“I don’t understand how someone at his level could say such bold faced lies…” ~ Stephen Evans, past president, BC Liberal Riding Association, Abbotsford South

” If you tell the truth, you don’t need to remember anything.” ~ Mark Twain.

And the saga continues…again.. from my good friends and colleagues at the Abbotsford Today:

“Dear Editor. I recently heard that Rich Coleman weighed in on his twisted side of the proceeding of BC Liberal Candidate Selection Process in the Abbotsford South Riding.

I don’t understand how someone at his level could say such bold face lies … It’s amazing.  Rich Coleman states that Moe didn’t want to run in Abbotsford South but instead saw the light and requested the opportunity to run in Abbotsford West.

Let do an “acid test” on this one Rich:

    1. Moe does not live in Abbotsford Mission;
    2. Moe did not sign up any members in Abbotsford Mission;
    3. The date of the request is two weeks before the announcement of the DSM – giving insufficient time to sign members up so that they could show up and vote at the DSM;
    4. Moe publically stated that he was seeking the nomination for Abbotsford South two years before this new-found enlightenment; and,
    5. The demographic support for Moe – from a campaign 101 strategic handbook – is 1/50 in Abbotsford Mission (meaning for every farmer in Abbotsford Mission there are more than 50 in Abbotsford South) that would/could possibly support Moe.

The letter that Rich Coleman had his party organizer implement was a “you-better-cover-our-butts-on-this-one” letter, signed at just the right moment by Moe – when Moe was told he was “out” by Bruce Burley – Liberal Organizer.  This letter serves as evidence to the level of shock Moe experienced when confronted by the fact that the Liberal insiders just kicked him to the curb.

And finally, Rich Coleman states that there is always disappointment when a candidate is not given a coronation – referring to Moe Gill and Our Past Riding’s response to being presented with this political bomb shell.  Well the only coronation going on today is the appointment of Plecas.   To whom I would like to say, “I look forward to be introduced to you on the campaign trail”!


Stephen Evans Past President BC Liberal Riding Association – Abbotsford South”

And I ask… which party do you want running your province?

11 thoughts on ““I don’t understand how someone at his level could say such bold faced lies…” ~ Stephen Evans, past president, BC Liberal Riding Association, Abbotsford South

  1. I find it impossible to believe that anyone and I mean anyone and everybody that has hung with the BC Liberal RATS since 1996 when Campbell stole the party NAME from Gordon Wilson, until now, would be surprised about anything these lying, stealing and cheating rats have done to our once beautiful BC.
    Thanks to Laila and the Abbotsford Today for outing all these sleezeballs AGAIN.


    1. All the props go to Mike at Abbotsford Today on this Jean. Glad to boost the news around, he has been a great supporter of my work as well. It’s really the best entertainment all week!


  2. If Coleman actually used the word coronation it illuminates the reason why they(Lieberals) do not give a shit about the people of BC. Or, are we all sovereign and have just been led to believe we have inferior status?
    coronation |ˌkôrəˈnāSHən, ˌkär-|
    the ceremony of crowning a sovereign or a sovereign’s consort.


  3. We are still shaking our heads at the hypocrisy. The Liberal Riding Assoc hasn’t seemed too concerned with ethics and democracy as per the governing of BC but now that it affects them…
    All of a sudden they notice the Lieberals are corrupt. When has any of them stood up for good stewardship and governance of BC? Or for the good of anyone who isn’t a Lieberal donor? Nope. It’s always only about ‘power’. Sad and disgusting.
    This isn’t the first time one of the Lieberals has spun a load of codswallop and our media just goes along. (Happy to say the exception at the moment is Jas Johal who had a go at Coleman on air re the LDB and Pacific Western Brewery.)


  4. The arrogant stupidity of the key people at the top of the Liberal party just never ceases to amaze me.
    Rich Coleman lost any semblance of respect when he publically questioned John van Dongens’ mental state after Mr van Dongen lambasted the liberals in the Legislature last Spring and then resigned. A new low in BC Politics.
    The best Rich Coleman could do when asked by reporters about van Dongens allegations/resignation was….. “He’s been a close friend for years but he’s had some personal family issues and I really question his mental state”.
    This blatant personal attack is from the same govt people that will quickly hide behind “Its a personal issue” when its convienient for them. And wont tell you a thing about a child welfare scandal( another dead child in the care of the ministry), a sex scandal (a la Ken BossenFool), or conflict of interest issues( BC Rail)
    This latest idiodic “stunt” by the Liberals seems to be headed by Rich Coleman. Another in an ever growing series of stumbles, blunders and missteps that ensure the NDP will crush these arrogant fools out of existance. And the only thing even more disgusting than this latest charade in democracy.
    Off into the sunset they will go with their pensions intact, even though they never balanced their budgets, sold off key parts of BC(taxpayer) owned resources, and sank even lower in the publics’ respect.

    Perhaps its time to bring in a single 5 year term for Premiers’?
    Because this dynasty building, endless muppet dance of fools who replace a strong willed, multi term premier aint workin’. …..


  5. I just grind my teeth everytime I hear or see one of those taxpayer funded “feel good” ads that the Liberal govt is spending $15 million dollars to pollute the media propaganda with.
    I could just imagine the govt meeting that came up with this latest medai advertizing blitz charade,”If the media can be bought……. lets buy ’em!”

    An absolute travesty of govt mismanagement, unecessary spending, corruption, arrogance and stupidity. And yet here we wait, for another 5 and a half months to toss this latest pack of theives out…….
    To be replaced with the same type of people with expectations of entitlement .
    Prepare for the “post election” firings in May 2013 .
    Millions of dollars of severance packages to be handed out by the NDP to “sweep the decks” of all Liberal beaurocrats.
    Positions that will be filled with NDP “party hacks” that couldnt sharpen a pencil without help from an assistant……
    More taxpayer dollars flushed down the drain……


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