And the week’s not officially over yet…

Just when I thought nothing more could happen in politics this week, John Cummins places the cherry on top by comparing himself to Jesus Christ in reference to the internal party discontent and leadership review:

“I hate to use a biblical reference but Christ had 12 apostles and one turned him in,” Cummins said.

“We share the same initials but I can’t rise from the dead and I can’t get unanimity on the board. I wouldn’t expect to be able to. He couldn’t. I can’t.”

Wow… ok then John.  Note how he “hates to use a biblical reference”.. but doesn’t stop his mouth and does it anyways. Perhaps one of the most unfortunate choices for a self comparison I’ve heard… ever. Politics and religion do not mix, but if Cummins can figure out how to turn water into wine he might win over 3/4 of this province really fast.. : )

Moving right along.. the wonderful RossK has a new post up this morning that is a must read on the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, pulling on some very interesting research done by David Schreck a while back:

“When asked if its 70,000 “supporters” are eligible to elect who is on its board of directors, he Tweeted that only the directors are eligible to elect directors! In other words, the $3.4 million in donations received by CTF is under the direction of five people who elect themselves and choose whoever they want to fill any vacancy; no one else has any control over the organization. Of course, donors could withdraw their contributions if they became unhappy, but how many of those donors know that the Taxpayers Federation has a self-perpetuating board of directors with no accountability to a membership base? Its website reports: “CTF offices field hundreds of media interviews each month, hold press conferences and issue regular news releases, commentaries, online postings and publications to advocate the common interest of taxpayers. CTF representatives speak at functions, make presentations to government, meet with politicians, and organize petition drives, events and campaigns to mobilize citizens to affect public policy change.” How many media or politicians know that the CTF is governed by five people who have the power to elect themselves and are not accountable to anyone else? ”

Well, isn’t that something?  And it’s fair to say that many more people are looking beyond BC spokesperson Jordon Bateman’s  ” folksy way and wry smile”, as noted by Charlie Smith recently, to both his past position in the BC Liberals, and the lack of transparency and accountability of this ” taxpayer-funded” organization. Take a look and tell me what you think: Should the federation reveal their donors like politicians have to? Are they right leaning or unbiased?

Last but not least,  the Tahltan Nation have set up a road block south of Dease Lake to oppose the Red Chris Mine, which is an open pit mine project crucial to Christy Clark’s job plan.

” members of the Tahltan Nation have set up a road block on Highway #37, 80 km south of Dease Lake, BC at the Tatogga Lake Resort. The Red Chris Mine is within the territory of the Tahltan Nation who have occupied territory since time immemorial.

The specific area where the Red Chris Mine is being constructed is home to many species of animals including Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose and Caribou. The Tahltans depend upon these animals for subsistence and believe that the mine will destroy the animal’s habitat and calving grounds that is sacred to the Tahltans.

The Tahltan leadership has spoken out strongly against the mine and criticized the BC mine permitting process that is viewed as corrupt. The BC Liberal Government has given free rein to mining companies leaving the environment vulnerable to contamination and disruption.

Tahltans have serious concerns with the design of the tailings ponds and the potential for leakage and wide scale environmental disasters that will result should tailings leak into the environment. At the Tahltan Central Council Annual General Assembly held in July 2012 a resolution was passed to develop a No Red Chris Campaign to oppose the Red Chris Mining Project.

Two Tahltan women Kukdookaa and Adanza’a will be at the blockade with other elders and concerned Tahltans handing out information and educating those traveling along Highway #37 about the critical issues facing the Tahltans and their homelands.

Adanza’a is a 73 year old great grandmother on the blockade to protect her homeland for her grandchildren so that they can enjoy what we have today without the destruction mining will bring. She said that, “Our ancestors fought and died for our homeland to protect our way of life for us and the least we can do is fight for our rights and the rights of generations to come.

Kukdookaa is also a grandmother who believes in fighting for the rights of the Tahltan Nation and will go to any length to protect the Tahltan people, wildlife, fish, and the environment. “It is irresponsible of the BC Government to provide permits while serious issues remain unresolved with the people who occupy the area.” Wild game outfitters, resort owners and other business people also have concerns with the location of the road and the disruption to wildlife and the pristine wilderness.”

The Tahltan nation makes  a very important point: the Liberal government has given free rein to not only mining companies,but to corporate friends in my sectors. In large part,democratic process in this province has been corrupted by corporate influence, and both  the environmental review process  and permit process has become degraded and ineffectual. Couple that with a lack of monitoring and oversight and you have a recipe for disaster.

It’s not hard to see we are entering a new time in British Columbia, one that is going to test both politicans and the people alike. Blockades, protests and civil disobedience are in some cases, the only avenues left to stop contentious projects ( not  unlike Enbridge) that have been approved via a faulty process.

With that, I’ve had all the politics I can take this week so I’m out of here for now, but will check in tonight to see what you all think about this Friday roundup!

9 thoughts on “And the week’s not officially over yet…

  1. Hmmm… I seem to recall a biblical reference that goes something like “they publicly declare they know{Jesus} but they disown him by their works.” Go figure…


  2. CTF. Fraser Institute. CD Howe. Where do those donations come from? Let’s start here:

    And an article from Rolling Stone magazine:
    If the Koch brothers didn’t exist, the left would have to invent them. They’re the plutocrats from central casting – oil-and-gas billionaires ready to buy any congressman, fund any lie, fight any law, bust any union, despoil any landscape, or shirk any (tax) burden to push their free-market religion and pump up their profits.


  3. I’m afraid that Herman Munster and his ” disciples ” are far more dangerous than the Liberals and their corruption. The BCCP needs a major shake up before they will be fit to govern, if ever.


    1. Great offense at the insult to Herman.Herman Munster who was a made up human, that included a brain , who also acted with wit and intelligence while JC and his disciples apparently opted out when the working brain option was offered.


  4. Gordon Campbell began, grand theft BC. He is also the root, of the corrupt, evil rot in BC. Christy carried on, and added to Campbell’s corrupt regime. Nor, do we forget Harper’s part, in the utter ruination of BC.

    Cummin’s claims to be a Christian and he favors Harper? However, so does Harper claim to be a Christian. Where Harper has hidden his Christianity, beats the hell out of me. No Christian would would favor the likes of Campbell. Harper and Campbell, skulk into BC, and skulk out as fast as they can. Their dirty deeds, they signed behind our backs, revolts every good and decent citizen in BC. Harper and Campbell would make perfect cell mates. They are identical in their, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics and they cheat to win.

    The citizens of BC stand with the F.N. in everything they do, to preserve this province of it’s, beauty, our woodland wildlife, fish, marine creatures, our lakes, rivers, streams and the land. They are, our unpaid stewards of our eco systems. They are our early warning, of eco disaster in BC, that is coming to BC. The F.N. People are in a constant battle, to protect their food sources from government greed. The anger in BC, is running pretty high. The map posted by Enbridge, sans the islands, kicked the anger up more than a few notches.


    1. I have noticed that the uber Christian are programmed to be Conservative minded. It’s easy to program or indoctrinate children when young and it’s quite sad to take away their independent thought processes at the same time.
      As far as the CTF, they are less biased than I thought. They have been less than friendly to the Campbell/Clark regime of late. I do applaud them for discussing the outrageous pensions of the appointed friends of the Lib caucas. Why do washed up politicians think it’s ok to receive massive pension benefits before age 65 when private citizens do not!


  5. Another deeply religious party leader is Elizabeth May. She wants to be an Anglican priest one day. Maybe after she is the prime minister.


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