Christy being authentically authentic in China raises questions.

Thank goodness I’ve resolved all technical issues, seems the takedown of Godaddy by Anonymous had a trickle down effect around the world. Anyways, stay calm and carry on and all that…but  it’s too late for your post today so watch for that tomorrow.

However, I did just notice this coming in over Twitter….. Oh look, it’s our still unelected premier, Christy Clark, being authentic and whatever in China, talking about families and all that warm fuzzy stuff. And are those new glasses? Oh, how authentic! How intellectual! How….. how Christy.

“You know those trade opportunities are all about  families first and you know it doesn’t bother us about doing business with a government that you know, is trying hard to take over all Canadian resources and you know that’s ok, because its jobs and that means good things for families, and we need to expand the ports and look at this big bridge!! “  OK, she didn’t really say that but really, enough of her monotonous slogan already.

As you may have heard, Christy has announced the opening of a new trade office in Hong Kong. That’s all great and dandy, maybe we’ll get more foreign companies to open more mines here and bring in more Chinese workers… opps, sorry, that’s not BC families first though, is it ?

I digress. All of this concerns me a bit, for a few reasons.

One, economists around the world have been increasingly sounding the alarm on the state of the Chinese economy and it thought that a big slump is headed their way in 2013. That bodes ill for countries or provinces relying on Asian economics to boost our local economies. In fact, in light of disappointing financial news from that country, the Chinese president just warned that a further slowdown is coming after it was revealed that China’s imports shrank in August.

Second, after doing extensive research for the Playing with the Dragon posts on Canada/China relations, policy and the active involvement of the Chinese government in our federal government, I have serious concerns about how these trips to China are being conducted.

With seemingly every government but our own ( federally and provincially) taking the very real threat of Chinese espionage seriously, one must wonder if our premier and her consorts, take the same precautions many corporate and government travellers to China take.

Do we bring our own translators ? Or do our government officials use the ones provided, most graciously, by the Chinese government, who have been alleged to be anything but translators – a ploy that has worked quite well in the past for monitoring what foreign governments and business are speaking about amongst themselves.

Is our premier and her staff aware that in China, … “All hotel rooms and offices are considered to be subject to onsite or remote technical monitoring at all times. Hotel rooms, residences, and offices may be accessed at any time without the occupants’ consent or knowledge… All means of communication — telephones, mobile phones, faxes, e-mails, text messages, etc. — are likely monitored.” .. as per the China 2012 Crime and Safety Report: Beijing ?

While I am sure the premier isn’t carrying around any potentially sensitive information in her laptop, ipad or cellphone, one can’t discount what any government information might be used for or what it would be worth to a foreign company or government such as China. Considering the lengths many executives and governments are taking when they must do business in China, it’s worth examination of our governments procedures, in particular when our premier is opening another trade office there – a prime target for monitoring if ever there was one – considering the increasing presence of Chinese government connected companies operating in Canada, and in British Columbia.

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  1. Considering that China is supplying our telcom infrastructure and possibley our smart meter components, I can’t help but wonder if that horse hasn’t already left the gate?


  2. Hi Laila, Seems nothing has changed in over a year. Readers are still disgruntled over ‘no new jobs’, ‘no local hires’, huge concessions for ‘imported labour’, etc.
    It is worse than discouraging, and if I seem to ramble on at times, its because I’ve turned to drink! I seem to pass out earlier every day, which results in my waking up earlier every day. And everyone knows its not polite to be a drunk at 10 in the morning!
    I read all the popular blogs – you, Norm, Harvey, Tsukumas etc and all I ever get are comments re-enforcing my outrage. This has been going on for two years or more! When are we going to DO something about it? I know. When the next election comes around! Yeah, sure, we’ll teach those thieving bastards that they can’t f**k about with us! We’ll vote them out of office!!!
    And then what? The incoming won’t have enough resources to fund an inquiry into SFA.
    The best punishment for this current gang of thieves would be to vote them back in – the last thing they expect – and see how they squirm through the next four years with nothing to thieve.

    You are bang on about Chinada’s dieing economy. Why do they keep appropriating OUR resources? Do you mean that when God was distributing resources he forgot about a land mass twice as large as ours? Doesn’t China have ANY forests, natural gas, coal, oil resources of its own? Seems as if there might be a ploy to exhaust the rest of the globe’s resources so they can control the price on them all!
    Okay, enough for now. If I was more erudite and less pissed I could go on a lot longer! But just got my utility bill and found out my home is worth half of its assessed value and my son is paying 8% interest on his $150,000 student loan and I am PISSED!!
    Have a nice day.


    1. Very astute comment for the most part John.. : ) Yes, China is said to be sitting one of the biggest shale gas reserves in the world, if not the biggest… have bought up Australia’s LNG… Australia has also recently alleged to have opened their eyes to the Chinese gov intelligence threat, Chinese govt connected companies buying out our corporations, as Kim mentioned above, and supplying tech to our military…. Harper working on deeper trade integration with Asia… still not sure what that entails… and now we have Christy flying over again, second trip in a short and unsuccessful time as acting premier… having tea with someone who owns a good portion of Vancouver.

      I would be more concerned, as points out, about NOT sending raw logs to China that could be feeding mills here in BC. Not allowing foreign students to displace BC born students. Not allowing foreign workers to work in our mines among other items. More concerned with promoting and finding ways to help BC businesses thrive and grow, and support small business all over this province, rather than flying at great expense over to China only to become the butt of jokes at her lack of priorities. Businesses in BC provide jobs for BC people, unfortunately when we allow so much crap into the province that locals cant compete with, we lose what valuable BC jobs we have created.


  3. Stealing a page from Desert Storm….. the software/hardware in the electronic equipment was all USA and it was all sitting in the bad guys head offices of the army, air force and navy….and government. The USA were tapped right into the opposition.

    Could it be with all of the electronic equipment coming out of China…….all the espionage is no longer solely USA domain alone, but rather…. China’s? …..including Christy’s


    1. The Chinese government has a long and storied history with espionage to gain the upper edge in technology, and in foreign government influence. Look at the second Dragon story- we have a lobbying organization with the Chinese government actively helping to shape foreign policy in our country. How much more alarming could it get,unless you have a newbie premier over in China handing out business cards completely oblivious to all of this. Of course, she is a federal liberal…. trying to be sucky with Harper. That already shows shes a flip.


  4. Opening a new office in Hong Kong is she? I wonder who gets to have that little perk? If we can’t keep our hospitals clean & we can’t stop having the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 8 consecutive years; & don’t have enough money to pay government employees a wage which at least keeps up with inflation then what the hell is she doing spending more money on a “trade” office in Hong kong?

    I can’t wait to vote her out of office. I wouldn’t worry about not having enough money to fund an enquiry into anything. You most likely could get very good qualified volunteers to work for a buck just to find out what went on. I for one would be most happy to work in any capacity to ensure the enquiries went ahead & I’d do it for free.


    1. Thank you Brian -coming from you,high praise.We must not stop asking these questions and bringing this to light. There us much amiss in Canada, and in BC and it has much to do with foreign influence. You are an inspiration. For those of you who don’t know Brian is the former diplomat who blew the whistle and exposed corruption at the consulate in Hong Kong,extensive corruption, which instigated the now infamouse Sidewinder investigation the RCMP and government ended up covering up and trying to discredit.


  5. Something that has been bothering me of late with China buying major parts of the tarsands, oil companies and now the pipeline itself with Enbridges structuring the building of it by selling 50% to other entities. Joe oliver claiming this means hundreds of millions over thirty years for government coffers when the profits will reach hundreds of billions? Does not this resource belong to Canadians?? How it it these people realize billions of dollars on our resources?? Does the fact that they dig it up make it theirs to sell or am I missing something?
    If I sell a car and let someone take care of the sale does that mean I forego my ownership of it and forfeit all to them?
    Do I just let them sell MY oil to china and forfeit my right to it?


    1. This is a real and concerning issue and I am far from alone from expressing grave concerns about a loss of sovereignty in Canada, when it comes to how much of our lands and resources fall into foreign, primarily Chinese ownership, with companies that are connected to the Chinese Government. Terry Glavin, Andrew Nikiforuk and others have written extensively about this as well. Its unfathomable the direction our federal government is taking. When we have Chinese state owned companies participating in policy decision making with our feds, theres an alarm bell if I ever heard one. Clearly it is impossible to refrain from doing business with such an economic superpower. Much of what we use or own comes from China in some manner, whether by component or direct manufacture. However lets do that business with open eyes and security. Not brazen pandering via the nonstop dangling and invitations to come exploit our resources.

      And with this story now out….. we have much more to be concerned about. China does not behave in a reciprocal manner with business interests.

      From that article: ” “For example, while Canada has been approved by the Chinese as a destination for institutional investment, by contrast, the Chinese market is largely closed to foreign portfolio investment. ” Thats an understatement,lets see a Canadian company head over there to buy some of Chinas vast natural resources in the LNG department…not happening.


  6. WTF! I am angry!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for the profanity Laila, but the next generation of BC’ers do not know, nor do they seem to care what is going in our world. They pay ZERO attention to the exploitation of their commons, which THEY OWN. They seem oblivious to the mega corporations stealing from them, and their Government is content to GIVE AWAY their public assets, NOR do they seem to CARE.

    When they wake up, it will all be gone. We as a society are falling very quickly into the dark ages.

    Rio Tinto, after their on again off again smelter RENEWAL, are complaining about not being able to hire enough skilled employees. If they and their predecessors had not played games for the last two decades, there may have been ample applicants for their potential job openings.

    I’m with John Aghast on this one! I need a drink!!!

    And, yes I am more concerned about NOT sending raw logs to China, that could be feeding mills here in BC. What about sending those logs from the Skeena area (instead of shipping them to China) to Burns Lake?

    Christy continues to prove that she has those things that are not even useful to bulls!!!!


  7. Good piece Laila,

    This whole thing grows more insane by the day.

    The Herald runs a story today claiming the Northern Gateway dispute follows Redford and Clark to China as the two of them co host the opening of this office which was announced over a year ago when they did the NWPA (Northwest Partnership Agreement) AKA TILMA on steroids.

    Oddly however, this exact agreement (NWPA/TILMA) details in very plain and frank language that Clark cannot carve any more cash out of these pipeline projects, or move to prevent them as she has threatened to do, which is the entirety the “dispute that follows them to China.” IF she does the NWPA/TILMA kicks in and BC is on the hook for up to 5 million dollars in penalties per infraction.

    Did you get that? The very same trade agreement that included the opening of the Shanghai office, for which the two of them are co hosting the grand opening of, has clauses Clark’s own government negotiated that removes any ability Clark may have to either stop the pipeline or request more money. Which is the entirety of the so called “dispute that follows them to China” as the headline reads.

    Northern Gateway pipeline dispute follows feuding Alberta, B.C. premiers on China trade mission


    It stuns me to no end how bold and brazen our domestic mainstream media is. Printing such drivel based on the fact they presume everyone is ignorant to these facts.

    Simply mind boggling!


    1. Kevin, you’ve done an exemplary job of highlighting the lack of knowledge Christy has,well, about anything.

      But now you have my interest really piqued. I’ve only given these agreements a cursory read, in fact I think they are both on my 100 reasons list above and I have written about them previously, in regards to the implications, however if those agreemens state you cant prevent them either…. than how does that impact Dix and his eventual plan to block the pipeline if need be, by legally denying permits based on his made in BC review? Topic for another blog post I think, no?


      1. No.

        In fact, what Dix is doing is precisely the opposite.

        You should read the agreements.

        As it stands with both the equivalency agreement and TILMA, our hands are tied and we are unable to do what Christy said. Which was deny power and permits. Dix did raise thiese points, but not as action items but as all that is left in Provincial jurisdiction. Never did he say that is what he would do, he only said that is all that we can do and he then appointed the legal team to look into these issues and decide the best course of action, which happens to be precisely what I have been saying we need to do. However Christy unequivocally claimed she would ” stop the pipelin based on withholding permits and power” despite her governments own work to ensure if she does were all screwed.

        After receiving the legal teams recommendations what Dix has done is said he will cancel the equivalency agreement, which works to restore our jurisdiction and avoid penalties. However just cancelling the EA on its own as some have suggested does little fi anything. In fact,cancelling it gives the last vestige of any say away, as it currently stands, which is why he announced cancelling the agreement alongside a Made in BC Review. On this front we have restored jurisdiction, in other words, a legal leg to stand on that does not constitute a TILMA infraction. Whereas blocking the deal with permits or other land use decisions at any level of government does.

        Does that make sense?

        Restoring our legal rights is not an infraction. However the government using tools at its disposal as obstacles, clearly is – without any doubt an infraction of TILMA – And given the size and scope of the project such actions as Christy has taken, would likely result in the stiffest penalty of 5 Miilion dollars PER infraction.

        The point I initially raised here, in my post above on your blog, is the fact that the current leader seems completely ignorant of these facts. When it takes about 5 minutes of research to understand them. The language of no obstacles is on the third page of the TILMA agreement and the office her and Redford are opening is based on the same, updated version of that agreement. The utter incompetence and overt media complicity is stunning.

        Anyhow, you could work to spin it against Adrian. But I find that to be a real stretch given that he has clearly and unequivocally come out against the pipeline reiterated that position when he announced the revoking the Equivalency Agreement and announced not just a BCEAO assessment but an altogether new process which undoubtedly would result in a no given the obvious downsides from a BC perspective. The bottom line is, we have found away to restore our sovereignty and stop the project with out being penalized.

        I wrote several weeks ago on Common Sense Canadian, that the key to avoiding TILMA penalties is revoking the Equivalency Agreement, which is what I believe you are asking here, and that was based on considerable research into these issues. I could not find another way of actually restoring our legal capacity to do anything and avoid TILMA penalties. The work of the Liberals to bound and gag British Columbians was so thorough the only way was to undue that agreement as the rest of the pertinent language is bound in law, the Equivalency Agreement however was not and could be retracted.

        Hope that helps.


        1. Ok well, a couple of weeks ago Dix himself said that they would look to individual permits if Harper tried to push it through and that this withdrawing and taking back jurisdiction would allow them to do that….. which is why I am asking.

          ” Dix emphasized that the B.C. cabinet can overrule its own environmental review, just as the federal cabinet can. A provincial review of technical issues would have to be carried out to justify refusing provincial permits, he said.”

          Not trying to spin anything Kevin, trying to find out where it all fits. Your prior comment made it sound like denying permits at all was cause for an infraction or penalty under TILMA.


        2. Its a valid question you have here Laila.

          I made the specific point of saying that Dix originally stated that permits and power are all that is left in Provincial jurisdiction as a result of the Equivalency Agreement.

          And as this quotes says a provincial review is required to justify doing so.

          So this not contradictory to what I am saying but rather It supports what I am saying.

          A Made in BC Review cannot stop the project in and of itself if Harper decides to ram it through. We are getting into hypotheticals here as it is my belief that Harper will not do that, but if a Made in BC Review says no, and Harper refuses our jurisdictional choice to stop it and overrules this process, then once again all we have is what is left in our jurisdiction which is permits. At that point we can point to the review process as justification which will turn the tables on TILMA penalties because it is a result of the Federal government’s decision to overrule jurisdiction. In other words we have valid reason to withhold permits, based on an environmental review with legal capacity to stop the issuance of permits. Therefore we are not using it as an obstacle but rather upholding our jurisdiction predicated on a legal review.

          That is much different than Clark. Who has signed away the legal right to do anything and has threatened using permits and power as an obstacle to stop the project while demanding more money.

          Her approach results in penalties. The other approach does not.


    1. Lol.. ah so you have heard of the lucky money gifts common in such circles and events? And not golden covered chocolate coins. Yes, my point exactly. I believe by goverment policy, cash gifts must be denied and not accepted, and any other gifts must be reported.We shall see when she returns.But by the looks of another photo, we know why her office buys so much wine!


  8. Kwans not a player- it she’s so unaware of how the rest of the world deals with the Chinese government fine.Fact is Laila is spot on the mark.Our company does business there and we don’t take our regular laptops or phones,exactly like the article she links to.It is all about the upperhand. I do hope our Christy is taking appropriate measures but her loose lips scare the hell out of me frankly.Lord knows what she’s promised on our behalf.


    1. Kwan is not the focus of this story – however Christy’s performance in China is something to behold. She participated in a panel…

      I am still not sure why,since she brought and offered ZERO to the discussion of any merit, other than mentioning BC has 5 LNG plants in the offing,then correcting herself to three. However we do now have 5 plans in the works for LNG plants : two new plants are proposed for northern BC and a new large pipeline. Bob Mackin also noticed at one point she took off her glasses, then looked down at her notes… lol..

      The panel she particpated in was very interesting for the insight it offered into foreign shale gas markets.

      Here is the issue. China isnt extracting their massive shale gas reserves because of technology, which is not really a problem that cant be overcome quickly, but what is a problem for them is water.Water is a valuable commodity in China and doubtful they can waste any on fracking which uses extraordinary amounts. Or so they claim. I could see them building another dam for such a purpose..

      This leads us back to BC… and where exactly all the water is coming from for all the fracking and processing of the shale gas. Christy has flat out said it cant be done without Site C, and I see her and Coleman aggressively pushing this as far as they can before they leave us. This makes pressuring the NDP for something solid and committed, and as Rafe recently wrote, they need to reveal their energy plan now. Fracking has been going on for years without any real oversight or monitoring in this province. The NDP have given conditional support and state we need a review of the industry. I think the people of BC deserve to know a bit more than that considering this new development.


  9. Laila, One thing that caught my attention was the gentleman explaining that that after 25 years of development and infastrucure in their own country the U.S. is talking possibly exporting some of it’s natural gas. That’s the difference of sustainability.
    China will sit on it’s resources while people like Canada can’t sell off fast enough and ignore benifitting Canadians. They know it’s only a matter of time before our water will follow.
    For canadian politicians to argue otherwise is pure hypocracy while we are importing most of the gas at our pumps.
    The only infastructure planned to our tax dollars is whatever is required to get our resources on a fast boat to China.


    1. Excellent comment Don. That is what I found so interesting. Why are we so backwards? We ship our raw logs…while men here go without work. Go figure. Boatloads over to China out of Port Alberni.


  10. Mr. Harper is acting like a little boy and is really harming Canada by doing so. The people of B.C. voted out his HST and now we loose needed services such as the Kitsilano coast guard.
    People place too much importance on what they say will result in penalties or other reprecussions
    for not following these backroom deals they call Tilma or Wilma, there is more to it than that. They hope that you will not cause them to have to use this power and just give into the bluff that it exists and heade to their wishes. The bottom line though is something different. If penalties of five million dollars per infraction were actually imposed on the people of B.C. for simply trying to preserve their coastal industries and their unique environment, for standing up for the wilderness and all it’s life, for doing it against the profits of a few than Mr Harper will be finished as prime Minister and he knows it..If he indeed is ready to take things to that level he is more of a gambler than I would give him credit for, I don’t think he is. Better to know when to fold them.
    If we hold our ground we can save this province! We don’t have to play these games .


  11. The are also shipping raw logs out of vancouver harbour in containers so no one can see them,also Nootka Sound and several other out of sight out of mind spots.Shutting down our mills and screwing our people out of good tax paying jobs dosn’t make much sense to me.I saw a report that said China’s mills were better and more up to date,then they showed one ….my dad had a better mill than that in the fifties,what a joke


  12. With crissy cameras background of holding no secrets , as in BC Rail, I don’t think the Chinese should not have much of a problem finding anything out without going to the bother of reading her laptop.
    As for her trip easily explained in that as of next year she will need employment. The sweat shops over there could squeeze her in as a special favor for all she has done.After all Families First.


  13. Agreed, its appalling.She is milking it for all shes worth.

    Most of the Liberal MLA’s seem to be doing just that!



    1. Indeed!! I posted this to facebook but had to run… thanks for bringing it over. I had to laugh when I read it… Gee you think? Really ? Apparently the BC Government is just cluing in to what I’ve been saying and writing about for at least 6 months… China is headed for a crunch and perhaps Christy should start reading some financial papers without her glasses on so she gets it right.

      ( I forsee a spoof of the old BC eggs commercial… ” Let’s get fracking!” about why fracking is so good for… )


    1. Unfortunately, Harper doesn’t listen at all to CSIS,and our local politicans found any hint of inference BC politicians were being influenced by foreign governments reprehensible.Campbell complained, Jenny Kwan howled vigourously. So when it’s only left to people like Terry Glavin, who writes of this often,other journo’s and people like myself, what the hell can be done about it? What does it take to get the people of Canada really pissed off? People don’t seem to get how real of a threat this is, in particular when we hear now of the Chinese coming over trying to win over First Nations groups to warm up to Enbridge.

      From that link:

      “We heard that China has a policy of collaboration with various nations to secure its oil consumption. An investment such as the Northern Gateway pipeline is one such collaboration. In the discussion the Chinese representatives advanced the idea that the investment should be seen as assistance to Canada so that it can increase its oil exports. Our Canadian friends described how opinion in Canada was divided on this. Many think that the oil should stay in North America, i.e. that the Keystone XL pipeline should be prioritized, while others think that the Chinese investment would allow Canada to free itself from the USA.

      Before the Northern Gateway pipeline can be built Canada’s government and those in control of British Columbia and the various Aboriginal First Nations along the pipeline’s route must agree. At the moment China is making great efforts to get the First Nations to agree. Currently it seems that the British Columbian government will say no but if the project makes a large contribution to the region they may agree.”

      So this is the new tactic? I have sent feelers out to my contacts up north to see what comes back.


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