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Brought to you in part by the impatient foreign investors at CNOOC Energy Economics Institute

“It’s the same situation as the leftover single women. … It will be the same for the oil sands, they will be outdated just like unmarried single women,”

~ Chen Weidong, Chief Energy Researcher, speaking at the Canada China Forum for energy and the environment in Beijing, in reference to China’s growing frustration over Canada’s delays in approving takeovers and pipeline infrastructure which would allow China to get at our oil sands crude.

More from that same article:

“Canada’s oil sands risks being left behind by the global energy industry if the pipelines needed to carry bitumen to the west coast do not soon materialize, a Chinese oil industry academic warned.”

“But the mixed messages sent by the delays have led to confusion and frustration, observers warn.

Canada is “advertising a big dinner party, the Chinese paid for a big ticket, and now they come and we say, ‘Oh sorry, it’s just appetizers.’ It’s not that the Chinese invited themselves to dinner. We invited them,” said Wenran Jiang, the forum’s organizer, who also advises the Alberta government on its energy policy.”

…So sorry our concern for our sovereignty and environment is inconveniencing foreign investors.

Now, scroll down the page and register your input on the Canada China FIPA.


  1. It should read foreign investor since China is a SOE we can never forget we have commodities China needs to fuel there economic machine.


  2. The Canada China FIPA is a disaster in the waiting, with very few permanent and stable jobs for a 3 decade period.
    30 years is A LONG TIME in the grand scheme of things.. especially with the way tech has changed (and the government has access to tech 10 years advanced from what the public has access too.. don’t ever forget that).
    I don’t agree with the tar sands as being the economic vehicle into the future for Canada. People forget that greenhouse emissions generated in China will still affect “global” air patterns and our air quality too, and sending them all that pollutant that will cost us massively in fresh water, land and tailing ponds that will threaten health and livelihood for any people who live here. The ONLY people making money are the lobbyists and corporations and backroom shyster deals that our PM is making… and where are the Desjardins in all of this? What’s their kickback I wonder.


  3. The tar sands do nothing for the Canadian citizens, that I can see. China already owns huge chunks of the tar sands. They have brought their own people to work their tar sands projects. Harper has permitted all company’s to hire cheap labor. Harper said. China will build the Enbridge pipeline, very quickly and very cheaply. Rumor has it. Harper very kindly will maintain the pipeline for China, out of our money. Canadians don’t get the refining jobs either. Harper gave those to China too. If Harper gives China more of the tar sands. Who gets the jobs? Canadians or the Chinese?

    Putin signed a deal with China. Russia will give China all the oil they want. China now leads in oil sales. They will sell oil by the Chinese yaun. China extracts and refines our cheap oil and, will sell it for a very nice profit.

    I’m sure the U.S. will do the same as China, refine the oil for resale. American war vets are also, building their pipeline out of Alberta.

    Campbell also sold our resources out to China. The Chinese are coming here to work BC mines. Campbell shipped BC mills to China, gave that country our raw timber too.

    The seven new mines going into Northern BC. Some are American owned, they will bring their own labor with them. The Americans won the contract, for the tear down of the old Kitimat smelter. They are also building the new smelter. They brought their own workers for that too. If some of the new mines are owned by China, they too will bring their own cheap labor.

    The Bitumen is the dirtiest oil on the planet, going to one of the most polluted country’s on the planet. Harper is going to force BC to be the conduit, for a Communist country’s easy access to the dirty Bitumen.

    Elizabeth May pointed out Harper’s treachery to Canadians, as well as his, treachery to our country.

    No Canadian citizen, is obligated to obey a Traitor.


  4. Thats what happens when a Politician gets to big for his britches and ignores the voices of the peoples. Harper decided he is a Dictator, and he could do whatever he pleased. Now the Chinese Corp is pissed off. Oh well, we the people did NOT agree to sell our environment to anybody, and Harper had no right to make deals behind our backs. ps Harper must be so pissed that his bud Romney didnt win the US election! Just sayin——————


  5. “It’s the same situation as the leftover single women. … It will be the same for the oil sands, they will be outdated just like unmarried single women,”

    ~ Chen Weidong, Chief Energy Researcher

    All I can say is, Chen baby, you’re one classy kinda guy……and I bet not one Canadian in attendance took him to task for such a stupid and insulting analogy.

    Leave the goddamn stuff in the ground. Let us extract it and refine it sustainably and strategically and to hell with China’s or anyone else’s demands. Stop selling our resources to people like this,
    it’s not in our best interests, period.


  6. Hmmmm…. “leftover single women”….. does this guy not live in the 21st century where parents in his China have systematically been killing off female babies for the past 63 years just because they weren’t going to grow up to be a MALE academic working for the oil industry Earning lots of money too…… If anything, HE should have likened the “situation” here in Canada, and THEIR pipeline, as … “lleftover single men ” in China. Canadians haven’t been killing off our children…for one thing, it’s ILLEGAL… but, not so in China…..

    China is asking where all the girls have gone.

    And the sobering answer is that this vast nation, now the world’s fastest-growing economy, is confronting a self-perpetuated demographic disaster that some experts describe as “gendercide” — the phenomenom caused by millions of families resorting to abortion and infanticide to make sure their one child was a boy.

    The age-old bias for boys, combined with China’s draconian one-child policy imposed since 1980, has produced what Gu Baochang, a leading Chinese expert on family planning, described as “the largest, the highest, and the longest” gender imbalance in the world. …..snip


  7. China needs to take a hike. this agreement Harper signed with china is just a sell out of our country. We don’t benefit. Our enviornment will be destroyed for china’s financial benefit. All Canada gets out of it are a few jobs.

    China will have to learn Canada still is a democracy & Harper has elections to face. If he totally pisses the voters off, he is out. China has a problem with democracy, too bad. its our country, not theirs.


  8. Canadian women need to hear and know that China is sexist as well. We always hear how they are bad on the human rights file, but never how bad on women. Women can change the world.


  9. Hey Laila, wasn’t sure where to put this, but time to bring up the whole sorted affair and connections with the SFPR, Gateway …
    This plan has been in existance since the liebs came in. Dismantling the ALR for containers etc., and a FTZ with foreign workers, imo.
    Isn’t Hochstein also heavily involved in the port ? I believe so.


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