still thinks government spending is under control and that her government is doing so well, that she actually released a second quarter pat on the back video about it. In fact, she even talks about how well her jobs plan is going.. .despite the fact we lost 15,000 here in BC alone.

Here’s one for the Friday fun file. But hold your drink away from your keyboard when you watch it.


And with that, I think we have a new contender for  one of the Ten worst infomercials in the world.

23 thoughts on ““And if you call right now, you can get two BC jobs plan for the price of one!” ~ Christy Clark and the ten worst infomercials of all time

  1. I think there’s a word missing between ‘can’ and ‘two’. Not trying to be picky just helpful. (But being picky 🙂 perhaps a space between the closing parenthesis and ‘but’) Love your stuff.


    1. I was editing while you wrote this..lol.. thanks for noticing too!! Sometimes I think faster than I can type.. or is it the other way around? Either way, I was laughing so hard it wouldn’t have mattered anyways!


  2. this is a bunch of BS and gross misrepresentation by unelectet christy clark .and her claim to hold the line on spending ? we all know how they and crown coporations like icbc etc.pig out on our tax dollars .sickening !!! i don,t believe a WORD she says


    1. I agree Gill, I wonder how many “takes” it took. There seems to be quite a few “cuts” in the flow of her monologue.
      Her ‘arm chopping” motion to emphasize a point is annoying.
      The slight smirk while delivering the speech negates any believability.
      The statistics that are tossed out there are pure pablum
      …” Our minimum wage is now $10.25 an hour!” ….This means nothing when you consider BC is one of the most expensive provinces in Canada to live in and we still have one of the lowest minimum wages in Canada. The raises in the minimum wage were after years of zero increases, until the minimum wage became a national embarrassment even for the tight fisted Liberals.
      All in all, a poorly editted 7 minutes of propaganda and a waste of taxpayers dollars.
      She should have saved herself the eternal embarrassment of this ‘internet video” that will live on forever in cyberspace and just plunked herslef down in the studio at CKNW and let Bill Good give her a pedicure while he publically kissed her ass as per normal…….


      1. Hey Nonconfidence, don’t knock the arm chopping motion- that’s actually the liberal patented Slice-n-Dice action! Too many teachers? use the Slice-n-Dice to hack a few! An overload of mentally ill or disabled? No Problem,with the Liberal Slice-n-dice you can cut services and funding with one simple motion of your arm….. : )

        Stats Canada recently announced the jobs losses,which in BC equated to 15,000 jobs. Her jobs plan is nothing but a waste of money, as this video was. Jobs at LNG plants are not sustaining the youth in particular, who are leaving BC rapidly for better opportunites, as well as a better chance at post secondary education. In BC, the government fully endorses and supports the flow of foreign students into our universities, displacing local and provincial students who are looked over in favour of those foreign students who pay more and pay in cash. They dont stay here, more often than not, they come here,get their education and go back home, while our students are working two jobs,and getting into mountains of debt and still cant graduate when class selection priority goes to… the foreign students.

        And don’t forget that while she rambles on in that most appalling effort about families first… we still have the highest child poverty rate in BC. In fact,the news last night showed how alarming the lack of food is in food banks now, and kids will be back in school next, week, without lunches or breakfasts provided by food banks to programs and families in need.

        Love your last lines on this comment~~!!!


  3. She should have completed a degree at Simon Fraser when she there, instead of cheating to get elected to the student council!!! Then maybe she would know what she is doing since she would actually have an university education!!


    1. Good point. While I don’t think a degree always makes a good politician, I think her failure to complete her education at any of the universities listed on her bio, speaks volumes when you look at her overall employment record. She quit SFU to run for politics. She quit politics allegedly to take care of her young son, but then quickly returned to run for mayor of Vancouver, unsuccessfully.She worked with her ex-husband at Burrard Communications,overlapping that while working the talk show at CKNW. I actually filed a complaint during that time,because she was still featured on his company website and working at NW at the same time… Burrard was lobbying for the Evergreen Line and She was pimping that evergreen line on her show the entire time. It was appalling, the conflict. Her pumping the line on her show while not disclosing her status and affiliation with Marissens company.I don’t know if they were divorced at that time or not, but regardless he stood directly to benefit from her talking about and promoting that line on her show…

      But I digressed way off track there. She quits CKNW to run for leadership of the Liberals… and now pretends that the people of BC actually elected her… lol….

      It’s all laughable.


  4. All the taxpayer funded infomercials aren’t going to help Christy Clark.
    Poorly written, abysmally delivered, reeks of propaganda……..Voters aren’t buying it.
    How can you tell Christy Clark is lying? Her lips are moving.

    When will we have an opportunity to actually “vote her off the island” . Two years of this is just about all I can stand and now we have the “threat” of the election possibly being postponed until next Fall of longer??? WTF?


  5. You couldn ‘t believe a word she says if her tongue came notarized… this woman has more gall and way over her head in her position of power. If she extends the election the people will take to the streets. Ive never been there but there’s a first for everyone. Liberals=Lies. The NDP and Dix are so quiet and their reply to the state of the finances of the legislature is worrisome. I just wonder if they are up to the job as well..


  6. I wonder how many of those 130,000 smokers that received their ‘free’ nicotine smoking cessation products actually quit smoking and for how long?

    BTW, I hear that the Enbridge lobbyists are working their ‘magic’ on Christy as well now. Maybe she’ll spend some of that side money on a much needed face lift.


    1. i hope she does get a face lift gini. Maybe they can pull that chin skin right over her face so we can’t hear or see her talk any more.


  7. I am beginning to feel sorry for Christie. People expected change but the only “change” was her. The same o, same o, were in the hen house.

    A new program to help small business has been announced but if you or your staff have attended university, you don’t qualify. So that means someone 20 years ago, went to university for a year is out of luck when it comes to applying for the funding


  8. My apologies here Laila, for I am a month late in all my reading of other people’s blog. I came across an original of your Video where the non-Premier is saying that she is making her Second quarterly report and I can’t quite figure our what quarter she’s referring to, because there’s a caption below the video that says something quite different than what she is talking about.

    Like this:
    “Premier Christy Clark’s quarterly video for the second half of 2012, with updates on B.C. government’s two key priorities related to jobs and families to make life more affordable for families in British Columbia.”

    Dear Laila, ….. if a year is broken down into Quarters then…Two quarters would equal One Half.
    Four Quarters would equal One…….. although the BC Liberals do have a unique way of accounting like I’ve never seen done anywhere else.

    The caption to the video implies that she isn’t counting in Quarters, but in Halves. And specifically the SECOND HALF, which means to me that the Game is over, unless the game Christy is playing at, is Two Hours in length.

    Plus there’s the small matter of the Fiscal year of 2012 starting on April 1st, Ending the following year in 2013, on March 31st. So counting in quarters per Calendar Year, there are Three Quarters and One Quarter lands in 2013. Just Curious.


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