Ignorance is bliss.

Christy Clark, in her year end interview with Michael Smyth, yesterday blames the media for.. well… everything :

“If you read the papers, you would think British Columbia was in really tough shape,” she said. “People need to know that British Columbia is stable and growing.”

In the papers today, Moody’s Investor Ratings  downgrades B.C.’s credit rating and paints a different picture of the provinces fiscal and economic position.

From Moody’s:

Moody’s Revises British Columbia’s Outlook to Negative from Stable on Aaa rating

 Global Credit Research – 12 Dec 2012

 Toronto, December 12, 2012 — Moody’s Investors Service has revised the outlook on the Province  of British Columbia’s Aaa issuer and debt ratings to negative from  stable, affecting approximately CAD39.8 billion in debt securities.


“The negative outlook reflects Moody’s assessment of the risks  to the province’s ability to reverse the recent accumulation in  debt with the softened economic outlook, weaker commodity prices  and continued expense pressures,” said Moody’s Assistant  Vice President Jennifer Wong, lead analyst for the province



27 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss.

    1. My little one just saw it and said: “That lady looks like she just passed wind.” I told him that was an inappropriate thing to say but on the inside I was laghing 🙂


      1. I love this in Ian’s blog.
        “And just six days ago the Sun was featuring a story rating Clark as the fourth best financial manager in the country. Source? The Fraser Institute.

        It’s like reading a newspaper that’s drinking the Kool-Aid in double doses.”

        I haven’t been able to muster up enough Kool-Aid yet to read the Fraser Institutes report yet..lol


  1. Don’t forget the Auditor General says the debt is another $400 million higher because the Liberals are not adhering to BC’s legislated accounting principles.


    1. Ah yes the ” accounting standards” issue…. thanks for reminding us!

      It’s all just laughable. If this was a private or even publically listed corporation,it would be a major scandal to have all this lack of accountability occurring. But the BC government? Simply business as usual.


  2. I think she looks like a deer caught in the headlights! She’s partly right though: “….British Columbia is…..growing” …tired of her message.


  3. Christy is just as capable as Campbell was/is, to look people right in their faces and lie. Good thing Christy and Campbell didn’t end up in the same bottle, they would have landed on the moon. Ad Harper to the bottle, they would have ended up on Mars by, phart propulsion in a bottle.

    My son is looking over my shoulder, in disbelief. He is not impressed with his Mothers vulgarity.


  4. I’m sorry folks,
    But Mike Smyth’s ‘interview” was more like a softball editorial sprinkled with “christie quips”.
    No hard hitting questions about the Basi/Virk, John Vandongen “elephant” in the room.
    No questions about Sara ‘the gum” Macintyre’s recent resignation ( the 3rd communications person to leave since Christie took the helm).
    No questions on why the hated HST is still in place.
    No questions about the swelling of her expense account (along with every other Minister).
    nada, nothing……..
    Pathetic, puffball questions from a “former” reporter.
    I only have one question,” Hey Mike, When did the Liberals remove your “bobby danglers”?”
    Cause thats the only reason I can fathom for your pathetic excuse of an “interview”.
    A lack of testosterone
    For Shame.


      1. actually I did……. took me a while to remember that “bobby dangler” reference…..

        didnt want to offend the politically correct in the room. 🙂


  5. The province is up to ears in debt. Moodies most likely doesn’t know the half of it. Neither do we & won’t find out until a new government has a realllly good look at the books. Not only does the province have this “regular” debt but we have all the debt from these P3s. Some of those P3s go for 20 to 30 yrs. I do not know how a new government will be able to do much with high debts & little income. They will of course have to raise taxes & I do hope that includes corporate taxes. Back in the WAC Bennett days he had corporations pay their fair share & they still made money. .

    Your “dragon” article just came to mind when I was reading something about the mine which is importing “temporary” Chinese workers. You were so correct. They will now be using our legal system against us. I don’t know how much that is going to cost our governments but we can thank treasonass stephen for it all. It has been reported one of the “temporary” Chinese miners has filed a Human Rights Complaint against the United Steel Workers & the coal company is going to sue the federal government regarding comments made by M.P.s. Kind of sounds like those “slapstick” law suits they file in the U.S.A. to get people to shut up. Of course if they sue people who have nothing, they won’t get anything. Then of course there is the matter of treasonass stephen’s dislike of unions. Perhaps he is encouraging the lawsuits against unions as a method of bankrupting them.


    1. Actually e.a.f Wacky Bennett was letting the corporations steal us blind. One example was natural gas. We in BC paid literally twice as much as our neighbors to the south in Washington State even though we were selling them the gas. The downstream benefits for BC Hydro was also one of the biggest ripoffs in our history.
      Need more info, get the just published book on the Dave Barrett called “The Art of the Impossible”. Excellent read.



  6. CGHZD:

    Wacky certainly had his flaws, especially his overblown rhetoric and he did get taken advantage of by the Yanks, but that is a Canadian custom dating back to the establishment of the border through the Lakehead region and even before.

    In spite of how Wacky railed against the Socialists at the gate during election campaigns, compared to todays crop of reich wing fascists, W.A.C. would be considered to the left of Obama, and in actuality he was. He nationalized every utility in BC excepting Nelson City Power and Light and what was then Cominco’s later West Kootenay Power and now Fortis.

    He also created BC Rail as a public owned railroad for Gordo and his gang of mobsters to steal and nationalized BC Ferries so those on the Island and the Sunshine Coast were connected to the rest of the province. In fact in terms of infrastructure he left a great legacy to the province for following reich wing governments, some in the name of his party, to gift to their friends.

    I’m afraid nothing will change for the better here, or in the failing nation to the south until the folks quit being distracted by the Chinese built baubles that they can acquire with a credit card that still works and put their ass on the line like the folks elsewhere in the Middle East and Southern Europe, or use their brains like the Icelanders and call out the banksters and fraudsters and their accomplices in government for the criminals they are and hold them accountable for their greed and destruction.


  7. So when is this group coming to BC? We sure could use them. We’ll go back to 1996, (I will sell BC Rail), but move to 2001 (I will not sell BC Rail) and go forward. All things, entities, etc. belonging to the citizens of this province, before they were privatized, sold off, etc. I think a few municipal mayors and councils need to be investigated as well. We’ll start with Surrey.



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