“A government for the people… not at the expense of the people”

New Huffpost BC blog post up.. to be posted here tomorrow !! http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/laila-yule/kevin-falcon-craig-james-bc_b_1840513.html

One thought on ““A government for the people… not at the expense of the people”

  1. Good post Laila, right on the mark.

    Gordon Campbell is the culprit who started, grand theft BC. Christy has continually added, to the horrific debt in this province. Nor do we forget Harper’s part in the destruction of this province. I doubt any of the Liberals will run for election. There is nothing left of BC to govern. All our assets and resources have been thieved and sold. There is just a horrific huge debt, the BC Liberals have left. That’s why they don’t want to run for election, BC is dead and they know that. All our tax dollars have been stolen and wasted, right down to nail salon beauty treatments. What money is there left to work with?

    Same thing with Harper and his Conservatives, abuse of our tax dollars. They steal our money, and blame the people, for their waste. Sounds like Canada could split up. Quebec has a good chance of separating, so it is said. Strangely, no-one seems to care. This country isn’t Canada anymore anyway. Quebec is perhaps wise to be their own little country, they won’t get swallowed up, by the big gulp. BC Mary was so right. Looks like, Canada will be a big state of, the good old U.S.A.


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