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Deep Rogue Ram nails the Canada China trade deal.

Something special happens when someone really finds their calling in life and maybe I’m wrong, but I think Kai Nagata has found his…

After walking away from what many would perceive to a successful and promising career at CTV, Kai has ventured into another medium with the team of Deep Rogue Ram… and they’ve nailed yet another video, this one reminiscent of those feel good Canada Action Plan ads.

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  1. Sounds like High Treason. Only a Traitor such as Harper, would sell Canada out to a Communist country. Giving that country all of the jobs, that go with processing the tar oil as well. Harper has Canada in a serious security risk.

    Only a traitor such as Campbell, would ship our mills to China and give that country our raw logs too. Putting his own mill people out of jobs. Our BC mines are owned by China. 2000 Chinese miners on their way, to take jobs away from our own citizens.

    Fadden of CSIS, warned of Communist China’s deep intrusion into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. How right he was.

    BC shouldn’t get out of Harper’s Canada? Convince me.


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