Returning Monday September 10th with new stories, new posts.

Generally speaking, summer is a bit of dead zone for political stories, however this summer has been a non-stop series of eyebrow raising news items that have continued right into September.

I’ve taken a bit of break for the last week and a half to concentrate on the back to school transition, but will be back next Monday  with some stories on the Port Mann among other items. Rumour is new transportation minister Polak might be stripping or pushing back tolls altogether in order to get re-elected in her riding, since tolls are a huge issue here for everyone south of the Fraser and the Liberals need all the help they can get. We’ll also take a look back at other projects the Liberals have screwed British Columbians over on, via the lucrative shadow tolls that line corporate pockets.. if you’ve forgotten, or are still not aware of how Falcon and crew committed the province to 20 years + of payments to offshore and out of province corporations.

I’ll also be taking a look at why independent candidates are incredibly important in the next election here in B.C. and how they can keep the governing party and opposition in check.

That and more, next week! Until then, get out of the house and enjoy this fantastic late summer weather while you can, and enjoy the beautiful BC scenery like I did recently…

10 thoughts on “Returning Monday September 10th with new stories, new posts.

  1. Thanks Laila. Look forward to your posts.
    So they strip or roll back the tolls. BUT, for how long? Until after the next election I guess. ANYTHING TO WIN. Lies, deceit, selloffs and payoffs, that’s all this bumch is good at.
    And, I totally agree with your comment about independent candidates. We must not rule them out. Maybe we need minority governments right across this nation. Keeps everyone on their toes then doesn’t it?


    1. No Curt, it will be like all the other promises they have made, elect us and we will cancel the tolls, elect us and we will lower the HST. You get my drift I hope. Cheers.


  2. Agreed Gary T. Like I will not sell BC Rail. I will not tear up negotiated contracts. It wasn’t on the radar.
    And the list goes on as Laila has put on the top of her blog “100 Reasons the BC Liberals must go”.


        1. Unfortunately , we voters dont have a lot of options.
          Vote for a corrupt liberal regime.
          Vote for a fiscally incompetant NDP cabal.
          Or dont vote as a “protest”
          I’m leaning towards the “dont vote”
          These politicians dont deserve the hour of my life spent traveling to a polling booth.
          When a party emerges that actually cares about voters then I’ll care to vote.
          If that makes me ‘pathetic”, so be it.
          At least I’m not “complicit” with the sham that poses as democracy these days.


  3. However, not voting at all can effectively be considered a vote for a party you dont support at all, if the numbers are right.

    New post is going to be delayed a bit ,connectivity issues bigtime today,seems a lot of site are having similar problems.


  4. That is where your “Independent” MLA comes in hopefully – though in BC, it sure isn’t a perfect world.
    If a no vote, then don’t complain what we end up with for a government as you really give up your rights.
    Australia has it right – no vote you get fined for ignoring what was fought so hard for, many years ago – much of which is taken for granted by the majority of voters.


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