September 1st.


If there ever was a day in which
to stop in fields of golden grass
raise your arms and spread them
feel the salty smoky breeze that
tickles the tendrils of your hair,
licking your face with hints of pungent apple
leaves turned redyellowgold here
and there
highlighting summer like the truthful whites
in my viking blonde
revealing signs of coming  changes…
no leafs drop yet
and yet…
my heart skips at the wind
that is
different today.
Laila Yuile 2012.

11 thoughts on “September 1st.

  1. Ahhhh Sept. weather like the Summer AND the Fall. Great time of year.
    I went for a hike today up to the Joffrey Lakes.
    The weather was perfect, no bugs and apparently I wasnt the only person with the same idea. When i returned to the parking lot it was full, as was the overflow parking lot, as was the road for several hundred yards.
    Great poem Laila and enjoy the rest of the weekend……


    1. Good to know about since I had been thinking to head out there myself until I heard it was featured in the paper last week, I wondered if it might be very busy!!

      September is the best of summer and fall….. enjoy your weekend too!!


      1. THAT explains the gong show! One of the last few Provincial parks that allows dogs….but probably not for much longer. Dog shit everywhere on the trail.
        Insanity. A steep, root filled, hike with several areas where a dog could fall and be a major pain to rescue. There were people will pitt bulls, umpteen german shepards, Lapdogs by the dozen, heinz 57’s, but my personal head shaking moment was the two HUGE Great Danes that were followed by two white scottish terriers…..all four with the same cute couple? WTF?
        And then of course were the hikers with music ear buds completely oblivious to everyone and the fact that they were holding up the “people train” (ever heard of bears people?). One fellow had a huge knapsack, he was also carrying, inflatable matresses, water bottles, a getto blaster and to make things a tad more difficult, he was wearing cheap, rubber flip flop sandals.
        Yup. a gong show……. Beautiful spot but I’ll never go there on a weekend again.


  2. Ah, the promise of change…….music to my ears. Not a change in the weather, but a change in our government. Did you see our ‘Pussy Galore’ on Global this morning? Looks like she’s been spending way too much time at the trough of late.

    Oh, that was nasty! Back to the weather………it was the perfect day for a train ride. My sweet daughter took me on the Kettle Valley Railway at Summerland. It was fabulous! I would recommend it to anyone. After the ride, our train was ‘robbed’ by the Garnet Valley Gang (a group of ‘cowboys’ on horseback who are actually a non-profit organization that donates all its ‘loot’ to charities here in the valley). Then it was back to the station for a gourmet barbecue dinner. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

    Happy Labour Day , Laila & all!


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