Deep Rogue Ram presents “Christy Clark’s 99 problems ” – a rap remix

The talented folks at Deep Rogue Ram have done it again :

“BC Premier Christy Clark faces off against her critics, her constituents and her nemesis Alison Redford on a raucous cross-province road trip. If you’re sitting at the legislature, we feel bad for you, son. Christy’s got 99 problems – but a session ain’t one.”

Starring Caitlin Dodd with guest appearance by Allison Dawn Johnson
Video by: Kai Nagata, Heather Libby, Caitlin Dodd & Emile Scott
Track by Rick Rubin



2 thoughts on “Deep Rogue Ram presents “Christy Clark’s 99 problems ” – a rap remix

  1. How funny. Everyone needs a good laugh, especially in Canada. BC citizens need the biggest laughs, in all of Canada. Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC liberals, have done a lot of dirt to BC and the people. They are trying to pretend they are good people, looking after Canadian and the BC citizens well being.

    This entire country is hooped. Harper bringing thousands of Chinese to Canada to work the tar sands. Workers from Ireland being brought over. Redford bringing in the American war vets, to build the pipeline out of Alberta.

    Harper to put a stop to bullying, what a sick joke? Harper is the biggest bully in Canada, with his dictatorship. It’s a wait and see, if Harper bullies and dictates to BC again, forcing the Enbridge pipeline onto us. He and Campbell forced the HST scam onto the BC people, while in a deep recession.

    Harper and his denouncement of human rights in Africa, ha, another whopper of a lie. Harper has brought the worst country, for human rights in the world to Canada, right onto our country’s soil. China’s abuses to their people is disgusting. Chinese child laborers, only earn pennies a day. Chinese applying for word in an apple factory must sign a statement, they won’t commit suicide. China has been found guilty, for Chinese deaths at the tar sands.

    BC’s resources were also given to China, along with our raw logs. China owns our BC mines. 2000 miners from China are coming to work those mines.

    To Harper, Campbell, Christy, and Red China, human lives have no value.


  2. Yes the hypocritical Harper has no shame when it comes to supporting totalitarian govt. in this world if it’s in his best interest He goes to the Congo and portrays himself as a champion of DEMOCRACY…..well there’s no interest in trade or any investment by their govt. in Canada so what a wonderful opportunity to espouse human rights….what happened in China where the miners are used like donkeys in the mines and are expendable… they die by the hundreds Where’s their human rights? Also the little girls who are deprived of their family due to a one child per family policy who are left in orphanages to be used by the govt. in their sweat shops….. Wonderful Mr. Harper doesn’t see a thing ….. it’s in Canada’s interest or is it? Bring the world in to work while our citizens keep looking for work. I voted for this guy …. never again.


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