How independent is the new Independent Investigation office anyways?

Ben Meisner of Opinion 250 is wondering, after seeing how the recent shooting in Prince George was handled… from his site:

“…When asked why the IIO would use the resources of the North District RCMP in Prince George, if the IIO wants to be at least at arms length of the officers involved? Afterall, there are two RCMP entities in Prince George with the North District and the local detachment, Court seemed surprised to learn there are  two RCMP entities in Prince George.

With IIO investigators working so closely with the RCMP, using their experts and in some cases their vehicles, the question of independence in this investigation comes to the forefront. “

Read the rest of this report HERE:

7 thoughts on “How independent is the new Independent Investigation office anyways?

  1. To my knowledge there is no such body on Earth created by government to conduct investigations of police conduct that is truly independent. Government and police are a symbiotic force: authourity and its enforcement division. That said, you would think the IIO, at its very inception, would take the care necessary to at least appear independent. I feel disdained.


  2. In my opinion the independant organization isn’t going to be all that independant. First of all the government/politicians got to decide the organizations mandate & staff & funding. That isn’t independance. The government signed a 20 yrs. contract with the RCMP so there goes that bit of independance. The government isn’t going to want too much contraversy there.

    For an oversight organization to be independant I would suggest the organization report to a committee equally made up of a couple of back benchers from both parties, then some one from the law society, a cop, a couple of random citizens. They should then hire the ceo for the new organization & then off they go. The new organization should have equal representation & its own investigators & equipment. These investigators need not be police officers. Fact finders can be found in all sorts of organizations & even those fresh out of univserity. A really good shrink would also help. The investigations should not be handed off to another police department at any time. If there is to be an effective oversight organization of the police, it should be a permenant unit which works exclusively in that unit.


  3. Like Colin Hansen’s stacked HST panel? Harper’s stacked Scientist panel, for the Enbridge pipeline? The panel for, female RCMP officers being sexually harassed? The panel for, Campbell’s OBC award? Harper awarded, statesman of the year panel?

    I believe in no panels. I don’t even remember one panel, that wasn’t corrupt. It seems, it is the corrupt that insist on panels. The panels agree, with the corrupt.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. I just don’t remember any panel that wasn’t biased, towards the people in dispute with the big guns?


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