Cobweb covered RCMP and Justice Department reports kept safe and sound for all these years… 33 years to be exact. Why is that?

“The saddest part about British Columbia is that neither the Legislative Library nor the RCMP , have a clue as to what’s in their respective  “collections” of tales and Reports and even more Reports……, the public included…”


“The RCMP appears to have turned a blind eye on past Reports ordered by  the Attorney General of British Columbia, specifically the one published in March of 1979.

Is there any Commanding Officer in Division E of the RCMP in British Columbia who can remember reading the Report from March of 1979?   Probably not, otherwise changes would have been made, the public educated on the Do’s and Don’ts of hitchhiking, lives would have been saved, cases closed, instead, the RCMP waited for someone to die in prison, in the USA.  While other serial killers are still walking Free.

The Report was made available to all Officers in 1979, even the most impressionable younger ones like the officer who has become the focal point for CBC’s: what an Officer should wear, WITH his boots, on.

Another RCMP officer has been relegated to a rural part of BC, somewhere, anywhere, to keep him out of the limelight, because he crossed the line in another Province when it came to not respecting another officer’s personal space.   No  guarantee that there won’t be a second encounter in either instance, or new cases added for other infractions.

…. 33 years ago, ten years after the Highway of Tears started to happen in 1969, The Report was published, centering on RAPE in British Columbia, involving mostly young women, some men.

The BC Legislative Library recently scanned their copy of the original Report for a “Patron” of the Library.   Was it for the Press, the Police, or the Public to peruse?   Was it only requested because of a death of that inmate in a prison in the United States of America?  The prisoner’s DNA matched the DNA found on victims, but why did it take so long?

The “Report” that the Attorney General of BC (Garde Gardom 22 Dec. 1975 – 24 Nov. 1979) received in March of  1979, is titled, “Rape in British Columbia“, written by Nancy Goldsberry.  The document is available in the BC Legislative Library.”

Go read the rest of this outrage over at Blog Borg Collective…. I can barely stomach the implications.

And wonder…. how many more reports are floating out there, that might have made a difference if made public.

5 thoughts on “Cobweb covered RCMP and Justice Department reports kept safe and sound for all these years… 33 years to be exact. Why is that?

  1. It’s sickening to see what goes on “behind the scenes”, and that this province/country/world wouldn’t be the state it’s in had we had the transparency promised (read: expected) and in our case by law, should have received.
    I feel like I’m in a boxing match, with each day being a new round of body-shots and uppercuts from our supposedly respected(ful) and concerned public and legislative officials.


    1. Good “boxing” analogy Canadianbud.
      However, I feel like I’m in a boxing match where I am recieving illegal low blows, head butts, elbows,etc….. and at the end of the fight …….the judges make their descision behind closed doors.


  2. It’s a good thing we pay these bureaucrats exorbitant wages and gold plate their pensions because they are the cream of the crop and we are fearful somebody else could scoop up the talent if we didn’t.


  3. Life for women & First Nations in 1979 was not worse but there was even less social/public comment on what happened to women & First Nations People in particular, back in 1979. I don’t think things are better these days, they just get a bit more public news space. Back in the mid to late 70’s I already knew about the women being murdered & I wasn’t in police work. I just read the papers & watched the news. when I used to drive through some areas back then at night I used to think, please don’t let my car break down.

    The main stream media, politicians, & police didn’t care. It ws just one of those things, you know women being murdered. In the 1970s less attention was paid to murders of women then men. Women were still being charged & sent to jail for killing spouses, men, in self defense. Spousal battery wasn’t considered a legitamate reason for killing a husband. So why would the police or many others give any consideration to women being murdered along highways?

    Yes I am sure there are all sorts of stuff in those reports but the politicians didn’t care & neither did the brass at the cop shops.


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