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One picture is worth a thousand words, but several might tell a different story.

Methinks that Bill Tieleman might be bang on with his recent story  about the motivation and connections behind the warring factions in the BC Conservative Party. These photos are from a magazine advertisement in Metanoia Magazine, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mountainview Group, the business of Allison Patton( and her husband Caleb Ng). Featured photos include Mike De Jong, former premier Gordon Campbell, finance minister Kevin Falcon, Stephen Harper and of course the BC Conservative executive.

How inconvenient to be caught lauding notorious shark fin eater Alice Wong.. but all certainly give additional food for thought. No pun intended.


In another issue of the same magazine published by Allison Patton, a most telling two page spread that really is worth a thousand words..


  1. You are golden Laila…..Just heard on the news, Allison Patton has been officially booted out of the BC Conservative party..

    Allison n friends, chewing wires and scurrying atop the rafters….John Cummins, the distributer of cheese..



  2. Patton! otherwise known as a political opportunist…. wants that 5 minutes of fame only this time it might be 10. I wish all these wannnabes would find a rock and hide.


  3. Crackpot conspiracy theories, that do not auger, in any way, shape or form, with reality.

    Just a fear by the left, that the right might unite. A pathetic case put together by Bill Tieleman and lazy on your part, my dear, considering how talented you’re capable of being–and usually are.

    Very disappointing.

    The NDP are so far ahead, a merger on the right will only take seats from Adrian, but not enough that he’ll lose.

    A silly story, made even sillier by the picture book.

    Notwithstanding, I do wish to thank you for the laugh.


    • No fear on my part Alex,it’s no skin off my back if they unite,because as you state the NDP are way ahead and my opinion is Cummins is a hard sell to new members.
      I am simply pointing out some interesting photos that were sent my way by a former patient of Ms.Pattons who has read the magazine available in her office.

      My understanding from said patient is that there has always been a lot of political chit-chat happening in that office that bolsters the Lib-con theory. Ms.Pattons husband has spent a considerable amount of time lobbying the Liberal government for changed to the profession as a whole, which has been detailed in several issues of that magazine which also features a number of political articles in every issue.


      • Great, so your story is based on gossip, not just innuendo.

        And you received the kiss of death: Two opposing thumbs up from the chimp in Garden Bay. Wow, your readers must be riveted.

        It’s precisely this kind of story that discredits bloggers everywhere.


        • Not gossip Alex,go read Allisons magazine yourself. In it she openly talks about why she got into politics, the conservatives,issues… its more a political magazine than a naturopathic one if you read it. I don’t ban readers unless they use foul or explicit language AGT. I don’t feel the need or desire to toss insults or mock anyone, nor do I think it add’s anything to the discussion to do so.

          You can infer a readers comment “is the kiss of death” for my work all you want, however everyone knows that every writer, including yourself, has a variety of readers at all ends of the spectrum.

          Your nutters don’t take away from the credibility of your work nor would you allow someone to infer they do. The only thing that discredits people is their own behavior, not that of others.I am responsible for my work,not for what you or anyone else says.

          This is a good source who wishes to remain un-named because she was a patient, which I honour. The photos speak for themselves. Your opinion has been noted : )


        • Thank You for putting into words so succinctly exactly How useless+ unwarranted those comments are. Kiss of death? Give me a break!! as if s slur carries more weight than the research done. You have proven over and over beyond a doubt your solid research.


  4. I have yet to chime in with comments or my opinion on the entire situation and have been in receipt of all the very wordy press releases by Ms. Patton until I asked her to remove me from her press list since there seemed to be no end in sight to those emails!

    I do think Bill and others have a point when it comes to there may indeed be more to this than simply ” I was there representing naturopaths” and I think that Lib-Con connection is very real.

    Some of these photos are from 2011 and the one I recently added is more than a little odd in my opinion, because she intentionally sets everyone in the photo in black and white except herself…. and then completes the two page spread heralding the difference boldly!!

    If that doesn’t smack of some political strategy, I don’t know what does.

    Usually one wants to appear to be a part of the team, not set yourself out and remark how wonderful the difference is.

    Unless you are making the announcement to attract even more potential Liberal rollovers….


    • Your stretching is painful.

      What if she was simply an egomaniac looking for another feature on her? Every thought of that. As it turns out, I will be doing a post on this later today, so that the blogosphere in BC is not discredited further by this nonsense.

      There is NO Trojan Horse. Just a fear by the left of unity on the right.

      I guess you never questioned Bill on his role in the tearing down of Carole James? Was this a Vision Vancouver Trojan Horse? C’mon, the nuttiness of this story is endless; the hypocrisy on Bill’s part, thicker than molasses.

      But I have another piece of intel which you’ll have to wait for until I do my post.


      • Oh Alex, why do you feel the need to be like this? Seriously?

        When you use something from an un-named source, which you have often, you call it intel and it’s rock-solid.

        I do the same, and you call it gossip and a discredit to the blogosphere which you must immediately set right. If I write something you like, you herald the angels to sing,if you disagree you don’t just disagree,you name-call,insult and start tossing nasty items around. No one else does this Alex. You think I go around reading some self-published naturopath mag for the heck of it? Not likely.

        Here is the difference. Most of us out here in the world can agree, or disagree, or even argue and object vigorously to someones opinion, article or coverage…. without slagging them or getting mean. It’s professional behavior.

        It is my continued assertion there is a bit more to this story than simply dissention in the ranks,and on that we disagree. I do agree there is dissention, but the motive behind it is questionable. The two page spread on Allison rejoicing the difference of herself is just bizarre and intentionally set her apart from the rest of the group and I am asking why is that? What would want to make her set herself apart from all of them ? A difference in religious opinion, or political leaning ?

        And you might have noticed I have done so ( disagreed) without any insults towards you or your work.


        • Laila, Take solice in the fact that Mr. Tsakumis has given your site one of his rare visits for the sole purpose of using it to achieve certain objectives.
          Alex’ original post on this subject was torn to ribbons by others and has been proven nothing but hasty dribble so now he feels the need to lash out at any other possibilities that have arisen, no matter the source, even Mr. Mackin whom Alex has professed such admiration towards and I might add deserves.
          Alex also uses this occassion to insult others whom in the past have questioned his tactics, this for him was the perfect opportunity to do so.
          He also saw this as an opportunity to advertise his “bombshell” coming this afternooon which surely will be designed to reposition his original artical and somehow legitimize it.
          Take comfort in the fact that the dialogue that has occured here bares a lot of truths and none of them flattering towards Mr. Tsakumis. Anyone of intelligence reading this, no matter how they view the subject matter, will see it for what it really is.


        • Hi Don, thank you,I appreciate your comment, but let’s just let it go. : ) When the email came from this credible source detailing her experiences, the photos and publications it certainly made me think a bit more about this situation whereas to be honest I really havent gotten into it other than reading other coverage from many different angles. But the more you look through the magazines and there are quite a few, the more questions came up for me. I think considering the info of my source it bears more examination.


  5. Classy and professional response Laila.I read both you and Tsakumis,and your work stands for itself as does his.The insulting language takes away from it.

    I think Patton is an opportunist.Her spouse has been lobbying the lib gov for changes for a long time,which he reports on in those magazines that you mentioned and that photo you have them with Harper was at last years beans and farts event,and I expect they get invited every year as do I. Same social circle as the Falcons.Ask around in Crescent Beach/S.Surrey, there was lots of talk among patients in her office about this move to the Conservatives and why she was doing it.


    • Thank you, I just see no need for the insulting of other writers when the current state of politics gives us so many credible targets. Not my style.

      Yes, I saw that was from last year, and upon flipping through there the whole publication ( I added the link to the post) there is a page in the beginning in which Patton addresses why she got into politics,where she mentions having to address and ask for understanding in her decision from patients…. so clearly this gives credibility to my source who said the same thing, that many patients were surprised by this….

      If you flip further through the John Cummins feature in which Patton has the two page spread of her difference… (wow,still shaking my head at how she’s highlighted herself in colour while everyone else is black and white, hello ! ) There are more photos of her husband with Campbell at a beans and jeans event for Falcon with some of their patients. And recall, this is a public edition of this publication.

      Personally, I think Cummins is a polarizing figure for many in politics and represents an extreme to one side that people want to avoid. But I also think one needs to look at the motivations behind what is currently going on and the relationships and advantages inherent to this action.


  6. Dear Laila,
    For a bit of further wordy clarification: My husband was the contact person for the BCNA with the provincial government for a number of years so we were invited to all kinds of events including those at Senator St. Germain’s ranch. Mr. Cummins and other BC Conservatives were at some of these events as well. Indeed, the Metanoia Magazine has photos of me with various party members from NDP, Green Party, and Liberals etc. After all it is a magazine! What has not been mentioned is that Mr. John Cummins has been on the cover photo twice and that his speeches and profiles on BCCP members have been in the magazine numerous times. The inference that I have been somehow in cahoots with other parties to depose Cummins is ludicrous.
    It is interesting that at one point the concern of the BC Conservatives was that the Liberals might use some of my photos to promulgate a story for their benefit and now it is being used by the BC Conservatives effort to undermine my credibility. The choices in posting photos made by my detractors are very selective. I have been photographed in the magazine with Cummins more than with any other individual. I am not sure whose agenda it serves to paint me as a lackey of the BC Liberals or the Federal Conservative party but nothing can be further from the truth. I have no idea who is planting these stories, but there seems to be a campaign mounted by the B C Conservatives to discredit me even after they have already expelled me from the party. So even after having done that, it is inadequate for them and they must diminish me further.
    I think this effort shows a lack in their character. It seems that they are worried about something that I may still have to say so the party machinery is continuing the onslaught. If there is anything my patients would know, it would be that I have been an enthusiastic supporter of the BC Conservatives and, in the past, John Cummins. It is John Cummins’ brand of conservatism that should be questioned, not mine. What could they possibly be worried about?


    • Thank you for showing a sense of humour at my mention of your wordiness in the press releases Allison, which should be as succinct and to the point as possible. 🙂

      As I have stated above, my personal view – and I am non partisan – is Cummins is a hard sell politically for any party.

      Most people in the province are quite aware that many BC liberals are also federal conservatives,so yes there is quite a mix of guests at Germain’s event but it has always traditionally been a fundraiser for Falcon – indeed many federal conservatives appear as such. Nothing odd there. The email I received did not come from a Liberal or BC Con party member,in fact I can find no evidence of any political affiliation.

      Yes,I have also noticed many photos of Cummins as well as many photos of the Liberal members your husband has lobbied… but can you please refresh my memory…I’ve been busy painting the house and preparing for an AGM… but did you ever remember if you have ever been a member of the BC Liberal party or not?


      • Laila,
        Thank you for letting me clarify this and allow me to add three more items. The photo with Prime Minister Harper and a number of us on the right side of the posted photos was taken a number of years ago at Stephen Harper’s summer bbq event at the Senator’s home.

        As for the question about ever being a BC Liberal party member, the answer is I have never been a member.

        As for the Vive La Difference photo, it was done at the request of a co-publisher of the magazine and edited by a current provincial board member of the BCCP. The effect was created to emphasize an obvious and somewhat humorous disparity in the age and look of me in the mix with the others. It was not done to diminish or hurt anyone’s feelings nor is it intended to do that now; I simply am not of that ilk.


        • Allison, a few further questions:

          I’m curious though why you would attend an event that has always been a fundraiser for Kevin Falcon? I know you said your husband was a BC Liberal at one time…and also curious as to why you didn’t just clarify your lack of past membership for Mike Smyth when you had the chance?

          I am also wondering why you joined the BC Conservatives in particular,and when did your discontent start with Cummins and why? If you don’t like the leader, why not just leave? And certainly with the Liberals sliding faster than the Cons in the polls, the timing of this is under scrutiny.

          Furthermore, where will you go from here?

          Will you go to the BC Liberals? In a feature in your magazine you expressed a passion and dedication to the people for change via our democratic process… are you still committed to that process and how will you achieve that goal?


        • Laila,
          “When did your discontent start with Cummins and why?”
          This is a very relevant question and you may want to explore it further but not with me because at this time I will make no further comments. You are onto something and you may want to rephrase that question slightly in order to get the answers that will help you understand.


        • Very good of you to respond here Allison,and I hope you reconsider a further comment because as someone who did support you I am curious if you will go to the Liberals now too?


        • It shouldn’t be an issue for you IF you had indeed been a BC Liberal party member; it also shouldn’t have been that difficult to remember. Heck even I was a member of the Campbell Liberals for a short time after the failed attempts to bring together center right parties (NOT extreme right) in later part of the 90’s … and the failure of BC Reform to make inroads on the political landscape


        • Al, lets not make this personal and leave party politics between the two of you aside. I would like to hear Ms. Patton respond to my most recent questions.


        • Wow! The discussion leaves the pages of the msm and resurfaces on your blog. Very impressed. Don’t think I’ve seen that happen before, lol…..


        • Sorry laila … didn’t intend for it to be taken as partisan politics. I was only noting that even with my brief dalliance with the Liberals, I had no touble recalling that I had been a member. It seems to have taken Allison some time however to remember if she had been a member or not


        • No apology needed,I just wanted to encourage Ms. Patton to expand and answer the questions… and some she did. It’s nice to know at least she wasn’t a BC Liberal, which is news : )


  7. This has been a well written piece that asks, and poses, some of the same questions others have been asking as well. I appreciate the thoughtful responses you have been making as well


  8. The BC Liberals are Harper’s Conservatives. Harper gave a speech in the BC Legislature. All the photo-ops of Campbell and Harper, Campbell grinning from ear to ear in Harper’s presence. They traveled together. The went to barbecues together. They worked hand in hand with the BC HST scam. They worked on the Enbridge pipeline together, signed sneak deals behind our backs. I think Harper and Campbell did a lot of, underhanded dirt to the BC people. Harper rewarded Campbell the post of, High Commissioner to England.

    Nothing changed with Christy. She didn’t even try to clean up any of Campbell’s corruption and thefts. Christy also had Boessenkool working for her. Christy works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.

    A Lib/Con bond? I think they are stuck together, with crazy glue. If I misread the situation? I don’t mind if anyone corrects me.


    • Julie, your loathing of Harper is obvious, the rest of the “Harper control conspiracy” are paranoid delusions.
      Stephen Harper didnt become Prime Minister of Canada by making “backroom deals” with idiots like Christy Clark….
      All photo ops have politicians “grinning from ear to ear”. Thats why they’re called “photo ops”.
      The BC HST was negotiated for years by federal and provincial beaurocrats and poorly sold to the BC Voters. An 8% or 10% HST probably would have passed a referendum.
      Michael Campbell’s choice as “High Commisioner to London” stank to high heaven but after being the lead politician in charge of a successful Winter ‘Owe-limp-icks” he was an obvious person to send to London for the lead up to the Summer Olympics there. His personal contacts were probably invaluable to the Canadian Olympic team.
      As for Christy Clark “cleaning up Campbells’ thefts” ….You’re kidding right? Why would she open up THAT can of worms? She was in the middle of it.

      You hate Harper , he’s the anti christ, I get it…….


  9. It’s fun to watch the Kingsh*t of the Bloggosphere try to pretend to be non-delusional and not rude, but conspiracy or not, the fact is that the BC Cons, the BC Liberals and all the rest of their ilk are united by their varying degree of devotion to the virtue of greed and their perception of the NDP, the only party in BC to the left of Genghis Khan and Mussolini, as a threat to their entitlement to ownership of what once were and should remain common assets of the public.

    It might not matter for the moment, even if the right could unite, because so many people, and not just in B.C., are getting so tired of the fraudsters, banksters, Wall Street Pirates and other corporate masters of exploitation that here in BC, and maybe nationally for now, the NDP appears as the only plausible escape from their clutches. Just as in the U.S. the dems appear as the only hope, in spite of the fact that the corporations and the military-industrial complex are only slightly less invested in ownership of their candidates. But there is no doubt that the remaining garbage known as the BC Liberal Party, after over a decade of free-boot plunder fear any party like the Jesus Party of the Second Cummins that threatens to pluck supporters from their already shrinking ranks.

    With an election coming up in three weeks to our south, that could still be decided by Diebold or ReThuglican voter suppression tactics and our own province with a non-elected premier and country with serious questions about the last two federal elections, politics may not matter much longer, unless politicians become accountable to the voters and not to entities like Communist China and multi-national corporations. There are other ways to effect change than conventional politics, think French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, Arab Spring, Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela – preferably we can get back to a point where politics at least seems to be a respectable and honourable practice.

    FDR was an aristocrat himself, but felt the need to implement the New Deal (which Repubs have been busily dismantling for thirty years now) to avoid insurrection. Communism was threatening to redress the inequalities then, even in the United States. Do we have to get back to that point before politicians start to deal with the real issues that effect most people and the planet again?


    • I will agree with you whole heartedly. Hard to imagine agt disagreeing with someone without his trademark name calling, belittling and bullying which is his modus operandi but after all he’s not commenting at home. It still cracks me up that one of his heroes, ”Christopher Hitchens”, advocated decriminalization of marijuana though agt vehemently denies this fact as the subject of illegal drug use tends to set him off the deep end of rancour. I for one will spend my time reading blogs such as Laila’s where civil discourse reins without the poison of name calling and hypocrisy that are found in his words.


  10. This isn’t about anything other than the less Right members of the Cons,who are mostly fine with the Fedcon BC Lib members trying to do anything to keep the NDP from getting power.Some like to think that Christy is the issue in the Libs but truth is they all supported the bad politics and only stood up or left when it became embaressing.Cons are looking to make hay while Christy’s tanking,but it aint happening.I question why Patton joined the party,unless it was with intent to change things from the inside.

    Patton is marketable,Cummins is not. Pattons husband was a BC Liberal with federal Con leanings.I’ve been going to the ranch for years,and havent seen an NDP or greenie there yet.


  11. Unless we get control of the money through the use of the Bank Of Canada to create it rather than by letting private Banks create it as debt nothing will improve no matter who is the pretend government


  12. Thank you Laila for letting this conversation continue. All of this reminds me that we should all be students of history and the history here is not that ancient.
    I’m not going to get into the good/bad Lib/Con debate, I’m just going to reference how the power brokers of the former Social Credit government managed to become the power brokers and backroom boys of the Campbell Liberals and let others decide if there are similarities.
    When the Social Credit government imploded after the public would no longer accept the lies and corruption taking place in that government, the public looked elsewhere politically. Those who had right wing leanings looked at the Gordon Wilson led Provincial Liberals as an alternative. So also did the powerfully connected at the Social Credit government. Suddenly, the MSM “broke” the story of Wilson’s affair with Judy Tyabshi. It’s worthwhile considering at this point that the Canadian MSM usually looks the other way in the many affairs and other sticky family issues that arise in politicians lives. None of our business they say. Yet, all of a sudden, this involvement was the basis of a call by, gosh, many of the former So/Creds, now Liberals, for hapless and blindsided Gordon Wilson to step down as Liberal leader. To be replaced by none other than Gordon Campbell, who knew there would need to be time spent in opposition. That just gave the So/Creds cum Liberals time to regroup on their march again to power.
    To me, this sudden cause célèbre against John Cummins, for whatever reason ( guess he didn’t have a mistress they could dig up), is just too similar to ignore.
    Now those, like Ms. Patton and the Liberal heavy weights who sought to repeat that historical takeover must either take their lumps as Liberals, start their own party or try doing a takeover of the Green Party. Which could be problematic because could the public really be led to believe the likes of Mr VanDongen and other disaffected Liberals had seen the Green light and converted?
    I’m sure the “change of leadership” at the BC Conservative helm was supposed to be easy. Then again, maybe Mr. Cummins and his team knew their history and Mr. VanDongen’s floor crossing gift was looked in the mouth and found wanting.
    Oh, and will Mr VanDongen’s interest in getting at the truth about the BC Rail scandal contine? My guess is that he will withdraw with an excuse I can hardly wait to hear.
    Thank you again Laila for providing us with information and links to other information and always allowing civilized and even occasionally uncivil discussion to take place here.
    You are fearless.


    • Thanks Debbie. You know by far I can be the first to swear but I just don’t get the vicious crap. Debate – yes, argue – yes, disagree- absolutely.The difference is taking it to the gutter or not. Some people do, some people don’t, and that’s enough about that I think. Remember part of politicial strategy is to deny, deploy and DEFLECT attention and issues. Create another story to detract from something you want people to forget.

      Great reminder of this story Debbie! The more things change the more they stay the same in this province. : )


  13. Must say I enjoyed all of the above. AGT certainly isn’t all that happy with you, but that is his problem & right. I enjoy what you write and some of the above is just giving me a very good laugh. I can only conclude you are someone’s Mom and it shows in how you write.

    I recall the old saying of, “just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean it isn’t happening”. Politics makes for strange bedfellows & then there still is the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    I am quite sure people attend these events to advance their own agends or those of their organizations & friends. Some people do actually attend events simply to see what is going on & sometimes the pictures tell a real story. Everybody is entitled to their own interpretations.

    AGT, who I read faithfully, does tend to get his knickers in a knot from time to time. He has his own blog & he is entitled to have his knickers in a knot but in my opinion he needs to allow others to also get their “knickers in a knot”.

    I consider the bloggers a great way to get information which is not obtainable in the msm. lWhile the B.C. Rail trial was going on there were a number of bloggers who wrote great articles. I read every one of them. It does no one any good to slag others. There has been any number of issues which came out of blogs, which we would never have known about i.e., the shadow tolls. I am so appreciative you did that investigation. I never knew about them until you wrote about it. lwhen I tell friends about shadow tolls they are just amazed. Most bloggers all bring something to the table. Some just need to be reminded from time to time what Bambi’s Mom said, ‘if you can’t say anything nice. don’t say anything at all’.


    • Very kind words, the sea to sky shadow toll series is still very popular,as are many of the features on my best of page and it still makes me laugh to hear mayors and officials moan about that highway not having tolls…If only those politicians and others in power – both opposition and ruling government- would inform themselves of how things really work, or are financed or how the deals are made, perhaps we wouldn’t be in such a mess provincially. You cant change or fix anything you don’t know anything about. Sadly many on both sides currently don’t have a clue. That’s why they have researchers, to find out and inform them so they don’t go around looking like a bunch of fools.

      But you see… all this fuss has effectively detracted from this post and effectively transferred attention to the Tsakumis/Tieleman saga. Sometimes one doth protest too much : )


      • Not to worry about your post being ignored to the benefit of the Tsakumis blog.
        I think your gaining a lot of his readers due to his mention of you in his post and then his comments to you.
        Its a “win win” !
        Enjoy the debate……..


  14. Nothing can detract me from your blog, Laila. Certainly not Tsakumis, who is blatantly partisan and can’t be taken seriously. You do more research than any of the bloggers that I read, and believe me, it is appreciated, since there is so much to learn about politics in this province that the present government tries to (and successfully at times) hide from us. The next seven months are going to be extremely interesting for those of us who try to keep tabs on our politicians.

    Keep up the good work, Laila!


  15. Congratulations Laila. This has been very good dialogue and moderated well. I appreciate the contributions from current and ex- BC Cons and the tone of the responses back and forth. I must say that you bested AGT in this round. Really, his sources are not that reliable and you were spot on, they are but gossip. He had told his readers that Cummins would be gone. Yet, there he is, still in play (and still preventing his party from winning seats). His sources have been wrong many times before. I believe Christy Clark was to have been gone several times over now. Much to the disappointment of a majority of BC’rs, there she is.


    • Lol.. good points, yes I too have been waiting for the emancipation of BC via the revelations of Christy Clarks involvement in the BC Rail deal.. . yes she was involved, not so much as some would have you believe. If there was absolute proof, she would have beem gone by now.


  16. AGT “Rebel with a Cause”….. never really thought about his Blog name, till now.

    Instilling a cc: image of James Dean, playing “Jim Stark” who was the ….Rebel without a Cause?

    “….The image is emblazoned in many of our minds. There he stood, leaning against the wall, black leather jacket thrown over his shoulder. His hair slicked back in a DuckTail, half-burned cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. He wore a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and of course the blue jeans. And the look on his face was unforgettable – sort of a “You can’t mess with me” look. ….” – The Mayberry Preacher…


  17. The BC Conservatives did not have a bona fide leadership contest – the main parties – BC Liberals and BC New Democrats did. The Ontario Liberals are holding a leadership contest for January 2013 and they have been in government a dozen years. I’ve had a little fun lately trying to promote General Patton’s debate idea for Voice of BC. If I’m John Cummins why wouldn’t I do this? – maybe the General’s pretty good/maybe she could attract more women to the BC Conservative other than the usual suspects of older and more angry women – and frankly most of the actors are quite boring. My first impression was the pictures were a little suspect – however this is about a split which suggests the General could have been a BC Liberal before without membership. I would be more curious to know when the pictures were taken. Did she take the picture with Gordon Campbell after the HST announcement? Are there pictures of Gordon Campbell in her family magazine at or about the time the picture with him was taken? The picture from the jeans and beans event requires a little more pressure – it looks a little Archerlike (Brian)-a well known intervenor and trojan. It is certainly sufficient to call some question into the General’s motivations. I do recall back in 1999 former BC Lion Nick Hebeler and I had met with Bill Vander Zalm to see about a leadership contest between them (Reform BC) when I was in the independent newspaper publishing business – Bill wanted to me to be his punching bag – but Nick was interested. Christy called Nick up and told him she would back him in Coquitlam for 2001- but didn’t tell him that she was really backing Richard Stewart. I washed my hands of Nick politically at the time – though he is a tremendous guy and a good friend – but he was naive and got suckered by one of the slickest – that is what I would ask Patton – I went to Gerry St. Germains a couple of times – but I can tell you there were no BC Liberals there who wanted to talk to me – or have a picture done with me/as former mayor Kingsbury said — they respect you but they sure don’t like you — when did the General decide she wanted to enter politics? Why the jeans and bean picture of only a couple of months ago? Fair questions that the General needs to explain – but the BC Conservatives can’t hide under a rock without this type of pressure – I mean what is it a holding trust for Stephen Harper?


    • Keeping in mind Glen,that there are two seperate sets of photos from two seperate years of them at the beans and jeans,and that Pattons hubby was ( is?) a bc liberal,keeping in mind he has lobbied the provincial government extensively for changes that would greatly assist their professions…if you go through the magazines, there are few photos of either of them with any NDP…


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