“Envy is ignorance.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A note to Liberal MLA Bill Bennett:

Bill Bennett, you must have had an accident on your quad in the mountains… and I hope you recover!!

Can there be any other explanation other than head injury for your insane comments on Jagrup Brar’s trip to Cuba?

Honestly, rather than being outraged at Brar’s very astute observations which are correct, you should be terribly embarressed that Cuba under a Communist regime, has achieved  in part some of what the free enterprise Liberals have not. Communist regime…yes, indeed, it is.. but  forget not that so is the ruling Chinese Communist Party government, one that that jails poets as subversives,harvests organs from Falun Gong political prisoners and still has a propaganda department that controls what the people see, read and access via the net.

And we don’t see the Liberals making any apologies about their rush to schmooze business from China, do we?

Going to open your mouth again Bill? No, I didn’t think so.

Two thumbs down Bill, two thumbs down…


20 thoughts on ““Envy is ignorance.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  1. Wow!
    Bill Bennett attempts to create a political ‘story” out of the ramblings of an NDP’s naive vebal gaffe.

    Bennetts’ babbling reminds me of the flares that the Titanic desperately fired off as it was sinking… The Carpathia thought they were fireworks and ignored them……..

    As if Joe and Jane Sixpack in BC give two shits about the Communist dictatorship in Cuba.
    Bill !
    News for ya! Gas is $1.38 at the pumps. House prices are dropping like a strippers panties, Unemployment is climbing like the price of Chinese immigration applications.
    Nobody cares about NDP statements about CUBA ! 50 % of BC voters probably dont know (or care) where Cuba is unless a hurricane affects the availability of cigars.

    So find another ‘important issue” to get the voters attention off the fact that Christy Clark is going DOWN.


    1. This kind of comment by Bill is what continually demonstrates the desperate level they’ve sunken to. Grasping at straws and spoken without thought on Bills part. Michael Moore’s Sicko even made the comparison of health care between the US and Cuba,who does have universal healthcare.


  2. Awwww.. my old friend Bill blocked me on facebook… this link won’t take you to his facebook page anymore. Must have hit a sore spot.


  3. The link of Bill’s facebook page works Laila, he must have you blocked. Here’s his account link. I’ve refreshed and double checked so maybe he’s taking it personal? GOOD.!!

    Bennet’s the biggest damn idiot of them all. Supports a criminal communist regime (yes, the damn Chinese government again… why can’t we stop talking about them already.. or is that the white elephant in the dragon shop?) and yet he picks on Brar’s comment as being communist sympathizer material.
    Check your own damn party Bennet before you go shooting off that loud, obnoxious mouth of yours.

    Totally agree NVC, and what Joe and Jane Six-pack DO give a shit about is how much it’s costing them to get to the beer store these days, the cost of gas, vehicle licensing and insurance, and how smug the BCLC attendants smirks are as they ring up the purchases for their over-priced alcohol.
    Don’t even get me started on the (illegally inflated) imploding housing bubble, Christy’s Job-less plan for BC’ers and how Beautiful BC became “the best damn whorehouse in Canada”.
    With Christy at the helm, everything’s got a price, even our province. And with Bennet as Christy’s “hand” (throne of kings) or “top lieutenant in her election team”, we’re bound to see some illegal beheadings and lots of mismanagement as they they’ve got buckets in both hands trying to bail out the sinking dingy that is the LIEberals, but telling the people they’re just redistributing the wealth.
    What a fucking joke.

    I think someone wise once said “screw you Bill”. I’ve just repeated it for posterity’s sake.


    1. The funny thing about him blocking me, as you might have read on facebook, is that when he left the liberal caucus under Campbell to sit as an independent,he sent me a facebook friend request within days. I asked him why and he said because he needed some new friends..lol… We had a brief conversation by message that ended with this:

      November 19, 2010
      Bill Bennett

      I have a feeling I have more to learn than you do.

      November 19, 2010
      Laila Yuile

      My door is always open to conversation. But I’ve got to share a quote with you.
      “When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done, have the courage to stand alone and be counted.”
      I’ve done it all my life,it’s never done me wrong. Sometimes standing alone is where things get better.

      .November 19, 2010
      Bill Bennett

      ha! Well i am definitely standing alone and i am very comfortable here alone – actually the feeling of being free of the lemming crowd is quite nice. Thanks Laila. Send me inspiration quotations any time.

      I have never,ever revealed a personal conversation with anyone, and this is a first for me and likely a last since liberals dont tend to confide in me..lol… but Bill is opportunistic like most Liberals and he showed his true lemming colours when he ran back to the caucus when Christy showed up.

      Christy will be happy to know what this lemming thought of his own party and his constituents should be well aware he is not loyal to them, but only to himself.


      1. NICE!!!
        I’m just lmao at that, that’s great!! Talk about exposing oneself.
        Bill.. if you’re reading this, get up and go to a bathroom and look in the mirror. What you see is not what the people of this province want.
        Then give your head a really big shake. Hell, bang it off the sink a few times if you’re of the mind.
        And, here’s a couple relevant “inspirational” quotes for you Bill;

        ~Who lies for you will lie against you.~
        – Bosnian Proverb

        ~A half truth is a whole lie.~
        – Yiddish Proverb

        ~In my day, we didn’t have self-esteem, we had self-respect, and no more of it than we had earned.~
        – Jane Haddam

        ~Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.~
        – Sigmund Freud

        ~don’t go away mad, just go away~
        -modified Motley Crue song lyric


      2. As far as I am concerned Laila, B Bennett And Lekstrom acted no better than $2.00 whores in regards to running back to the Liberals after declaring their independance. I certainly hope that their constituents reward them appropiately when the election rolls around.


  4. It seems to me, Canadians are living in a dictatorship. Once upon a time, Canada was a good and decent country. We were proud of our, Canadian Democracy, our Civil Rights and Liberties, our Freedom of Speech, and our Human Rights. Canadians used to be welcomed around the globe and now, Harper has shamed us. Our pride in being Canadian, is being taken away from us. This isn’t Canada anymore. This is a country, rotten to the core with corruption.

    BC is a province of traitors, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, politics so dirty it makes you gag. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals chose to work for Harper, rather than their own people of BC. I would vacation in Cuba any day before, I would ever set foot in Communist China.


  5. Bill Bennett is such a big piece of…..garbage that he’s not even worth discussing here. We have more important things to discuss than what some brainless, uncouth idiot thinks of Cuba or the NDP.


  6. If communism is so bad then why are we inviting Communist China into B.C. & selling them so much of our natural resources, not to mention bringing in their workers, buying many products.

    One interesting item, Communist China no longer provides free health care, you pay or don’t get treated, much like the U.S.A.. Cuba maybe a communist country but its health care & education services are good compared to other countries which are far richer.

    Many go to Cuba for vacations, even right wingers. Poor Bill just doesn’t get it. “red baiting” is so yesterday, but then so is Poor Bill & his lieberal party.

    Now it is acknowledged that Cuba is a dictatorship but then so is China. You might also want to look at some American laws. It is illegal to “bad mouth” food industries in some American states. You can go to jail for it. You can be held without trial indefinetly in the U.S.A., with out charges, on the say so of the American President. So much for freedom of speech & the denial of a trial by your peers. If some one is guarded by the secret service, in the U.S.A., they can demand people stay away from them, a specific number of feet, or you may be arrested & jailed.

    Cuba doesn’t have much in the way of resources or money but it does the best it can to provide for its population. That can not be said for B.C. WE have only to look at the closing of schools for disabled kids. All they need is $250K but no the B.C. government won’t give it to them. gee, they spend that on lunches.


    1. Good to keep those posts on top, people need it to be in their faces or they tend to forget and move on to the next problem without having dealt with the first one.

      Don’t want an election coming around and people trying to remember ALL the deceit, lies, theft and graft going on in our BC government. Nice to have it logged on one creditable spot for posterity. Thanks Laila.


  7. Now that Falcon is jumping the sinking ship, soon there will only be Snooki and Bennett left for the Fiberals (sorry – I forgot Bond, but she is forgettable) – what a combination of no-brains!
    Is this province ever in trouble, and I fear it’s going to be years before we recover, if ever.


  8. Carpathia was the liner which rescued the survivors from the Titanic. It was another ship named California that saw but ignored the flares.


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