Breaking news – Abbotsford South BC Liberal Riding Association Directors and President resign, citing ” Unfair, not democratic ” election of candidate Darryl Plecas.

A stunning turn of events in the valley, my good friends over at Abbotsford Today have the breaking news.

“In a letter issued this afternoon the BC Liberal Abbotsford South Riding Association has resigned saying the election of Darryl Plecas was “both unfair and not democratic.”The letter came from former Riding Association president Stephen Evans”

And here is an excerpt from that letter:

“The appointment of Darryl Plecas was both unfair and not democratic.  The Riding Association was not consulted on this appointment.  If the Riding was consulted, the Riding Association would have stated that the memberships and Riding Association Funds were not generated by Darryl Plecas nor his campaign team.   The only reason for Darryl Plecas’ appointment was that he could not defend a challenge from Moe Gill if there was a fair nomination process.  This leads to the question that if Darryl can’t beat Moe Gill in a fair nomination process, how can he win against John van Dongen in an election?

It is also important to note that Darryl Plecas is an untested politician.  It is also alleged that Rich Coleman and Darryl Plecas are related in some manner.”

You can read the rest of that story at:

Clearly, the powers that be running the show at BC Lib headquarters are bound and determined to demonstrate to the public that they don’t even care about democratic process in their own den of inequity. Good grief. At least this riding association has some sense and walked.

This comes on a recent scathing column also run in the Abbotsford Today highlighting some Pro’s and… ahem… Cons of having Plecas as a candidate in which Mike Archer leaves readers with this line:

“It also speaks volumes as to the lengths to which the BC Liberals will go in their desperate search for candidates to join their own sinking ship.”

I couldn’t say it better, myself.

25 thoughts on “Breaking news – Abbotsford South BC Liberal Riding Association Directors and President resign, citing ” Unfair, not democratic ” election of candidate Darryl Plecas.

    1. Just came back in from a meeting, looking at twitter its all over – Jas Johal, Baldrey and everyone else talking. Kudos to Mike Archer for scooping this fantastic story. Love the Rich Coleman related allegation… marriage perhaps?


  1. Well, according to Vaughn Palmer`s last column…

    (Darryl Plecas is a star candidate”..

    Along with the current mayor of Penticton Dan Ashton….Along with Susan Anton..Sam Sullivan..Andrew Wilkinson(Former BC Liberal deputy minister) and even the last place candidate in this year`s Chilliwack by election John Martin…

    I guess “Star Candidates” get special treatment…

    Interesting though, do you notice the common denominator accept for John Martin?

    They`re all on currently, or not long removed from feeding on the public trough!

    Dan Ashton is interesting too..

    If he wins his riding, will he personally pay for a mayoralship election?



    1. Star candidate refers to the rating system Christy created whereby her team colours in the number of stars besides a candidates names in relation to their perceived chances of winning.


    1. Best Twitter status ever from someone living in denial….

      Mike McDonald‏@MikeBCL

      Moving fwd in AbbSouth with Dr. Darryl Plecas and team that puts interests of community and province first.

      Uh…. sure Mike. Sure.


  2. It seems to me that anyone still clinging to a false sense of hope that any shred of democracy exists in this country is in deep denial.

    Undoubtedly this story will be that Plecas joins the ranks of Christy and her rebuilding effort by attracting star candidates.

    Lip service to democratic principles is about all you we can expect.

    Christy did mention bringing in electronic voting machines for the next election, so all that is required now is a good narrative to hold up how the Libs miraculously revived themselves under the brilliant leadership of Clark, and the magic of electronic voting.


  3. If Dan Ashton wins the Penticton seat, I will lose any respect I’ve ever had for the people of this riding. As mayor, the man was a good used car salesman. I could tell you stories that would curl your hair. So far, the BC Liberal candidates remind me of a bunch of clowns riding around in a tiny car at the circus.

    Let the games begin!


    1. But does it really, really, surprise anyone? Really? I mean, look at whats going on in this province right now. We have a premier who completely botched an investigation into the Boessenkool groping. Highly irregular standards for any business to have dealt with such a serious issue in that manner, let alone our provincial governments highest offices. She failed all women working in government in one fell swoop. She isn’t an intelligent woman, clearly shown by the nonsensical and non sequiter statements she makes up in nearly every press opportunity. The party is bringing in “star” candidates that in the real world are looked upon as anything but worn out want-to-be’s eager to milk the public at a higher level. Sukh Dhaliwal is her star candidate in Surrey Panorama, and having talked around my contacts here,everyone is laughing and no one, no one, has forgotten his writing a letter of support for Ranjit Cheema to be moved back to Canada,as MP for Newton North. The gall!!! And when you look at Christy’s , ahem, ‘friends’ and ‘supporters’ who’ve attended certain government functions in the past…. well, one has to wonder.


      1. Wanna bees are easier to manipulate. In my humble opinion the party is done. Everyone is fast forwarding the liberal commercials and turning a deaf ear to her ridiculous off topic comments and to her family first for foreign workers campaign. Say bye bye to the lieberals circus and to Crusty the Clown.


  4. Isn’t amazing that two of most influential BC criminologists (John Martin & Darryl Plecas) are members an extremely deceitful and corrupt provincial party. Both have been very effective in establishing education programs for their post secondary institutions, as well as receiving substantial fees for guiding local governments.Their involvement with the BC Liberal party can only be self-serving. Based on their political connections, I doubt they will do anything to improve the ethics, functionality or criminal behaviour of this BC government.


  5. I agree with a previous poster that this latest epiphany on the part of the Abbotsford Liberal Riding Association is a bit late and more than a bit hypocritical considering the multiple scandals the Fibs have been mired in for so many years. Yesterday we got news of the Fibs employing public servants to set up their ridiculous and blatantly partisan anti-Dix website on the taxpayer’s dime, now this. Liberal scandals are rolling in almost hourly these days, to the point where it’s getting difficult just keeping track of them. What I find utterly unbelievable is that there’s even one person with half a dozen functioning brain cells that still supports this gang of thieves and incompetent boobs.


  6. It just gets more entertaining as time goes on. It would appear Mr. Gill would make the better candidate with fund raising & organizational skills & community roots. Why the lieberals would want to deep six him & go with Plecas is beyond me. Plecas has no appeal at all. I’ve seen him, over the years, on t.v. & never was impressed by the guy. if this is the best the lieberals can do, well its time for them to leave. Right now it would appear the lieberals can not only not keep the voters on side, but none of their own members.
    I would suggest the people of B.C. don’t need people like Plecas. That he would go along with this plot suggests enough about him to leave me wondering about his integrity. We know c.c. & crew don’t have any, now we know Plecas doesn’t either.

    All of the seriousness aside, this is actually funnier then hell. Only in B.C.


  7. Yet another unelected Liberal fits the premier perfectly. Funny that there would be a fight to join such a repugnant operation as the BC Liberals. Two Criminologists in the Valley and this one pockets the cash raised by someone else – I am sure that the contributors will be thrilled. I guess the Liberals really know how to put the “ology” into crime. Might as well make a science of it.


  8. I think Harper may have protected Boessenkool. Harper does not like to admit any of his people are wrong doers. I thought Harper may give Boessenkool a post overseas, as he did for Campbell. No-one has a worse, corrupt political record than Campbell. Except Harper of course.

    Christy also lied and said. The Chinese miners are only here for a short while. Ida Chong said, she is bringing more over. So much for Christy’s ad for trade schools. The Chinese are coming. We have University and College Grads with huge student loans, who really need good paying jobs. However, I think that was Harper and Campbell’s point. Canadians are not going to ever have, good paying jobs. The Chinese live in camps and send their money home. That money isn’t going to be spent in Canada, nor in BC.

    Gordon Campbell began, Grand Larceny BC. The rest of the Liberals including Christy, were right there when Campbell thieved and sold the BCR. The Liberals lies, deceit, corruption, and thefts, have never let up, for one damned second since then.


  9. Sorry Julie, but I dont feel sorry for “University and College Grads with huge student loans, who need good paying jobs.” Perhaps these grads with huge student loans studied/majored in completely unmarketable subjects such as english lit, history, philosophy, etc.. Who’s fault is that? Harpers? Geez.
    I do agree with your statement about the Liberal ads about “Trade Shools’ . Pot calling kettle black comes to mind.
    I find it very ironic that the the Provincial AND Federal Liberals( not Harper) gutted the trade apprenticeship program over 10 years ago with reduced funds/cutbacks for trade schools, reduced EI payments for apprentices studying, etc. This was a shortsighted money saving cash grab by the govts. Even when industry experts warned that there would be a huge shortage of skilled tradesmen when the baby boomers started to retire in the 2010 decade. Guess what? We’re here.

    I remember being interviewed by a business rep over 10 years ago about their company and how could they improve things. My answer to her was,” Your tradesmen are the best in town, smart, efficient and courteous but they’re all over 50 and you have no apprentices and when these guys retire all their knowledge leaves with them……….” Several months later they hired their first apprentice. They now have 8 “new” journeymen and are still at the head of their industry with the added benefit of their average age being lower than their competitors.

    The “trades shortage” has been staring the idiots in govt in the face for a decade. The easiest option was to ignore it. Now its here and, in typical lazy govt fashion, they are choosing the easy route. Bring in foriegn workers…… There are thousands of Somali workers in Canada. Thousands of Phillipino workers across Canada, nothing new. With the Chinese workers its just a “race to the bottom” for the cheapest workers around.

    My next prediction, Vietnamese workers arriving in Canuckda.
    Apparently factories are closing in China and moving to Vietnam because they work even cheaper.

    Gotta love Global economics :)-


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