“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near” ~Sun Tzu( otherwise known as Rant #1 – there is another one coming)

“Only one thing to it: a strong stomach.  The guts to gladhand a man you’re going to stab in the back; pledge allegiance to principles you stomp on every day; righteously denounce some despot in the press and sell him arms under the table.  The talent to whip up the voters’ worst passions while you seem to call on their highest instincts, and the sense to stay wrapped in the flag.  That’s politics:  I’ll take the simple life.”
―    Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais,   Le Mariage de Figaro

You could not find a more truthful statement than the above: it does take a strong stomach to be a politician and clearly that hasnt changed since this particular book in the Figaro trilogy was written in the 1700’s.  Taking a look at current events in Canada, and in our own province of B.C., I think it’s safe to say however, it takes an even stronger stomach to sit on the sidelines as a voter and try to digest what amounts to a really bad serving of politics no matter where you look.

Let’s start with something everyone needs to really pay attention to because in my opinion, it’s a game-changer for  British Columbians: The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act, otherwise know and referred to as FIPPA.

FIPPA is yet another one of those underhanded moves by the Harper government in which he throws Canadians under the bus with one hand while tossing back some Dong Po Pork dipped in mustard with the other hand. How he gets away with this stuff, I don’t know. It’s like Canada has become one large fooseball table with Harper and China at opposite ends, and we all lose in the end.

But I digress. Long story short, FIPPA is a foreign trade agreement, a contract, between the Peoples Republic of China and Canada. And without getting into the nitty gritty legalese, it’s being rammed through without any debate, without any public input and it carries some longstanding consequences for all provinces where Chinese investors own assets. In BC, this means that Chinese investors would be able to sue the province for changing direction on the Enbridge pipeline – big trouble for a potential NDP government who plans to withdraw and try to block the project.  The agreement also allow companies with even minority Chinese shareholders to sue Canada, and Canadian companies, outside the Canadian legal system.

It’s unconstitutional, and some say, treasonous.

 I think it’s both, considering the amount of Chinese, trickle-down state-connected, investment in BC’s resource sector – in our province this agreement could have disastrous and long-standing implications we can’t get out of anytime soon.

There is a bit of hope though, and that would be if Christy Clark put some action behind her tough talk of standing up for BC, and launched a Supreme Court challenge – from The Vancouver Observer:

“The province can call for an injunction in the BC Superior Court, requesting the courts to order the federal government not to ratify the treaty until the constitutional issues are resolved,” Van Harten told The Vancouver Observer.

The other option, Van Harten added, was a upswelling of public opinion against the treaty that will pressure elected officials in Parliament as well as provincial legislatures”

Van Harten, an investment law and treaty expert, even sent a letter to Premier Clark ( along with all the other premiers) to warn of the implications and while the premier would not comment to The Observer, Terry Lake did – stating that the letter warning of the above was speculative…

Sure, Terry… speculative that you are not acting in the best interests of British Columbians, but in the best interests of Terry Lake, not unlike most current BC Liberal MLA’s still sitting.

Here is my advice,for what it is worth. Don’t look to Christy and the Liberal leftovers to save the province, she knows she’s done – it’s up to all of you, if you choose. Which brings me to the really big issue of why the hell are our provincial and federal governments so happy and excited and giving gifts and accepting panda’s from a country that has one of the poorest human rights records in history?  Hello CNOOC, I am talking about you.http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/canada/cnooc-security-arrest-falun-gong-adherents-302266.html  Is this really a company we want to do business with in Canada? Seriously?

For the last year, I have been ardently interested in both the provincial governments( in my opinion, blind) direction to pander to Asian interests, as well as Harper’s turnabout with China… when first elected he was standoff-ish with respect to Canadian China relations and that suddenly changed.

Today, our provincial government as well as the Harper government federally, have both chosen to place all of our resource and technological eggs in one large Chinese government connected basket, and I have a huge issue with this. Not because of the wonderful Chinese people who have come to Canada looking for a better life, not unlike my ancestors, but because of the totalitarian regime associated closely with many resource companies… and the active lobby group affecting foreign and domestic policy.

First of all, for those not well read on the topic, China has a military strategy  that encompasses the entire world, not just a nation here or there. In particular, it seems when you look at their state connected, “business” acquisitions, they target countries  like Canada and Australia ( it has even been mused that we are the next Australia) because we are soooo nice, and sooo complacent….

Time to read two, vital posts prior to my next, if you have not… and one funny but in a sad way, video from Rick Mercer Reports.



19 thoughts on ““All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near” ~Sun Tzu( otherwise known as Rant #1 – there is another one coming)

  1. Time is short. Everything is at stake. Yesterday I took Mr. Van Harten’s advice and I wrote to everyone from Harper down to my Regional Director. Mulcair is the only reply so far.

    Let’s all take action and make this issue stick.

    Thanks Laila.


  2. Hi Laila,
    I have to agree with you about this FIPPA agreement.
    Incredibly stupid optics to announce this deal a week after China announces their “right” to employ “guest workers” in Canada (mandarin speaking people need only apply) has become
    Totally bizarre to sign a 30 year deal (who in their right mind would sign a fricken ironclad 30 year deal these days?) with China that restricts our ability as Canadians to change sections of it at a later date if we discover there are environmental issues after the fact.
    While i have heard that this deal was under negotiation for almost 18 years(which would have placed it’s beginnings under the Liberal mandate ) I still dont quite understand how ANY contract can be deemed “above the Law”.
    And then to ram it through without debate.????
    Political suicide.
    Constitutionally speaking. The Supreme Court of Canada has the power to reverse ANY stupid law the Harper govt. (or any other govt in power). Enacts.
    I’m sure this deal will keep lawyers busy for the next 30 years…..
    Lawyers 1
    Taxpayers 0

    If Stephen Harper keeps this sort of shit up.
    The Conservatives will be crushed in the next federal election a la Brian Mulroney, and Justin Trudeau will be Prime Minister of a Liberal/NDP minority govt.
    A Canadian 65 cent dollar, ……. I cant wait.
    God help us all.


  3. That is a very complex document that I sent to you Laila.

    I am very impressed by your grasp of this issue and everything else you write about. Your analysis of this profound investment treaty and comments are bang on. I also like your quote from Sun Tzu, which is very apt.

    BTW Sun Tzu was the world’s first spy manual!

    This seems to be Harper’s Halloween trick or treat gift. It is a monstrous mistake.

    I came across an article about law suits that China has filed in a number of countries.

    Read this:

    Canada-China investment deal allows for confidential lawsuits against Canada http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1264290–canada-china-investment-deal-allows-for-confidential-lawsuits-against-canada

    Last Wednesday I was at a panel discussion on the security implications of the CNOOC bid for Nexen at which there were great presentations.

    During the question time Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, made a statement about this Canada China Investment Treaty and asked all in the room to read it.

    I cannot recall if I sent you her web page below. In case I didn’t you now have it. You should send her a copy of your post. Her email address is:


    >> >> >> Stand up against the sellout to China! >> On September 9th, Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed an agreement with China, the Canada-China Investment Treaty. The agreement was kept from the Canadian public and Parliament until September 26th, 2012, when it was quietly made public, tabled in the House of Commons. No press release. No technical briefing. The deal is set for automatic approval. No vote or debate will take place in the House. Once tabled in the House, the clock started ticking. 22 sitting days from September 26th (November 1st), this treaty will bind Canada. >> >> So what is the Canada-China Investment Treaty? Simply put, it is the most significant trade agreement signed by Canada since NAFTA. Only this time our “partner” is the communist government in Beijing, an authoritarian regime with an appalling record on human rights –and it isn’t getting better. This deal requires that Chinese government-owned companies be treated exactly the same as Canadian companies operating in Canada. Once in force, it lasts a minimum of 15 years. If a future government wants to get out of it, a one year notice is required – and even once the treaty is cancelled, any existing Chinese operations in Canada are guaranteed another 15 years of the treaty’s benefits. >> >> Take Action >> Given the urgency and gravity of what is at stake, and the obscure and undemocratic means through which it is poised to be carried out, Canadian Parliamentarians must have an opportunity to discuss this agreement before it is too late. >> >> Please visit Elizabeth’s new web page about the Canada-China Investment Treaty and take action against it while we still have time. (22 days, 1 hour and 9 minutes left, give or take.) >> >> >> Write a letter >> to your MP >> >> Sign the online >> petition >> >> Collect petition >> signatures >> >> >> >> >> >> 1 – 9711 Fourth Street >> Sidney, BC V8L 2Y8 >> >> Phone: 250-657-2000 >> Fax: 250-657-2004 >> >> elizabeth.may.c1a@parl.gc.ca >> >> >> 518 Confederation Building >> House of Commons >> Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 >> >> Phone: 613-996-1119 >> Fax: 613-996-0850 >> >> elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca >> >> >> You have received this correspondence due to your email to Elizabeth May, MP. We hope this correspondence resonates with the issue you wrote to her about, or is similar and of interest to you. You can choose not to receive any further email on this subject or opt out of all mailings. >> >> Mailing Address >> 518 Confederation Building >> House of Commons >> Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 >> Canada


    1. Thank you Brian – I think it is important for people to understand the deeper issues that have been going on for years with little fanfare or press until the last couple years. People rarely look beyond to the deeper implications which may be military or intelligence driven, which is where the US has us beat on this aspect. It’s a communist country and can’t be dealt with in the same manner as other countries.

      People should be asking what is Harper’s motivation for this…. and what prompted this secrecy.


  4. What ever is going on in Stephen Harper’s mind, if anything, it beyond me. That the rest of the Conservative M.P.s sit by idly & let it happen is disgusting. I do however, think its a trait of Conservatives. It was Mulroney who gave us NAFTA. Stevie slime has his agenda & he isn’t going to deviat from it. He is some what of a deviant that way.

    In my opinion, the Supreme Court of Canada, without Stevie slime appointments, may over turn some of these agreements because they contravene Canadian sovereignty. Having China take over out natural resources & being able to spy, at will, itsn’t going to help Canada in the long term. Should there be a change in government it might be best if the new government simply tore up the agreements & told China to take a hike. They want to sue, fine let them. We just won’t pay any attention. Much like China doesn’t pay attention to human rights & enviormental issues, regardless of what other countries object to.

    At one time Argentine told its creditors to take a hike. They could not pay the extreme debt & the interest. They did what was best for their country. We may have to do something similar. China may be “buying” our natural resources but it is also polluting our enviornement. I’d rather have a lower standard of living with a clean enviornment than a dirty enviornment & a “higher” standard of living because once your enviornment is shot, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you have no where to go to enjoy it. Everything will be polluted.

    China is slowly but surely buying up as much as they can. Their bid to purchase a Canadian oil company may not be just the oil they are interested in. Some of the companies drilling rigs are located in waters beside European & other countries. How nice to be so close to wait & watch & listen.

    Harper has sold Canada to China & ought to be tried for treason. It might be fun to watch some body try to do so. He could go live in China after that, much as some British spies did back in the day, just before they were to be arrested. Went to Moscow. Treason Steven should pack his bags & go to China. I think he might be more comfortable there & leave Canada to the Canadians.


  5. I got my letter in the Sun today, and I wrote to Harper, Christy and every media outlet I could think of. Nobody has even had the decency to respond, much less do anything about it. Unless a whole lot more people start writing everyone they can think of, this agreement will be ratified after Oct. 31 and we will be stuck with it for 31 years. And if anyone thinks that Northern Gateway will die under this agreement, they’re nuts. In fact, Northern Gateway will seem like child’s play when they’re done with us…..people should be very afraid.


    1. I recieved an “auto reply” email from the NDP for my troubles…..that was it.
      No one else in any other political party.
      Mr Harper will rue the day he ever tried to sneak this one through parliament.
      Political suicide on the same level as Mulroney. Apparently Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper have been close personal friends for years .
      Unbelievable arrogant stupidity abounded in Mulroney’s “reign of error” and it looks like the same arrogance will be the downfall of Mr Harper. Although i have to admit the NAFTA agreement wasnt the “end of the world” that we were led to believe. More American jobs went to Mexico than Canadian jobs to the States.
      Voters will put up with so much and then …..backlash.
      Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau as the next PM….? Cant see it happening.
      And despite evidence to the contrary, Harpers no idiot………
      The only saving grace is the Canadian natural resources the govt of China wants are “still in the ground” here. And lawyers here seem to have an infinite ability to tie things up for years….(hopefully not 15 years).
      Everyone wants our resources, first Europe, then the U.S., now its China’s turn. And China has the billions of dollars to pay for it…
      Chinese workers only? No fricken way! Secret agreements? No fricken way!
      An open trade agreement creating billions of dollars worth of work for Canadians first, all other workers second ! No problem.
      WHY all the secrecy? Why the short time frame for the implementation?
      Were the Americans just as surprised at this news?
      Only Sun Tzu and Stephen Harper know the answer to that.


      1. Does that surprise you?

        Power Corporation got to Harper, that’s what happened. The PLaying with the dragon II has the picture Harper didnt want anyone to see, and for good reason. Power Corp has been playing PM’s for years.

        Justin Trudeau? I fear any male politician who has as much hair as I do and likely spends more time on it as well.. 🙂

        SunTzu was a wise man. There is a good reason his writings have been incorporated into a modern business strategy manual of sorts – its a good read.


        1. I fear any male politician who has as much hair as I do and likely spends more time on it as well..

          I like that line. I would have a lot of extra time available as most of my hair has worn off from being patted on the head and told “don’t worry, we know what we are doing and will take care of it for you, run along”. From politicians on all sides.


    1. Thanks Bernadette, very interesting link to Harjap Grewals comment.
      Another blog on my list of “favourites”
      I’m never going to get any work done now! 🙂


    2. IN my opinion, a narrowsighted perspective that fails to see the inherent differences between this agreement and others, via the country it is being conducted with and the manner in which it is being rammed through.

      In fact, there is a certain amount of benefit for Canadians under this agreement, but the flaws in this agreement far outweigh those benefits, because the Chinese government does not conduct business like other countries. Let’s not forget that China is still under communist rule and that while few see visual evidence of this on vacations and other trips to China,the fact remains that this is a government that still has an official propaganda department and minister, still imprisons citizens who are political activists,or practice falun gong.They have one of the weakest human rights records in the world and in fact at one point when Harper first became PM, he maintained a very cool attitude towards this country when he still seemed to care about this human rights record. Apparently everyone has a price, for in the last few years he has been more willing to overlook all of that in his rush to facilitate China’s push to secure our resources.

      Lastly, this perspective of the COC fails to heed any of the very real concerns over Chinese governments infiltration and politican influence which I have well demonstrated in the playing with the dragon posts. When a foreign government is involved in creating OUR foreign policy, thats a huge problem. The author would do well to brush up on the behind the scene politics for a deeper understanding beyond the immediate picture presented.


  6. A comment was placed in a Kamloops newspaper with a link to the Tyee’s article by Nikiforuk on this agreement – that comment didn’t stay up long. It seems MSM doesn’t want people to know about it? WTH?


  7. Yes but. For Heavens sake don’t breathe a word about, BC getting the hell out of Harper’s Canada. Even if this country isn’t Canada anymore anyhow. We don’t own our BC province, Communist China does.

    Campbell worked for Harper and still does. Campbell thieved and sold our most precious resources to Red China. He thieved everything out of BC, he got his dirty hands on. Doesn’t anyone remember? Long ago I said, the Chinese were sent to school, to learn English to work our BC mines. Well here they are, all 2000 of them. Campbell also shipped our mills to Red China, as well as our raw logs. What kind of a brain dead idiot, would give his own citizens jobs, to a Communist country? Fadden of CSIS warned us about China’s intrusion into Canada. BC was even, specifically mentioned. No-one listened.

    Harper has already sold, huge chunks of the tar pits out to Red China. Harper also gave that horrible country, all of the jobs pertaining to the tar pits too. Harper said. I AM the LAW. I MAKE the RULES. Everyone sat and said nothing while, that evil s.o.b.Harper has destroyed our country, and sold us out to Red China.

    By all means, let us stay dumb shits, stay in this corrupt cesspool of a country….We can always bitch and cry about it later, after it’s far too late.


    1. Here is a response from Bob Rae’s office that was sent to a reader of mine who forwarded it to me last night. It seems Bob and Christy aren’t on the same page with this…..

      On behalf of Liberal Leader Bob Rae, I would like to thank you for expressing your concerns about the Canada-China Investment Agreement. It is clear that this foreign investment agreement is different from any previous ones that the Conservative government has signed.

      There is a provision in this agreement that allows the government to withhold documents from the Canadian public and to conduct hearings behind closed doors during the arbitration process. This arbitration process could be costly to Canadian taxpayers, and could raise serious constitutional questions.

      Significantly, this agreement does not guarantee increased market access and investment protection for Canadians in China, which seems counter to the goal of signing an investment agreement in the first place.

      The Liberal Party continues to call on the government to have public hearings on the implications of this agreement, yet the Conservatives refuse to defend their flawed agreement to the Canadian public.

      Because of a Liberal motion at the International Trade committee by Liberal International Trade Critic Wayne Easter, we were able to force the Conservatives to hold a briefing on the agreement by department officials. However, one hour of a briefing is simply not enough for an agreement that could apply for 31 years.

      Liberals believe in transparency, public consultations, and negotiating agreements for the benefit of the Canadian people. That is why Joyce Murray, Liberal Critic for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, has put forward a motion in the House of Commons that would require the government to send all treaties to committee for a comprehensive public review and debate once it is tabled in the House of Commons. We do not want future treaties to be ratified without public scrutiny, like the Canada-China investment agreement.

      It is necessary to have this committee oversight because of the significant concerns raised about the lack of a real trade strategy from the government. The Harper government’s approach appears to be that by “signing” trade agreements with virtually any country willing, it somehow translates into a trade strategy. This is simply not the case, and we must ensure that any international trade agreement that Canada signs will be of net benefit to Canadians.

      We encourage you to write to the Conservative members of Parliament asking them to support Liberal efforts to change the way the government ratifies treaties like the Canada-China Investment Agreement to ensure public consultation and debate. We want to make sure that Canadians like you have your voices heard on these important issues.

      Thank you for writing.

      Yours sincerely,

      Colin McKone
      Office of the Liberal Leader


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