11 thoughts on ““While there’s life, there’s hope” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

  1. You are all very welcome, but thank Bob for sending it to me!! I don’t know, but the speed of it, I think, was intentional.

    When we come to the end of our days, many people are left laying there with regrets, wondering where it all went.. seemingly in the blink of an eye and they perhaps have 70 to 80 years behind them…. this speaks to me deeply of how fast it all goes, and how we must not waste a breathe, a moment or an opportunity. In particular at this point in our history of the world.


  2. Great clip!
    But you better put a warning at the beginning for all the devout christians out there in Abbotsford…..
    They dont believe Man decended from the primordal goo even though Christy Clark is living proof…….


  3. LoL ncv.. that’s a good point. A theological discussion (which, for some reason inevitably leads to shouting and pushing, go figure) isn’t something we want Christy to sidetrack to.
    That’s one thing that should never mix (but it’s so integrated now it’s impossible to separate) and that’s church and state.

    And thanks to VirginBob for the wicked video, kudos!


  4. We have certainly set ourselves up our destruction. We are living on a very angry planet, that will eventually get rid of us.

    This reminds me of the VRE super bug in our dirty hospitals, that transfers to patients. Once you have it, there is no way to get rid of it. Same inside the hospitals. You are fortunate to get out of the hospital, without being VRE positive. Patients with weakened immune systems from illness, have a several fold chance of dying. This happened to my very best friend. There are I.C.U. wards in hospitals around the world, that will not accept patients that are VRE positive.

    Once the tipping point happens on our earth, you can’t go back. There is the fool Harper, who wants to race to the High Arctic and pollute up there as fast as he can. Top scientists around the world say. The tar sands have the potential, to destroy the planet. Harper’s own personal Scientists will say, there is no such thing as global warming. The dirty tar oil pollutes nothing. That the huge Athabasca watershed, isn’t contaminated with heavy metals, mercury nor cancer causing agents. There are no deformed fish in Athabasca Lake. The F.N. village isn’t dying of cancer, especially the very rare cancer of, exposure to petroleum. Caribou and Buffalo meat, don’t taste so bad, the F.N. people can’t even eat the meat.

    I read…Man is the most destructive animal on earth…and the most stupid one at that. Our wild critters and our marine creatures, don’t foul their own nests. Humans do that for them.


    1. Julie,
      Have you ever seen a pidgeon nest? A bears’ den? A crocodiles’ den? They are equally as filthy as man and his foolish nonorganic filth. Animals aren’t as deliberately filthy.
      For example, I have sat through lunchtime seminars on recycling and at the end of the speeches….aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass, all either dumped into the garbage with the non recycleables (even when the recycling bin is right next to the garbage bin)
      OR left on the tableswhere they were emptied.
      Come ON people! Pick up after yourselfs for Christs sake.
      People dont care. The Anonimity of meetings, crowds, etc. create a type of mindset that encourages sloth or worse( Van. riots as an example)
      People arent filthy. People arent stupid(generally speaking)
      People are LAZY.
      Smokers finish their cigarette and an ashtray is right beside them, Flick! Gone onto the sidewalk. Yeah, thats what us nonsmokers want to see……hundreds of butts lying around….
      Finished eating that hotdog with a pop and you no longer need a napkin and a garbage can is 10 feet away? Drop both items like there poison!
      Gum? Everwhere……
      Who ever invented gum should have their gravestone SMOTHERED in it so that no one can ever know who they were…….
      But of course, none of these actions are done when other people are paying attention.
      Unless the average person is directly (financially) affected by their actions they dont give a shit about anyone else.
      Thats it. in a nutshell.
      People can say they love this planet but tell that to the Vancouver City workers that have to clean up TONS of garbage every year after the Fireworks


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